Jun. 9th, 2009

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i don't know why i have not been posting my ebook hauls like i did my paper book hauls. i guess i didn't think they'd become my main source for books just yet, but in fact they have; months ago. also maybe because it's all smut. :) well, not really. i have previously complained that apparently as soon as the romance is same-sex, publishers and bookstores shove it immediately under "erotica" even if the amount of actual sex is minimal and not particularly graphic; no more so than in the average hetero series romance.

adding to the vague notion that i should be posting these have been a couple of posts by m/m authors who have been very upset at piracy. i want to show what i buy (usually after having originally been exposed to an author or a specific work via file sharing), since there are a lot of us who buy because we want to support the authors whose work we like (so they write more!). even if we prefer to download first because there are no legitimate sources to read before buying, unlike for printed books (no libraries carry our favourite smut, nor may we borrow ebooks from a friend. and one can't buy used ebooks either.).

if you feel inclined to argue the legality or morality of file sharing, don't. well, feel free, but not here. i know all the arguments. and i am not in an arguing mood today.

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herringbone pattern of narrow glass tile

i'd never have it in a house of mine (or a boat), but for some reason it appealed. probably because of the depth -- the glass itself isn't coloured, the colour is on the backing.

did i mention the new rona is open? it's lovely to have a large hardware and lumber store just 10 min from the house.


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