Aug. 29th, 2013

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second training session with gloria. details )

this was more demanding than tuesday, but not bad. and i felt good after doing it (no GI upset this time). told gloria about my first interval walk, and how accomplished it felt, and she said that sounded like a good cardio workout, just to make sure i don't push myself too much while i am freshly excited about working out -- which is a good warning. she does really seem to be impressed with how quickly i pick up the correct form, especially considering i have never done any of these exercises before. i liked that some of the exercise was familiar, but also that there were new ones.

it'll be interesting whether tomorrow i'll experience the same muscle soreness i did yesterday. when i started running last night, at first my quads were bitching a bit about it, but that wore off, and today before exercise they were considerably less sore. that's kinda weird, since the run should have also worked them; i expected more soreness today. but apparently there is some not-quite-understood mechanism by which muscles that have been hurt slightly protect themselves from future pain.


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