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i would love to build something like this. i've always thought that it's too bad computers come in ugly beige cases -- that expresses nothing of how i feel about what they've done for my life. i'd like something instead that has gravitas, solid permanence. wood, bronze, and copper. :)

the first 5 links all go to the same guy's stuff. awesomely cool.


(indirectly via [livejournal.com profile] epi_lj.)
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my scanner (canon 4200F) turns out not to be mac-compatible. say what? who still writes drivers for scanners that only work on windows? i am used to hardware manufacturers being blind about linux, but about macs? hello?

vuescan to the rescue, i thought, it being lodged in my memory as a "one software handles all" type of product for scanners. it'd be cheaper than buying a new scanner. but no, it can't handle this one either.

i guess i get to buy a new scanner and see whether anyone local wants to take the canon off my hands (it's not a bad scanner, but it likely won't be worth shipping anywhere). maybe the paramour's mom or brother really wants one. and, dear canon? unless you happen to way outdo your competition for this new scanner, i am not buying from you.

i didn't want to spend today researching scanners, that's for sure. i wanted to scan my new doujinshi (just the covers to start) to show them off. straight from comiket via a very nice singaporean who patiently stood in long lines for me! i am so excited; they're made of pure prettiness.
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the graphics card on my laptop just tanked.  damn.  if it can be replaced (if it's not integrated; i am not sure) it's probably not worth doing so, because the laptop is nearing its useful life for me anyway; too slow by far to run any of my high-end graphics software well enough to actually do work without waiting around a lot.  i had glanced casually at desktops when we were last at future shop to buy a mouse, and had been pleased by how much oomph one can get for one's bucks, but this is lousy timing, because the money from the last contract hasn't come in yet, and might not come in for another 2.5 months if they drag their feet.  *gnarg*.

and wow, i can't remember my IM settings.  there is a drawback to never typing in one's handles and passwords after the initial setup because they're handily stored by trillian.  and the laptop is firewalled tight against anyone incoming.  good going, *snrk*.

i guess we might be buying the paramour's new double-processor system sooner than expected, so i can take over mjollnir.
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well, that was totally painless. a couple of days ago i bought tiger and a 300GB drive, yesterday i backed up drynwyn, and today i upgraded the system. the only thing that didn't work right away was ssh -- for some reason the upgrade changed the settings, and hosed the hosts file.

if only every upgrade were so easy.

i am happy we have a large backup drive now. it's a maxtor one-touch II with both USB and firewire interface, so it'll work on all of our systems. after the initial full backups i'll probably leave it connected to aegis, and run daily changed-files backups via rsync.

and it has a blue light. blue! it looks way cool at night when the lights are out. :)
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after all these years of lusting after one, but not being able to justify buying one new, since all of our work was linux or windows related. but some of it is now on macs as well, and i've inherited a little G4 because, well, it has problems, and its owner sloughed it off after not being able to solve them quickly.

the problems consist of random crashes and freezes. i distinguish the two because in some cases it is able to detect that it's about to crash, and asks me to reboot, while in others it just freezes up -- total freezes, which can't be broken out of with any magic key combinations. it does the latter a lot, *sigh* -- a couple of times an hour if i actually use it consistently during that time.

being as i know nothing whatsoever about macs, this is something of an adventure. i have two guesses right off -- memory, and video card problems (which could also be memory, i guess). google helped in finding one other possibility -- extensions, the examination of which i am saving for later. i've acquired a memory tester, and it finds nothing amiss, but of course a running OSX doesn't allow for all memory to be properly examined. but i can't boot into single user mode from which i could do this, and i can't find why not. i've got a root user enabled. but when i press command-s during boot (i wish somebody would be clear about just when i have to press them, and for how long, if that matters), the system either boots up as usual, or freezes right there. i don't think "open firmware" is installed, but just in case i tried pressing command-option-o-f during startup, and it resulted in nothing either.

any ideas from knowledgeable mac users?
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check your cable connections.

also, you can afford to replace that patch cable that no longer latches in because the little doohickey broke off.

that way you won't have to doubt your sanity when the system comes up after the power outage, but the internal network doesn't -- despite you not having changed anything since the last reboot, the correct driver module being loaded, and the firewall rules looking perfect.
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security upgrades, a whole heap of them. i am good about these; i don't let them install themselves automatically because i like to know what's happening to my system, but i usually download them as soon as they become available. that's what i did this time. i am apprehensive about it these days because of the paramour's horrid experience with a security upgrade totally hosing the networking while zie was in hamilton, but there is really no choice.

system needs to reboot, of course. i mean, one can hardly install a font on windows without it needing to reboot. i reboot. comes back up, everything looks normal, until i use my trackball. that isn't working. at all. hm. usually it warns me long before it runs out of batteries. i put a new one in anyway (i have a cordless logitech trackman). that doesn't do anything. i unplug the transmitter and replug it. woops. unknown USB device. i switch ports. nope, doesn't like the device on any of my 3 port. hrm, maybe something wrong with the USB? i try my wacom tablet. that works on all 3 ports. fine. i turn the machine off. back on, no change.


i ask the paramour to try the trackman on zir laptop. it doesn't work either. hmmmm. maybe it really is broken? but hey, security upgrades are installed there too, who knows. i connect it to my mac. it works perfectly.

ok. i let windows look for a new driver and install that. now the device is recognised. the transmitter does its thing, the dialog for connecting the trackman comes up, but it still doesn't move. i go through the help center's troubleshooting dialog even though i suspect it'll be useless. it is. i look for a new driver from logitech and download it. while waiting for the download to complete, i move the transmitter to another USB port and try again, just because. there it works. i move it back to the original port. now it works there too.

i hate microsoft.


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