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ever since powells has discontinued their free shipping to canada, i've much more seldomly shopped there except when they get in a rare book that's on my notifications list. i just bought $15 worth of books and paid $27 in total for the pleasure. i love to support independents, but not when it costs me decidedly more than anywhere else; i might as well support small book sellers in canada instead, and wait even longer for some of those rarities to pop up.

so when i found out that powells also sell ebooks now, i was happy, because hey, i rather buy them from there than from amazon and the other big guys any day. however, spot check of 10 ebooks shows that 9 out of those 10 can only be downloaded from within the US.

thanks for nothing. i know it's likely not powells who's to blame for this, but will the effing publishing industry get its effing head out of its effing arse already?

you want to know why people pirate? here's yet another reason.
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need to find out more; this is just a marker:

magellan media partners are doing an ongoing study of o'reilly titles and the effects of piracy on sales, and the correlations look very interesting so far.

for example, from moment of first seeding, pirated books shot up in sales to higher than initial release.

the study is for sale for a mere U$99 -- at those prices i think i might look for a pirated copy, *snrk*. but i can download a PPT presentation if i sign up with my email address. ok.

via cory doctorow on twitter, here's the "moneyshot" from a presentation yesterday: http://tinyurl.com/yzlnj8e


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