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stylized palm statue at the nanaimo harbour
there used to be a colourfully painted bear at this location, but now we've got a palm statue. i mean, yes, we can grow some very hardy palms here, all wrapped up during the winter, but they're not exactly emblematic of the city.

cut about half of the boards i de-fanged yesterday. way too hot and humid to do much.

watched the 2nd and 3rd jason bourne films. is it just me, or do the films have incredibly little to do with the books? it's been a while since i read them. in any case, i had to stop in the middle because i was becoming breathless from watching the never-ending chases.
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small, cascading leaves shading from yellow and green into magenta with relatively bright green stems draw attenion at this time a year
red huckleberries (vaccinium parvifolium) is so unassuming that its light, feathery foliage blends in everywhere in summer, and the small flowers are green, as are the berries when unripe. but the first tiny outside scales of the leaf buds in spring are nearly the same colour as the leaves in autumn, and at both times they're the only thing around with that colour.

the berries are tasty, but it's lots of work to pick them, and i admit, i like the small shrubs for their airy foliage.

i got miffed that my schedule tried to shift itself around again, and forced myself to stay up all day -- with the result that i got nothing much done watched two movies, "extract" and "cloudy with a chance of meatballs" both of which were not bad, but of course i am now too tired to say anything relevant about them. i really enjoyed the animation in the latter; sony imageworks did a fantastic job; inventive design and fast-paced action with a lot of witty sight gags. i'll watch it again because i know i missed a lot.
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war of the worlds, 2005, directed by steven spielberg.

great CGI. terrible, terrible movie. blatant inconsistencies right from the start (that was some EMP, even tom's watch stopped -- and yet moments later, somebody is filming with a digital camcorder), stupid "i'm a lousy father" storyline, too damn much screeching from dakota fanning, wholesale destruction everywhere juxtaposed with sudden careful exploration by a single tentacle proboscis eye and individual aliens in the random basement in which our "heroes" are hiding -- and not like that thing had any superior powers; no, it could only hear sounds above a grunt and whisper, and could only see in the same spectrum as us. how convenient. that way the humans could fight each other gruntingly for control of the shotgun with one cartridge -- yeah, that could have surely done the 4 or 5 aliens in. get the fuck out of my resistance movement, tim robbins. oh, and the aliens must of course drink and splatter human blood wherever they go. i could rant for some time about all the bad crap in this movie.

but i won't. i didn't care about a single character in this movie. i wanted them all to die because they were too stupid to live.

this movie sucked like a horrible sucking tentacle proboscis eye thing. and it wasn't true to the book. shame on you, steven spielberg.


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