piranha: red origami crane (Default)
renaissance poisson ([personal profile] piranha) wrote2007-10-11 04:35 pm
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and today the walk to the mailbox paid off

bergh renémake your own patterns (NF, crafts)
carson tsiacraftivity (NF, crafts)
greenspan alanthe age of turbulence (NF, bio)
hoffman w.a.raised by wolves: matelots (F, gay)
ogasawara ukivirtuoso di amore (manga, BL)
rehfeldt janet & wood mary jane  crocheted socks (NF, crafts)
souryo fuyimi  ES eternal sabbath v3 (manga, seinen)
souryo fuyimi  ES eternal sabbath v4 (manga, seinen)
takumi youmelted love (manga, BL)
taylor kathleenyarns to dye for (NF, crafts)
urushibara yukimushishi v2 (manga, seinen)
yoshinaga fumilovers in the night (manga, BL)
yoshinaga fumidon't say anymore, darling (manga, BL)
yamada yugipicnic (manga, BL)

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