Sep. 7th, 2009 05:27
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view of a door between stucco walls through a knothole in a fence
photo manip -- two images of the same spot overlayed, so i could get both foreground and background in focus.
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heavy fastenings on the steambox of a locomotive
photoshop manipulation of digital colour photo, dynamic contrast change and colorizing.
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strong contrast between deep green background and bright lime greens for the plant
angelica archangelica

i had two images that were almost identical, with the focal plane slightly different, almost good, but kinda dull. but a little playing with blending modes in photoshop made them much more interesting.
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my RSI was bothering me, so i stopped cleaning manga. but i wasn't ready to go to bed yet, and ended up playing around with photoshop, doing algorithmic things instead of pixel tweaking (which isn't as rough on the hands).

the outcome looks sorta cool. i'll probably use the technique for techno backgrounds.

you gotta look at the full size images to see the actual funky detail.

ETA: how-to is in reply to first comment.
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here's something you don't see every day:

http://syndicated.livejournal.com/uscert_current/41935.html says US-CERT is aware of a possible vulnerability in Adobe Photoshop that may allow an attacker to cause a stack-based buffer overflow. By persuading a user to open a crafted bitmap file (e.g., .BMP, .DIB, .RLE), an attacker may be able to execute arbitrary code on the user's system.

US-CERT recommends that users not open untrusted bitmap files, and will continue to investigate and provide additional information as it becomes available.
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every single scan in this chapter, and there are 33 of them, is grainy, slightly blurred, crooked, and has a gutter shadow. i am not allowing myself any translating until they are all clean and crisp.


discipline is hard, sez barbie.

feel my pain; warning: men kissing, if chastely )

[livejournal.com profile] papersky's pick of kentish village to express my personality is well-chosen.
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i was picking my teeth, staring at the package of toothpicks, when a sudden urge overcame me. see the picture and maybe weep )

other than that, i've been really productive, almost like a normal person: i did seven loads of laundry (one at a time, since the landlords were so kind as to be gone this weekend, just in time for laundry day). i vacuumed the living room and my futon, and swept bathroom and kitchen. walked the dog several times. continued to clean, clean, clean my computer files (torrents and other zipped and rar'ed files now pared down to the point where i can actually store uncompressed temp files for an entire 2-layer DVD on that drive preparatory to burning).

and in my copious free time i've been learning more photoshop. when i start with a piece of software, i often get all excited about it, and learn how to operate it very quickly. that does, however, also mean that i hit a learning plateau at a point where i know well enough how to do things, but i don't really do them in the most efficient or elegant way. and there is always more software to pick up and learn, and so i stagnate on a lot of older stuff. i've decided to remedy that, and have started to read the fine manual for photoshop in greater detail.

here's one trick that i feel extra stupid for not knowing: when selecting with the marquee tool, one can hold down the space bar to move the selection while one's still at it, and the action will shift to moving. let go of the space bar and one's back and can continue to widen or narrow the selection. this is especially handy when trying to make a reasonably precise circular selection where it's not obvious where the starting point should be. it can be a bit tough to manage when one's selecting a circle from the centre on out (left hand: alt-shift, right hand: click-drag, where is my third hand to press the space bar?), but i'm getting better at it already. and it really is much nicer than to add to the selection afterwards.


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