Mar. 20th, 2007

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teresa's spelling test (which i indeed think is better than the one of the article she refers to in this post):

bazaar, bizarre, accede, precede, desiccated, supersede, accessory, necessary, accommodate, harass, artillery, battalion, guerrilla, iridescent, miscellaneous, millennium, vermilion, parallelism, commitment, committed, committee, counselor, calendar, stratagem, sorcerer, restaurateur, prophesy, pharaoh, eulogy, feud, fluorescent, suede, pseudopod, fuchsia, jodhpurs, frieze, receive, sacrilegious, seize, siege, weird.

yup, i see all of these mispelled frequently. the words on here with which i have trouble are "vermilion" (i want to add another 'l') and "harass" (want to add another 'r'). they're on an internal list for "stop and think about this and possibly check a dictionary" because they don't seem to stick properly in my head.

words about which i have to think for a split second but don't ever actually have to look up again are "stratagem" and "supersede".

"fuchsia", which many people get wrong, isn't hard for me because i know it's named after leonhart fuchs, and as a german speaker, that's a piece of cake. i think that aside from my pattern matcher i have an easy time with this list because i speak french and know a fair bit of latin.

maybe i have a future as a copy editor. :) that brings up a question -- how does one become a copy editor anyway?


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