Dec. 23rd, 2013

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Standing Barbell Shoulder Press (OHP)
2x5 @ 45 lb
4x5 @ 55 lb
1x5 @ 60 lb

volume: 1850lb

same weight as last time for form, only upped for the last set. i am really enjoying improving my form. it's an ego boost to pop an extra 5 lb on the bar each time, but i think i have graduated from that, even though i have not reached my linear progression limit. i prefer working on my form and THEN popping another 5 lb on the bar. it's a different kind of enjoyment to feel my core be rock solid as i push the bar up with some speed behind it. i like doing things well more than i like just doing them with more weight.

Barbell Deadlift
1x5 @ 60 lb
1x5 @ 80 lb
1x5 @ 115 lb
5x5 @ 130 lb

volume: 4525 lb

finally the big boy plates (45 lb each)! the weight is still no problem, so i did a full 5x5, and i kept my grip on it, but i can feel that the grip is what's gonna fail first, so i'm gonna do some extra grip work beyond the static hold i add at the end of each set. the single-arm DB rows should help. i am not sure grip crushers will transfer; gotta do some searching. but there are some rubber grip exercisers which also do the eccentric part, and i like those. strong grip is good for climbing as well, which i want to do at some point in time.

One-Arm Dumbbell Row
5x12 @ 30 lb

volume: 1800 lb

upping the reps slowly now so i don't have to microload.

total volume: 6375 lb
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tiny workout: long mailbox loop walk with the paramour. we're doing that in 32 min instead of 45 half a year ago, that's pretty good progress.

yay; got the paramour out of the house. ;) actually twice in a row; yesterday we went bigtime grocery shopping. it wasn't even bad, despite being so close to xmas. i was all organized, with list sorted by store section, and it got done without much hassle.

now it's vacation time. nice, quiet. gonna bake some cookies, chocolate chip, and hazelnut, i think. we had snow a couple of days ago, but it was slushy right from the start, and didn't stick around. so, probably no pretty lights in the snow this year.

ordered a bunch of heirloom seeds today. i am sorta hoping we will be out of here come spring, and i'll have a real garden (real soil on the ground instead of containers), but that's probably too optimistic. but hey, it could happen. and if it does, i have seeds. ;)

so we're gonna get out of this interminable limbo. for one, the boat is slated to be in the water by end of march (i know, famous last words; third spring in a row). but this time it's actually close and we've told P that it simply has to happen, whether it's finished or not -- it needs to float, and it needs to move under its own power. he's determined enough to have inquired with his marina whether we could move it in there once launched.

for another, we're no longer gonna try and cajole the paramour's mother to move out here before her health pretty much makes it impossible. she's just not gonna do it because it seems insurmountable to her. alright. one never knows what can happen anyway; she might keel over from a heart attack tomorrow -- or so might we, for that matter. so we're just gonna let her do her thing as she pleases.

and we're just gonna do our own thing instead of waiting so we can arrange everything to suit everybody. that would be efficient, but why start now, *snicker*.

no idea yet where we'll move, except that we'll stay on the island. i sorta would like to move to haida gwaii (the queen charlotte islands), but the paramour isn't on board with moving to some place so remote, and that's ok. there are plenty of beautiful places on this island. we're thinking of buying as much land as we can afford. it'd be fantastic if it had ocean access so we could keep the boat there, but that'd probably be too expensive. if there is a house on it, fine, if not, we're put a mobile on it. we're not gonna build anything but a workshop on our own because we know what kind of a nightmare that would be. but we don't need anything fancy. just the land. the paramour wants land. ;) so the paramour shall have land.

it'll be nice to have our own place, far enough from any neighbours so we can grow pot. no, just kidding; not actually planning on that, though i wouldn't mind growing hemp for the fibre. ;) but we want privacy, just to have it. so nobody walks around right outside and has loud conversations right under our window when we're trying to sleep; that sort of thing. we don't even do anything risqué, and our current landlords are not bad at all, but even so, after 10+ years with them right across the yard, expanding closer and closer to our place (until their carport and workshop is right behind our kitchen now), we're ready to go someplace where WE can expand and do our own thing without encroaching on anyone else.

it's been a tough year, but lately it's been looking up a bit.


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