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and the *poing* is gone again. *wah*. i'm tired, but it was really nice to have some time together. we did a lot of walking this time, which was great (except that i need to get in better shape -- which mostly means that i should walk more, *heh*). i also cooked a fair bit, and baked lots of bread. two people can do away with a fresh loaf of bread in no time. i tried a couple of new recipes, one of which was very good, the other one a compacted mess -- i think the recipe is just plain wrong, there's too little flour. also made some nice meals; the paramour will benefit from me trying them out on the appreciative *poing*. see the amazing benefits of being poly! *snicker*.

after the most amazing productivity streak i've had in years, i crashed completely this last week. bad timing, but well, can't pick those. i did pretty well in propping myself up enough so i wouldn't be totally crappy company, but now i am exhausted and will just loll about for a week, i think. i'm casually working on a couple of scenes for ideas that popped into my head while i was modelling -- i've hit on the right thing to do; just keeping a flat file and adding every new idea to it, without letting the inner editor have a vote. then when i am just idling, i can go through the list and pick something that appeals to me right then and work on it a little to see whether it might go anywhere.

so despite having crashed, i'm in a good mood. also, not watching any news is contributing to that. it's amazing how much equanimity i can preserve if i remain mostly ignorant of human stupidity and greed du jour, *sigh*.
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