Aug. 27th, 2010


Aug. 27th, 2010 22:36
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i've been uninspired for a while now, which is why there are few photos lately. partly that's because i am not going out much; it's been too damn hot. i get more sensitive to heat each year, it seems. i've been sitting behind my computer and watching tv shows: leverage, 30 seconds, NCIS los angeles,better off ted, regenesis, dexter, and now i am in the 3rd season of six feet under.

the only one of those that was fairly unmitigated crap is NCIS los angeles, which has nothing good in common with NCIS. dexter is fabulous, and i'm looking forward to the 5th season. i've grabbed the first book on which the show is based, darkly dreaming dexter by jeff lindsay.

six feet under is also quite good, though right now it depresses me just how very bad everyone is at relationships. it's kinda impressive how many shows there are right now about odd, quirky, and outright weird people and circumstances. weird is the new black, i guess. i am all in favour.

i'm also doing a lot of knitting/crochet -- watching tv is good for that. i'm not feeling particularly creative in the sense of creating original things, but more in the "just making stuff" realm. i've finished a tee with indigo rope-dyed yarn (just needs washing), and a do-rag in crochet lace (needs dyeing).


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