Sep. 7th, 2008

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until october 14. we're having an election. *sigh*. so much for harper's promise of a fixed election date [1] -- typical reforma-tory -- keep promises only for as long as they're good for oneself. when there are ethics investigations, and an ailing economy, and a dem lead in the US elections, then we apparently don't need no stinking fixed election date. for 2.5 years we've seen mr "open and transparent government" be the most secretive and evasive prime minister that i can remember.

i'm _really_ worried about a conservative majority government. i hope canadians realize that the only reason we've not gone along the same road the republican handbasket is careening down in the US, is that a minority government is limited in its power.

and i hope people don't forget that stephen harper wanted to take us into the iraq war in 2003. heck, most of us want us out of afghanistan; can you imagine the mess if we were stuck in iraq?

our C$12 billion surplus is gone even without that involvement. the economy is slumping; manufacturing isn't doing so good.

harper doesn't give a fuck about the environment.

i want him gone. he's bad for canada.

[1] and wait, don't we have a law for that now? how's he weaseling around that? the bill is here; need to ferret out more info. canada elections act.

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