Jul. 29th, 2010

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20100703-california poppy

i have some of that cool denim yarn, the one that softens and fades with washing. it shrinks 10-15% during the first wash. now, cotton garments usually stretch when wearing. what i am wondering is whether the latter might make up for the former. any experience with the amount of stretch?

i'm almost done with my ravelry stashing, even identified most of the mystery balls (i had saved the ball bands, yay, but they don't all have a fibre sample, boo). now i am entering old projects. then i'll shuffle some stuff around -- most of my yarn is now organized by colour, only the bags are not, and they need to be more easily found. i will be SO organized when all this is done.

also finished the 2nd layer of the new raised bed hexagon last night, and filled it. need to buy more coir, wet it, turn it in, and then i can replant. the japanese willow, the korean lilac, all my lavenders, and then we'll see.

now watching the 2nd season of leverage (like the show a lot; it appeals to my inner robin hood). but i want sophie back! nothing against jeri ryan, but, yeah, not the same as gina bellman.


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