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just before the last election, in a speech addressing the nation, now-prime minister harper said:  The Conservative Party wants to give this country direction. We want, and we believe you want, to end corruption and restore honest financial management

yeah, we sure want that.

but less than a year after the "accountability election", does harper?  uh-hn.

he is overriding spending controls in order to order more military hardware.  and potentially shovel some vote-getting pork.

let's compare:  the liberal sponsorship scandal, in which a few liberal party members secretly redirect C$150 million.  the head of the liberal party called a public inquiry.  and what have we here?  the head of the conservative party grants himself the right to personally dispense C$15 billion to whomever he wants, and declares it a national security issue so that nobody will be able to look at the books to see how those contracts will be awarded.  no, we don't know for certain whether there will be wrongdoing, but even without wrongdoing, how do we know we get a fair price?  and hey, we can't find out; harper has made sure of that.

ah yes, that's honest financial management and accountability from the conservatives.  spending controls?  we don't need no steenkin' spendin' controls.  trade agreements to control the weight given to regional political considerations?  rubbish -- we're bypassing controls to go beyond prior governments in allocating quality benefits.  WAR IS PEACE.  "open and transparent" government? how dare you question our accountability!  NATIONAL SECURITY IS AT STAKE!
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