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of SFF ebooks, since i've been woefully behind the times in that genre.

the *poing* and i were co-grumbling about the sad tendency of publishers advising authors to switch names in order to beat the crappy software that seems to determine what bookstores buy -- which makes me lose track of authors i like because i don't have the spoons to read industry-watching or individual authors' blogs. the *poing* enlightened me that Sarah Zettel is indeed still writing, except as CL Anderson, and that Laura J Mixon is now MJ Locke. really, guys, a change to a more bland, less unique name is good for you? the gender-neutrality makes up for that? is SFF still so damn hidebound? has anyone done a study on this? do any male authors in SF change names? maybe SFF publishers should develop a logo for "girl cooties" and liberally stamp it on all books so infested to spare overly sensitive guys from exposure.


i set out to do some book buying.

what the heck is wrong with SFF publishers? back lists are still often not available as ebooks! some newer books are too expensive. frex Justina Robson's "Natural History" comes in at C$14. that's too much for me; i won't pay more than C$10 because i don't pay more for a mass market paperback. now, if authors received a much higher percentage of that money, then we could talk. as it is, no. since i am planning to shift all my paper to ebooks, i looked for some lesser known, such as Tricia Sullivan. nothing at all in ebook. *sigh*. how long do publishers hang on to rights? i wonder whether self-publishing might not be a more viable idea than hoping for more than a decade that you'll get a reprint.

*double grump*.

also, kobo.com still does not have a shopping cart, but each book gets bought singly. that is so annoying that it makes me want to go out and download a torrent with 1000 pirated books -- if only that worked as a deterrent to bookstores pissing me off. i have a budget. i want to pile my haul up in my shopping cart to see what it all comes to with tax. as it is, i have to keep track of that in my head (or start writing it down -- yeah, right). maybe this method works to make other people over-spend, but in my case i am under-spending and buying fewer books than i otherwise would, because i hate getting individual statements in my inbox as well.

i would easily have spent double of what i did today if the books i wanted had been available at a price point i am willing to pay, or indeed, had been available at all.

it's a sad day when it is much easier to buy gay tentacle porn than established SFF.

*triple grump*.

also, it makes it much harder to write up a haul because i have to copy-paste everything bit by bit.

Aguirre Ann - Sirantha Jax 1 - Grimspace
Anderson CL (Zettel Sarah) - Bitter Angels
Bear Elizabeth - Jacob's Ladder 1 - Dust
Gould Steven - 7th Sigma
Hallaway Tate (Morehouse Lydia) - Garnet Lacey 1 - Tall, Dark & Dead
McGuire Seanan - October Daye 1 - Rosemary and Rue
Kowal Mary Robinette - Glamourist Histories 1 - Shades of Milk and Honey
Locke MJ (Mixon Laura J) - Up Against It
Robson Justina - Quantum Gravity 1 - Keeping It Real
Stross Charles - Glasshouse
Wilson Robert Charles - Spin 2 - Axis
Wilson Robert Charles - Spin 3 - Vortex
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The following Alerts were triggered today:


TITLE: Farthing by Jo Walton
PRICE: $14.00 CATEGORY: Science Fiction
EPUBLISHER: Macmillan/Tor Books
DESCRIPTION: One summer weekend in 1949 ?but not our 1949? the well-connected ?Farthing set?, a group of upper-crust English families, enjoy a country retreat. Lucy...

TITLE: Tooth and Claw by Jo Walton
PRICE: $15.95 CATEGORY: Fantasy
EPUBLISHER: Macmillan/Orb Books
DESCRIPTION: A captivating World Fantasy Award-winning novel about the social life of dragons returns to print in a trade paperback edition

yay! finally ebooks of some of jo's work can be bought out there in public!

unfortunately only in 2 DRMed formats, by publishers who think most ebook buyers are willing to pay these kinds of prices, while they don't even bother to clean up their blurbs. the current rebates at fictionwise are a massive 60%, so i was gonna buy the ebook of T&C anyway, to read on the boat (already have farthing as pdf from tor's giveaway).

but, alas we also have "GEOGRAPHIC RESTRICTIONS: Available to customers in: US" which i've never before seen at fictionwise.

*sigh*. i guess i cuddle up with my hardcovers for now.
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barnes & noble have acquired ebook seller fictionwise.

hm. didn't B&N try their own ebook store a few years back, in cooperation with microsoft? i studiously ignored that because a) microsoft and b) DRMed content only. i continue to ignore DRMed work, and usually buy my ebooks in pdf format, since the OLPC is happiest reading that. if i ever MUST have something that's DRMed i buy it in a format that's been cracked, and convert it as soon as i've got it downloaded. it's a pain, though, i usually just don't bother buying it.

i guess B&N trying again because amazon seems to really make a go of it, what with the kindle in edition 2 now. possibly the mainstream is waking up to the glory that are ebooks, now that the readers are getting cheaper and ebooks are easier to find.

i spend a fair penny at fictionwise these days; i hope nothing changes for the worse. of course their own announcement is filled with how this portents an exciting future -- but somehow that rarely seems to mean "exciting" in a way i'll appreciate.


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