Dec. 12th, 2007

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i sound like an old person, what with talking just about my health and the effects of medication on my body. i should really get back to talking about mansex to provide the other pole of the age range provided within my mind, *snicker*.

started the celexa yesterday. mild GI upset last night, and this morning a bit too. also got a sore throat and a bit of a runny rose, which could be side effects, but could also mean that my multiple exposures to other people who're sick (doctor's office, pharmacy) has caught me something. i'm torn which etiology i'd prefer, *snrk*.

the blood glucose testing proceeds as it started, the numbers remain generally better than the lab test that set this all in motion, and it's still fun to see how eating what affects my blood sugar. exercise is turning out to have a strong effect if i do it right after eating -- but then it's hardest for me to get my ass in gear; i just want to sit and quietly digest instead of walking for 45 min with my heart gallopping at 120 beats a minute (that's how long the middle loop around our neighbourhood takes me). allegedly a combined program of aerobic and anaerobic exercise is best for lowering glucose levels, so i have to decide whether i want to embark on something like that. but no way am i going to a gym; that is just not going to happen, so i'll have to work out a way to do it at home. i think i also want to look into a continuous heart rate meter (the one i have is part of the blood pressure metering process and i need to sit still for that, which is inconvenient when exercising out in the great outdoors).

as before, lowered carb intake makes me less sluggish. yay. but tracking all this stuff takes up all that energy, so at this point it's pretty much not a win. i'm glad i have the atkins experiment to compare, because i know from it that the energy will continue to increase and i will have extra.

i am looking at software for the mac to help with the tracking, which can also graph various things, because i think my doctor would be helped by looking at charts rather than just numbers, and at precalculated averages (since he appeared not too good at doing the calculating himself). i should call the lifescan people because inside my sooper-dooper meter i found a coupon for a free datacable and software. what shall we bet the software only works in windows?

amusing anecdotal evidence time: for a while now i've made fun of the japanese old wives' remedy of licking a wound to make it better, which is incredibly prevalent in BL because it provides for a handy way of "indirect kissing" (since you don't do it to yourself, no, your paramour to be will endeavour to do it to you, and you will be much embarrassed by it, and the erotic tension will be thicker than blood. also, licking trickling blood, which seems to tap the same vein as nosferoticism for some -- not me, *guh*.). well, i've been licking my own wounds since i am pricking a finger 3 times day, and darn it if the ones i lick for a while don't hurt less and heal a little quicker than the ones i leave alone.
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i am not doing the best i can myself, but at least i am ashamed of it and endeavour to improve, which is more than can be said for prime minister stephen harper.

if you are embarrassed by how he's consistently putting corporate interests ahead of environmental ones, and how he's representing canada in regard to climate change, and if you would like to see canada pick itself up from its bottom of the barrel position on this issue, please consider signing this petition put together by avaaz.

you don't need to be canadian to sign.


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