Dec. 7th, 2012

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or has this year gotten even more relentless with exhortations to BUY BUY BUY? "black friday" (oh, the irony) seems to have eclipsed and subsumed US thanksgiving, segued seamlessly into "cyber monday", nay, cyber week, and now we're fully immersed in christmas.

it's not like i ever buy anything much (ok, this year i caved to interweave's very, very cheap back issues of spin off in digital form). in fact, the only serious xmas purchase we've made wasn't on sale, and we didn't really buy it for xmas; it just happens to provide the paramour with some much-needed time off, in which we can assemble a 3D printer kit (*bounce*).

so yeah, the advertising leaves me mostly cold; i don't even read much of it. but it clogs up my email something fierce. it doesn't count as spam because i actually subscribed to the sources. but i didn't subscribe with the notion that i'd get daily email from each of the interweave sub categories i enjoy (spinning, knitting, weaving, crafting, painting), or that canadian tire now feels it necessary to send me a preview of its upcoming flyer. which comes once a week and the sale lasts for a week. why would anyone need a preview? i bought one thing from dell a while ago, and now i am offered days and days and neverending days of deals. and it's like every single place from which i once bought something, and where i actually do not mind to get the occasional catalog, has gotten it in their mind that this means i want to hear from them every few days, if not daily.

WTF, people. you've reached total saturation. all i have to give in response is a fatigued shrug. and then i'll go and unsubscribe from you all. i'll just have to check back the old-fashioned way, by bookmarking your website and then forgetting i did that for a year or so.

it must work, this saturation coverage, or surely they wouldn't do it. it's not like actual spam which is crudely hacked together by people who got conned into buying a spam script; these sale offers have nice graphics; somebody has clearly worked on making them appealing. other people must not get tired of it, but excited to have all these wonderful opportunities to SAVE (by spending more and more). where do they find the energy? it's soon going to be a full-time job just to read all these offers.

but anyway. 3D printer!. i am psyched! been making a list of all the things i want to design and print. and that's not even taking into account that i have ideas on improvements / add-ons for the printer i want to try. and then we can use the printer to build a laser cutter. and a CNC milling machine.


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