piranha: red origami crane (Default)
renaissance poisson ([personal profile] piranha) wrote2005-11-22 08:47 pm
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today's accomplishment

i got bittorrent to work, which entailed piercing two firewalls. me and iptables should really become better friends, but we're definitely closer than last time i tried this.

i like the concept of bittorrent -- both the load distribution, and its tit for tat speed adjustment (if you don't share, your download speed will suck) are pretty good ideas for p2p services. i also found a much better client than last time -- azureus packs lots of power, and how can one not like a program named after the blue poison dart frog?

i have a big hardon for p2p -- the idea of decentralised sharing of stuff just really works for me. i am sitting here, watching 80% of my upload bandwidth being used, and it makes me happier than the fact that i am finally sustaining a pretty good download speed too. i never leech on p2p networks; the whole point for me is to share stuff i like with other people who might also like it.

so now i have a collection of 1980's abandonware games, and a couple of scanlations for manga i bought in japanese. once i come up for air from cleaning images, that'll be fun to dig into.

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