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i am getting really close to buying an e-book reader now. no, not amazon's newest toy (i don't want my reading tied to amazon).

the bookeen cybook gen3 is the latest shiny thing i am liking.

even if their website works like crap (the links across the top all error out; one has to go to the site map to access those pages, *sigh*). even if there is too much use of the davinci code in their promo shots. :)

about as high and wide as a MMPB, much thinner, and only half as heavy, 6" tall screen, 600x800 resolution (166 lpi), it uses e-ink (which means the battery lasts a very long time), it can display 4 levels of greyscale, landscape mode, it doesn't do its own proprietary crap (it can read text, html, pdf, palmdoc, gif, jpg, png, and mobipocket, as well as play mp3), it has a dictionary lookup function (your own downloadable dictionaries), it can change font family and size (your own downloadable fonts), zoom for images, it can bookmark, it can use intra-document hyperlinks, how much content it can hold is only limited by the size of the SD memory card you plug into it, USB slave connection.

that's not perfect (i have quite some list for my perfect e-book reader), but we're finally talking.


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somebody posted about having read >75 books this year, and the *poing* generally tries to shoot for 100. i used to be right in that range, 90-110 a year. it's been dropping (fucking depression), but a couple of years ago it was still over 50.

this is the first year in my active memory that i've not read at the very least 50 books. that realization felt weird. depressing. i was headed down slump road, when i had to hit myself over the head. hard.

because i have read so much manga that i don't even know how much manga i've read. and since most of it is in electronic format, i can't just count shelf space (though that's been growing quite nicely as well), or go back to my log (since i started it, but didn't keep it up). the reading of it also feels different, and i don't have kinesthetic memory of picking up books, looking at covers, and turning pages to help the subconscious keep track.

statistics to the rescue. having a well-organized filesystem helps. i counted the files, or rather, let unix count them (find . -type f | grep -v DS_Store | wc -l): 25160. most of those are individual chapters, the average chapter has about 31 pages. that's 780,208 pages, which, at roughly 200 pages a manga comes to ~3900 volumes (*eyes bug out*). now, i have not read them all; there are a fair number of raws (~1500 found with another grep) and while i've paged through most of those, "read" isn't the word i'd use for that. but i _have_ read almost all of the remaining ~2300. ergo it appears that i have read about 6 entire manga every day, for the last 11 months (the obsession started with hikaru no go and it is all [livejournal.com profile] bookshop's fault).

OMG. that is insane. no wonder i am a wandering BL encyclopedia. and completely no surprise now that i've hardly read any regular books during this past year. i mean, i knew i was reading a lot of manga, but ...
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was yesterday. got lots done, aside from the usual, such as walking the cats and weeding. walked the dog twice. and cut up lots of deadwood. about halfway through, the branches got too thick to cut with the dozuki, so i got out the circular saw, which made short thrift of things. it wasn't as pleasant to do it that way because of the noise, but i got the pile significantly reduced. took a long walk with the paramour in the evening, which was filled with just the right amount of obnoxious repartée.

haven't done anything yet with my room (which needs it badly since it's popping at the seams with packrat-stuff), but i doodled around, contemplating to build a loft bed. if i do that under the attic trapdoor, then the cats can use it to go up there -- right now i have our ladder leaning against the wall, and that's not a permanent solution (aside from it blocking too much space).

am reading a lot of comfort stuff, which for me basically means re-reading swaths of my georgette heyer for the nth time. one of these days i should go and see which of her regencies i don't own, and try to acquire them. there can't be many, alas. i noticed that some of them must have been amongst the first books i bought in the "new world"; their inscriptions date back to 1982.

leave you with my favourite photo of today:

[edit: if you get this error message: Fatal error: Call to undefined function: read_cookie_data() in /home/gooroos/public_html/gallery/includes/sessions.php on line 113, clear your cookies for the site; i get the same error and that does it for me. *grump*. my hosting provider is doing something weird in a possibly misguided attempt to discourage spam and this seems to be some associated fallout.]


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