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you can now click on the images to see a larger version!

orange-red leaves with a line of olive-gree dots bordered with dark brown on each side along the midrib

i have no idea what this plant is, but i shall endeavour to find out. it was nothing special during the summer, but now it is changing colours and those dots have appeared on the leaves, which are just gorgeous.

i've moved the first images to smugmug, where i've registered a trial account. i looked at a lot of photo hosting sites, and the organization and features there sound like they'll suit me best. it requires a minimum of effort to set up pricing, and the quality seems to be good (i have samples on order), so i should be up and ready quickly so people who want to can actually order prints (and cards, posters, tshirts [1], mugs, calendars, etc).

[1] the sizing here isn't friendly to us larger people, so i'll have to set up a separate account for this elsewhere, or impress upon the smugmug people that large bodies want nice tshirts too.
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Stanford photo scientists are out to reinvent digital photography with the introduction of an open-source digital camera, which will give programmers around the world the chance to create software that will teach cameras new tricks.

read more about stanford's opensource camera.
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giant moon fills the frame

this image is here not because it's anything to crow about technically, but because i want to laud my new camera. :) this is a 100% crop of what 486mm optical zoom looks like with a panasonic DMC-FZ28, complete dark, hand held, not even resting my elbows on anything.

i am very, very happy with this upgrade. the camera's image stabilization is amazing. if it's not raining tonight, i'm trying this with the tripod for comparison.
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my cat timid takes a bow

new camera! panasonic DMC-FZ28K, 10.1 megapixels, one of the newish superzoom cameras (35mm equivalent of 27-486mm). i figured i was looking at about C$ 3K of DSLR and lenses, and i simply couldn't justify it with a lot of equipment still to buy for the boat. but i have really outgrown my coolpix 4500; it's a great, little camera, but it doesn't have enough lens, and definitely not enough megapixels for printing.

well, this one has enough lens for a while, and it's a leica lens to boot. just playing around with the first 100 pics has already netted me a bunch of cat pictures that beat most everything i've taken before. and i can handle this much zoom without a tripod, at least in decent light. it's very intuitive to use, and fast! got a lot of DSLR features, fully manual controls if one doesn't want to use its rather smart automatic systems. it even shoots raw. 2.7" LCD-- o can SEE whether the image is in focus instead of sorta guessing! i'm loving it already; it's gonna be the perfect bridge camera for me.

i shall have to burble much more once i actually had some sleep (insomnia zapped last night's attempts).

[TA: i was apparently so tired last night that i wrote this post and previewed it, but then forgot to post it. :)]
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the daily photo project is giving me much joy, and i've been planning to make a calendar for 2009 with my favourite photos of the year -- for myself and family.

i also want to make myself a tshirt with the light through trees image.

would any of you be interested in one or the other?

how about small posters, framed prints, mousepads, other tshirts, greeting cards, etc if i made such items available via cafepress or a similar service at or slightly above cost?

do you have any experience with cafepress and other services like it? it doesn't seem cheap to me, but also not horrendously expensive. i know if i had to do it locally and then ship things to people personally it's doubtful if i managed a run of calendars; i don't think i'd have the energy, so it'd be more reliable if i'm gonna farm it out to a company that'll handle it all for me. what else is there besides cafepress?
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joe decker, an acquaintance of mine and a wonderful nature photographer is leading a 5-day photography workshop exploring the redwoods and shoreline of california's northern coast.

if you have any inclination for that sort of thing, check it out. i think it's a great opportunity to learn from a talented (and super-nice) person in absolutely gorgeous surroundings. i wish i could go myself.

if you're in the stanford area (i'm looking at _you_ :), you can admire his latest work from iceland at his upcoming exhibition.

at the very least have a look at his website (linked to his name above); i should link to it more often. he inspires me to work on my landscapes.
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flickr can do it directly now (i understand one could do it previously with third party tools, but i never looked into it). but this i like. the interface is very intuitive, and you can drop pictures onto the map at any zoom level. i am having lots of fun exploring what other people have uploaded already.

new geotagging feature -- exploring. little pink dots with numbers show how many pictures there are for a location. particularly cute is that when the numbers go >99, the counter shows "lots".

i think i'll be uploading all my pictures featuring local spots into flickr in the future.
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for each angry political post, i vow to post at least two positive non-political ones.

the photography of ladislav kamarád. breathtaking landscapes.

via [ profile] metafilter.


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