Jan. 20th, 2014

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finished "game of thrones" 3rd season. sorry, didn't love it. i think i am pretty much done with white, male, cis, pseudo-medieval fantasy. i can see what GRRM tried to do, and i acknowledge that he subverted the tropes of chivalry, noble conquest, combat, honour, duty, and family by showing how brutish and cruel and not at all noble it all really was. the good guys (what good guys there are) don't get rewarded here. they don't win. they die just like the bad guys do, and often sooner. i like that his characters are complex, and that his themes don't deal in simplistic views of good vs evil. also, dragons. i love dragons.

but the race fail is very bad. at first i thought that the white woman saving all the brown people from slavery was just another trope he was gonna skewer, but he certainly didn't do that in all 3 seasons, and the orientalism is very, very bad. it feels as if GRRM fell for this trope wholesale. which is surprising, because i seem to recall reading something by him years ago that was set in a fictional middle east, and it did not suck this hard. or maybe i am mistaken about him writing those stories; i can't find them now. hm.

please note that i have not read the "song of ice and fire" books, and maybe there is nuance in them that the TV show failed to convey. i am reading the first book, but am not sure i want to plow through 5 door stoppers in a series of 7, 2 of which are not written yet, if it's much like what i just watched. while this is IMO a big improvement over tolkien's LotR (which is the sort of epic black-and-white stuff that doesn't appeal to me at all), it's just too full of things i simply have read enough of.

i also didn't expect this to strike a blow for feminism, but i am unhappy with the copious amounts of tits and full frontal nudity HBO bestowed on us. i am generally perfectly fine with nudity and sex in my medieval fantasy, but i would like it to be more equitable, and i prefer it to not be completely gratuitous. tits are not props so network executives can appeal to imaginary fanboys getting a hard-on for the show -- i would bet that even if there were not a single nude tit the show would be just as beloved by its male fans. networks underestimate geeks. and they underestimate other viewing audiences as well, who might enjoy partaking of some fan service themselves even if that might cause outrage among some prude hetboys. while we got some ass shots of guys and even some full-on peens early on, that soon disappeared and we were back to completely unclothed women doing it with men who still had their pants on.

overall i just didn't enjoy this. there was too much blood and gore and torture and cruelty, both physical and emotional. the political scheming was interesting at first but then was subsumed by battles and strife of every kind, and some random sorcery (why even?). gritty realism is an honourable concept, but frankly, i don't want this much of it in my escapism; i can just watch war documentaries for that, and really ... no. just ... no. i already know humans can be unbelievably cruel. i don't need to lose what little faith in humanity i've got left. i want something hopeful from my fiction. not pollyanna unicorns shitting airy-fairy rainbow sprinkles, but just SOMETHING hopeful.

and i'd like some fantasy in which brown people are neither barbarian savages nor villains nor exotic, unfathomable creatures, in which women have agency and do not get raped by the scores, in which white people are not the saviours of anyone, in which nudity isn't used to titillate, in which gay people get to be happy now and then too. can we move on from medieval europe already?

40 days: day 11 (week 2)

workout A

7:00 min dynamic stretching and 3:00 min ATG squat

Standing Barbell Shoulder Press (OHP)
2x5 @ 45 lb
2x5 @ 60 lb
volume: 1050

upping the weight; much better form than last time i did this. still room for improvement.

Barbell Deadlift
1x5 @ 75 lb
1x5 @ 105 lb
2x5 @ 130 lb
volume: 2200

upping the weight slightly. went well. good form.

Two-Arm Kettlebell Swing
2x20 @ 23 lb
volume: 920

this T-bar swings pretty well, with a vise-grip holding down the weights. i think i have the form reasonably well now, but need to film myself.

One-Arm Dumbbell Row
4x15 @ 22 lb
volume: 1320

no change. i have room in the tank, but should leave it at this weight for a while longer so i can keep the workout "easy".

RKC Plank
2x 30sec

Side Plank
2x 15 sec

total volume: 5490 lb


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