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google's picasa is an entry level photo editing and management application. it tends to be a bit basic for my own needs, so i won't be writing a full review here; i am unlikely to use most of its image editing and sharing features. picasa 2 looks comparable to iphoto and adobe photoshop album (neither of which i've used, so i can't tell you any more about pros and cons; just that that's the level we're talking about here). picasa is free, however.

and ya know, it's terribly exciting that they made an effort to bring it to linux. no, it's not OSS, and it's not an actual port, but uses wine (which is a windows API middleware layer). but it includes a runtime version of the libraries, so there's no hassle with having to install wine itself. simply download the package for your distro (it comes in deb, rpm, and bin), install, and that's that. it runs well on redhat; no problems at all so far.

it actually behaves like a (unusually pretty) linux app -- it sits in the task bar, and it handles linux file structure like a charm. i have my main image drive from aegis NFS-mounted, and it's scanning at a pretty good clip.

right now i am using it to classify images (whiling away the time until i get up the oomph to take my laptop apart), since one specific thing picasa does intelligently is that it stores captions and keywords in the image's IPTC data instead of in an external database. that means i can work in picasa now, and the work will later be easily transferable to any other program that handles IPTC data.

thanks to google (and codeweavers). nicely done.
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