Oct. 18th, 2009

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another productive night. works like a charm; a litte heavier (which means it's a little more stable as well -- just about as stable as it needs to be). now i can get every size hank i have on it. until i need the box, there might never be a "production" version, though i'd really like to build one that i can also take apart (though this one pulls up to under the ceiling, so it's out of the way). taking it apart for storage would be a good thing since i won't have that many hanks to wind after going through my back stash.

swift II
closeup of adjustable peg board

i found out that my drill does not want to screw a 3/8th bit through 2" plywood. always good to know. NEED MORE POWER.

if i make a version III, it might have one freely adjustable peg, which will give it perfect fitting. though it's probably not necessary, since the pegs are spaced so closely together i can just move one of them a little further in or out, and that won't throw the balance off.

i'm also thinking that i might want to think about a version that has a handle, so i can wind hanks from bobbins (if my spinning wheel ever gets here).
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i had the most awesome dream -- and not just because i _had_ a dream which i could remember in detail, which has become rare due to me sleeping so badly much of the time. but because it was in itself awesome.

a group of us (people i don't know IRL) were invited to spend an evening with an eccentric japanese celebrity (nobody real). we went to his house, and OMG, he had so much intriguing art! i missed most of dinner because i was looking at all of it (the dinner was minimalist art, *heh*. a lot of the art around the house was fabric sculpture, some crochet, some knit, some felt. some wire, too, and art quilts (nothing with traditional patterns, all freeform). there was also collage directly on the walls, the sort of collage that has a meaning to puzzle out. it was so beautiful, and everything had meaning, if one just studied it and thought about it.

i wish i could take pictures of the things i see through my mind's eye.


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