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i should probably just do this every time i walk instead of saving them up, and maybe say something about the walk. we'll see.

03-16 mailbox++ 2.5 km 0:40
03-17 millstone side channel 2:30
03-18 mailbox++ 2.5 km 0:40
03-21 buttertubs marsh 2.4 km 1:10
03-24 mailbox++ 2.5 km 0:45
03-28 mailbox 2.0 km 0:28
04-01 colliery dam 3.4 km 1:20
04-02 lost lake & bickerton bluffs 5.2 km 2:01
04-03 linley valley 7.5 km 3:42
04-05 reservoir 1.5 km 1:05
04-06 lantzville foothills 5.4 km 2:25
04-07 jameson -> ammonite falls -> galloway gulch -> west 9.5 km 4:06
04-10 mailbox++ 2.5 km 0:52

the *poing* gets here on saturday. wonder how much walking we're gonna do. :)
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linley valley at EveryTrail

ok, embedding that map doesn't work here. oh well, but you get a link to see my trail report complete with google map, and you can see (other people's) pictures (i haven't uploaded mine yet).

i used the forerunner's miniscule map facility for the first time (which doesn't show an actual map, but a track of where one's been, and a directional arrow, and compass direction). it was great fun to just walk on some random path and check now and then whether that got me going in the right direction, or whether i should go more right or more left at the next intersection. i am liking this a lot. i ended up walking almost 8 km (about double what i had thought of doing) because i had so much fun.
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i've walked a lot lately, and i think it'll make me feel good if i keep track of it for the time being. i also want to draw up routes for most of these in google maps/earth and link pictures at some later time.

03-01 hemer park main loop 1:30 hrs 4 km
03-06 weigles rd -> flynnfalls cr -> benson cr -> return 2:20 hrs 4.3 km
03-07 weigles rd -> benson cr gorge -> return 2:20 hrs
03-08 port alberni coombs candy -> hole in the wall etc -> return 2:20 hrs
03-09 port alberni coombs candy -> stokes cr falls etc -> return 2:40 hrs
03-11 neck point park 2:45 hrs 3.5 km
03-12 westwood lake large loop 3:10 hrs 6 km
03-14 long mailbox loop 0:40 hrs
03-15 maffeo sutton park -> millstone river -> caledonia park -> quick loop back 2:00 hrs
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or two or three. the paramour and i went to chemainus yesterday afternoon. chemainus did, once upon a time, come upon an idea to distinguish itself from other towns hereabouts who have such monikers as "salmon capital of the world" (port alberni, which is, as i understand it, not the only salmon capital of the world :) and "city of totems" (duncan). chemainus picked murals. it has by now a lot of them, and handily painted footprints lead through the town from one to the next (though there are some as yet hidden).

but before ogling murals, since we were taking the scenic route and paying attention, we came across askew creek park, which seemed to consider itself a "wilderness park". ya know, a parklet from which one can see two bordering roads, one of them being very noisy, has no business claiming to be "wilderness", not even if it featured a bald eagle nest. it's a lovely little park, however, with some nice second growth trees still standing. click for pictures )

we ambled for a while, and i took lots of pictures, as always. drooled over a victorian B&B for sale, contemplated stepping into the twisted sisters' tea house, which came highly recommended by people leaving it -- and since they had british accents, how could we not trust that? we weren't quite in the mood for tea, though. well, i was, but the paramour is never, so that's it usually for tea houses. jo will have to come visit so we can have tea there. we wandered around a bit more; down to the water, and to the park with the waterwheel.

when we did decide on dinner, we met with the worst service i can remember, ever. wow. but hey, the music was good! and it was a great outing overall, crappy dinner notwithstanding.


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