Jan. 9th, 2015

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been busy working on the boat for the last 6 months, not having had any energy for anything beyond that. i've taken over the primary contractor role for it, since nothing much was happening, and now things ARE happening. we're planning to launch this spring, and this time it's not just wishful thinking based on vague third-party promises, this time it's my own assessment from maintaining a massive task list, and being up to my neck in wood shavings, epoxy, and varnish.

am kinda proud of myself because it's a daily struggle to get myself out of the house and deal with other people, but i've been doing it despite the unusually cold winter weather, steadfastly, nearly every single day.

i'll be posting more pictures soon, and i also want to write up some of the finicky things i've learned about building stuff to fit in boats.

this photo is from the big accomplishment in late october; spray painting the final 2 coats of the hull, it shows the starboard side freshly painted, while the port side shows the sanded surface. i sanded the entire hull by myself; well, me and my trusty 5" ryobi orbital sander. it was not made for this, but it's been hanging in there, kinda like me. ;)

the colours are impossible to get right in the shop because of its mix of lights -- the hull is a bit more shaded to green than it looks here.

half-painted, half-sanded hull

i hope y'all are having a good 2015. after the boat is launched i sure hope i might even get to read other people's musings again.


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