May. 27th, 2009

piranha: cartoon me hammering nail into board (construction)

that's my tree bed hexagon -- it turned out pretty well considering a certain amount of warp in the boards. certainly much cheaper than any other method of construction. simpson strong-tie for the win!

i might just leave it at this one layer (8" high, 7" of soil). the boards look pretty junky, but they're solid. i think i'll ask the landlord whether he has any paint left from painting the houses, because that would look better than to just let them weather. we have topsoil, so tomorrow i'll finally get to plant the tree.

i wish i knew some place to pick up leftover lumber, but driving around looking at construction sites will use up in gas what i would save. i'll probably check the restore and if they have nothing then just pick up some 2x6's at slegg's (building some square-foot boxes for more veggies).
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the sun has just sunk behind the evergreens in the distance, and the sky is all sorts of grey-blues and oranges.

alt text for some of these is hard to write, because my brain is ded. i'll try better tomorrow.

in general me paying attention to alt text (due to dreamwidth paying attention to better accessibility) is a really good thing for myself -- it's making me work harder on finding descriptive words instead of letting the picture speak for itself as i had previously done. there is value in both (completely aside from accessibility).


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