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since i now know that i am serious about lifting heavy, and the rack i got fits me so badly, i decided to take advantage of the black friday craziness to buy a power rack.

1000 lb capacity. that'll do me for a while, *snrk*. the holes are 1.5" apart on centre, so that'll make it pretty easy to put the bar pretty much where i need it.

it has a dip station (that'll be great for my main functional assistance exercise, dips, so i can learn to hoist myself out of the kayak properly), and a chin-/pull-up bar.

i didn't get the lat attachment, though i will miss it a little. it would make the whole assembly protrude too far into the living room. the paramour does some exercises for which it would be useful; if we have room after we move, we can buy it then if we need it. we will probably move within the year, but no idea yet where.

it'll be nice to work out with actual safeties in place. not that i need them quite yet, but i am getting closer, and it'll be reassuring, especially while i wobble on bench. i had looked up alternate safety procedures for dumping weights, and they're all dangerous to any cats that might be in the vicinity, which is a non-starter.

i also got resistance bands so i can do assisted dips and chin-/pull-ups. and an olympic dumbbell handle.

now i just gotta build a bench that fits me. that'll be relatively easy.
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i bought a dedicated ebook reader. all this time i've been waiting for something close to my ideal to come along, but in the end i bought the one where the price was right, because i was tired of waiting.

kobo ereader

(next time i photograph it in actual daylight instead of in crappy fluorescent, trying to colour correct in p'shop, *sigh*. but it's closer to the actual colour than the kobo site's images, which are whiter.)

this is the brand-new kobo ereader. at this point only available to canadians. (now there's a rarity.)

(and yes, anah and dianne, i am reading one of yours, *grin*.)

review follows )
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toys. too bad the fine japanese company by name of "boford" (wtf?) does not ship internationally.

the site has lots of other spiffy models.

via [livejournal.com profile] telophase.


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