May. 6th, 2009 17:15
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[ profile] elisem, who is a lovely artist and jeweller, is having a sale of her shinies until may 10th in her LJ. she makes earrings, hairsticks, pendants, necklaces, necklace-crowns (can be worn as either a choker or a tiara-like hair decoration), and planet beads (named thusly by lois mcmaster bujold).

examples of her work under the cut with annotations for screen readers )
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at farthing party i had a chance to learn some technique from elise, which was a real pleasure. she showed me a lot of things, but i didn't practice much right there -- things were busy and there were lots of distractions, and it was better to watch a lot and store it all up.

tonight i practiced for the second time since coming home; the first time i made simple loops and wrapped loops and spirals and clasps. tonight i played a bit more with wire, trying to let it wander.

copper is my friend. silver-plated hates me. half-hard sterling is lovely, but too expensive for practice. brass is for when my hands are a bit tougher.

the two clasps above are my first practice clasps. elise showed me, but i didn't make any until i got home, and i didn't precisely remember how she did it, and didn't have one to remind me either. this looks close though. the copper one was first, the brass second. i can see improvements, but this clearly needs lots more practice.

my first earrings, made at farthing party. elise started the outside and then left me to come up with the misbegotten dreamcatcher-like web stuff. *urk*. :) the one on the right was the first one.

earring dangle, silver-plated 18G and 26G. the larger gauge is very hard to work with, the wire is incredibly stiff. so i gave up doing any wandering wire stuff and just shaped it with my pliers. i kinda like how it came out, but it's very rough as yet.

pendant, copper 20G. very easy to work with, and needs more work hardening than this one got to remain stable. i wanted to make something small before branching out. this one really flowed, but the wire doesn't exactly wander a lot. :)

oh yeah, need lots more practice. :) but i like shaping the wire with my hands.


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