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renaissance poisson ([personal profile] piranha) wrote2009-03-10 11:29 pm
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even butt-ugly boat houses can look pretty in the right light

so they pulled all of shadow's teeth, they were in such bad shape. poor catling. she was very agitated when we brought her home; clearly still confused from the anesthetic -- all she wanted was to go to ground. but we couldn't let her do that, so we spent three hours sitting with her in the egg room, keeping her from tearing herself up at the door, and calming her down bit by bit.

when she could finally walk without wobbling, we let her out, and she was fairly ok. she actually ate (liquified canned food), peed, and defecated, and everything looked normal. i kept her with me overnight, which didn't please her a whole lot, though she did settle down and purred up a storm after initially sitting and worrying a bit at the door. but she kept returning to the door, walking back and forth much of the night. i didn't sleep too well, and after i woke up again around 5 with a tach attack, that was it for sleep altogether.

in the morning she wanted to eat, but wouldn't touch any food, *sigh*. the paramour went out and got various cans of differing food, and when i mixed the IAMS chicken with some half-and-half and warmed it up, she first licked up all the liquid and then actually ate a bunch of the little chicken bits.

alright. so maybe she's still afraid of food, since it hurt her so much lately. also, the pain killer has probably worn off. i'm waiting for her to want more food so i can dose her with metacam.

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