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2x5 @ 10 lb
3x5 BW

overhead press
5x5 @ 38.5 lb
1x2 @ 45 lb

1x5 @ 65 lb

did you know that there are 3 kinds of people in the world; those who can count and those who can't? ;)

i am clearly among the latter. was supposed to press with 28.5 lb but loaded the wrong plates and therefore pressed with 38.5. i did think it felt heavy and was a little down after the 4th set -- not that i was struggling, but my memory didn't think it should feel that heavy (it was right, of course). but then i checked the plates and facepalmed. also felt extra good after that, *grin*. it was heavy but i actually had no trouble lifting that weight. so at the end of it i had to try to lift the empty oly bar. and then do it again just to show myself. :D i can clearly see how much stronger i have already gotten, because when i bought the weights, that oly bar was HEAVY and i couldn't lift it above my head. it's still heavy, but i can lift it now!

no more curl bar for OHP and bench!

that made up for the terrible, bad form squats which i don't even want to talk about. i did 5 min light cardio and my mobility warmup first after feeling kinda blah all afternoon. i grunted at my hip flexors; it just annoyed me how tight they are. then i wrapped two bits of chain around the galvanized pipe to raise the weight for my improvised bar a little. but i don't think it was the weight. i was tired, and just not in the right head space; felt distracted, my mind was drifting, and i could barely get down to parallel. so i did sets 3-5 without weight just to try to get good form, but it did not happen. *grump*.

i pulled myself together for the press, which then went great, and the deadlift was also fine. no problem at all with the weight for the deadlift; lots of room to grow. i am keeping the increases to 5 lb so i have some hope to get the squat in line with it eventually, though some times i wonder whether i don't have a whole lot more power for the deadlift anyway.

i ate badly today too -- not bad food, just forgot about it for too long and then shoveled too much food into my maw because i was so hungry, which then laid in my stomach like a lead weight. i know this is dumb, and yet i let it happen too often.

but i exercised even though i did not feel like it. tomorrow is gloria, and i want to cancel.
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