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I've been in favor of using TLS and encryption for as much as possible for a while, but I never wanted to pay money to the certificate cartel. I'd been using certificates from CAcert, but they're not recognized by most browsers, so it felt rude to redirect everything to TLS with one of their certificates.

Finally, the EFF and others put together Let's Encrypt with free, browser-recognized certificates and even a really solid automatic renewal system. That's perfect, and also eliminated my last excuse to go do the work, so now all of my personal web sites use TLS and HTTPS by default and redirect to the encrypted version of the web site. And better yet, all the certificates should just renew themselves automatically, meaning one less thing I have to keep track of and deal with periodically.

Many thanks to Wouter Verhelst for his short summary of how to get the Let's Encrypt client to work properly from the command line without doing all the other stuff it wants to do in order to make things easier for less sophisticated users. Also useful was the SSL Labs server test to make sure I got the modern TLS configuration right. (All my sites should now be an A. I decided to not cut off support for Internet Explorer older than version 11 yet.

I imported copies of the Debian packages needed for installation of the Let's Encrypt package on Debian jessie that weren't already in Debian backports into my personal Debian repository for my own convenience, but they're also there for anyone else.

Oh, that reminds me: this also affects the archives.eyrie.org APT repository (the one linked above), so if any of you were using that, you'll now need to install apt-transport-https and might want to change the URL to use HTTPS.

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It was a good day. I took it off in terms of freelance work, and didn't do any reading to speak of (and have yet to see if I'll get any writing done after this), but I felt fairly productive in terms of getting stuff done around the house. That was followed by supper with Ginny and Kas, and then Leverage night at Chez [dreamwidth.org profile] wildpear. ^_^

After supper, Kas took some photos of my haircut. (I haven't seen them yet.)

Less good things: we have a blizzard warning for tomorrow night and Tuesday, and tonight my throat started prickling warningly. Maybe tea will magically fend off the possibly-impending cold (which I'd really started thinking I'd managed to avoid, since the others all came down with it about a week ago. ;_; Stupid incubation periods!).

[dreamwidth.org profile] scruloose made an excellent point this weekend when I mentioned my ongoing conflicted feelings about what to do next time we're looking for a cat or two. (Not that I expect this to be relevant for years!) Getting Siberians made perfect sense when we did it, but now his allergies are basically nonexistent because the desensitization shots work so well for him, so the thought of getting purebreds again instead of shelter cats makes me feel weird. But Siberians are such amazing cats...! (And I can't deny that it's also occurred to me that [dreamwidth.org profile] scruloose's allergies being so under control also technically means that, for the first time, it'd also be possible to get a different type of purebred cat, and part of me has always wanted an Abyssinian.)

What [dreamwidth.org profile] scruloose pointed out is that we're very well acquainted with the difficulty of visiting a city where one knows many people and having it be tricky to visit some homes, or to find crash space with friends even when many friends would be very glad to have you stay, when one has severe allergies and so many people have cats. His allergies are under control/gone now, but it's not like we don't have friends who're still plenty allergic--not many who aren't able to visit homes with cats for an evening, but who would be hesitant or unable to stay in one when visiting from out of town. And it's important to us that our home is open to friends and loved ones, which very much includes those who've moved away and only come home for visits...and most, although not all, of our local friends have cats. Would [dreamwidth.org profile] bosonator be able to stay with us if we had non-hypoallergenic cats, for example? Maybe not. So that's a serious consideration.

(For the record, people with allergies do tend to react a bit to Claudia and Jinksy, because it's not like anyone tends to be around them long enough for their systems to fully adjust; it took [dreamwidth.org profile] scruloose a few weeks, IIRC. But those reactions tend to be much milder than they would be to normal cats.)

AFKcon returns!

Feb. 7th, 2016 20:29
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February 20-21, 2016

AFKCON is a small convention for friends (over 18) who love games, comics, movies, books, and more. Offering everything from panels to cosplay, we want to bring the experience of sharing what you love to life.

This year we'll be meeting in Guelph at the Holiday Inn Hotel and Conference Centre!

We're pioneering a new convention style called a CrowdCon. If you’d like to run an event, demonstration, game, or panel, just log in and check the Events page to sign up today!

I will be participating!
James Nicoll is a book reviewer, blogger, game editor, cat-rescuer, and prior local hobby store owner.

He returns to AFKCON to have the following discussions:
- Tanith Lee and Why people should read her.
- So You're a Reviewer and You Went a Year WIthout Reviewing Women: How to React?
- Things you should never do at a Con or Party: Event Survival Skills 101

Making CSS tweaks responsive

Feb. 7th, 2016 21:39
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So, I coded a few modifications for Tabula Rasa's Plain and was wondering how to make them more responsive and mobile-friendly. I thought that changing from px to percentage in margins and stuff would be better, but apparently it's not? I'm really a newbie in CSS for Dreamwidth, as I coded for LiveJournal for so long. The codes are below the cut, with a link for the live preview of each one.

Read more... )

Thanks in advance.

garden 2016

Feb. 7th, 2016 18:00
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It's pre' crazy to think that I can do a garden this year. I'll be into the third semester of nursing school, and I'll (hopefully) be working as an LPN at Hospice of Lansing (well, they told me to call them, please, when I pass the LPNCLEX) -- so it's ridiculous to consider a garden.

Except that *not* having a garden will make me Very Sad. So.

I have three 20'X4' beds (about 7mX1m) and two vertical planters (about 4' high), and I've got some berries planted along the fence.

I'm going to move the raspberries that are currently in my very small side yard to the fence line in the Guerrilla Garden across the street , down from the blueberries and asparagus. That'll give the rhubarb room to breath.

I yearn to do a hanging squash garden.

Because this is amazing.

Not this year, but it will happen.

Here's the plan:

I will attempt sweetcorn and quinoa in the north bed again. This time with a fence. Last year, my neighbor thought the quinoa was over-grown weeds (they are lambsquarters, or rather, lambsquarters are wild northern quinoa) and mowed them down. And then my grandsons had great fun running through the tall stalks of corn. I got one very lovely ear of corn from the whole bed.

Last year, most of the mid-bed was taken up with collard greens, a couple cauliflower, and rutabaga. The rutabaga where terribly tough and wormy. I will try growing them again. Reading about soil remediation has made me more determined. The collards came up nice and we had several neighbors who loved them too. But I think this year, I'll plant at least half of the bed with broccoli.

And the final bed, which was broccoli and zucchini last year, will be tomatoes and peppers this year.

The planters will be strawberries on the top half, and squash and a couple of melons on the bottom. The planters had issues last year with being too dry. I'm not sure if they'll work, but I'm going to try mulching the heck out of the top, because I think I was losing a lot of moisture through the top, with the sun beating down there and all.

I'll also do the potato tires again; I have second generation seed potatoes and I'm curious on how they'll do.

A couple of zucchini will go in back, where the raspberries are now, because if you grown zucchini next to pumpkins, they'll cross pollinate and then the pumpkins have rinds of steel. And they taste a little different.

I've got some seed saved from the last harvest, but a lot of my seed got accidentally tossed, so I'll have to (sob!) look through the seed catalogs and order up some new (to me) varieties.

*happy sigh*

Fic: The Sai in our Go

Feb. 7th, 2016 13:00
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The Sai in our Go (3001 words) by BridgetMcKennitt
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Hikaru no Go
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Shindou Hikaru/Touya Akira
Additional Tags: Future Fic, Established Relationship, Memories, Teamwork, Fluff and Angst

Shindou learned to see Sai in his Go and soon learned to see Sai in the things Sai loved. Now though, as he watched the fake fish in the lobby of the Go institute, Shindou wondered if he could translate Sai's love of non-Go things into his own Go. Touya's there to help Shindou out with his goal. After all, it wasn't only Shindou's life that Sai had touched. They wouldn't even be together if it wasn't for Sai.

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I've been skating regularly again, and last night I finally (10 years later...wow.) went to a rink I had not previously been to: Lynwood Roller Rink. (To read my previous reviews, click here. They're all from 10 years ago.)

The floor is strips of wood; a large square in the middle with all the wood going the long way, surrounded by a rectangle of wood laid in the direction of travel. The floor is new, and there are a couple of "WTF?!" things. They appear not to have taken up the old floor; just laid this new floor on top. So there's about a 5cm step down off the floor, and that is not well marked; many almost-falls. And they seem to have decided not to sand it after the wood went in, before they finished it. It's very rumbly and in a few places downright dangerous. I've never skated anywhere where the floor itself was a trip hazard. But this is also the first rink I've been to where the only markings are the figure skating loops and a derby track. The only "center oval" is the derby one.

There was only one floor monitor, and he seems to have restricted himself to helping people up when they fall. Rules are apparently not a thing at Lynwood. Plus: "no hats" is not a thing. Minus: All skating in the same direction is somewhat not a thing. People were mostly all skating right, but there were a few people skating whatever direction they liked. There were people taking selfies of themselves skating. Lots of purses on the ladies. The only rule they vigorously enforced (they made several announcements) was that all items must be stowed in a locker. Not sure if that's a revenue thing or a pilferage thing.

I was there on "unlimited pizza" night. Which sounds good. But isn't really: Stand in a long line. Get one small slice of crappy pizza. Eat that. Get back in line.

This is the rink where Roll Bounce was filmed. I've been told the production company redecorated it for that and it hasn't really been touched since, and I believe it. The walls are covered with crumpled aluminum foil and the neon all still says "Sweetwater"....

The music was "Ow! My ear!" loud. If I ever skate here again I will need to wear hearing protection.

All in all, not worth the trip out there. I might skate there if I happen to be down that way at the end of the day; I will not drive all the way down there again just to skate.

Daily Happiness

Feb. 7th, 2016 00:49
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1. Two cashiers called out sick, so we were super short-handed this evening, but I made it through!

2. I didn't really feel like doing any translating tonight after getting home, but I'd done some in the morning before work, so at least I didn't get nothing at all done.

3. I made a new default icon using this icon maker.
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What did you recently finish reading?

Today I finally finished the Mermaids and Other Mysteries of the Deep anthology. (Goodreads helpfully tells me I started reading it on May 28. o_o) I found it was a mixed bag--not surprising in an anthology with such a variety of writers--but I don't think that's why it took so long. Happily, I loved Seanan's "Each to Each", which I'd been really looking forward to, and many of the other stories were great.

I also read two novels, both of them quickly enough that I haven't had a real chance to see if the "read a new-to-me novel and reread Deadline simultaneously" theory will pan out.

The first was Leigh Bardugo's Six of Crows, which quite a lot of people I know loved, and a couple of them assured me I could read it without having finished the original Grisha trilogy (of which I read the first book a while back; I now own the whole thing digitally, and do still mean to read it, but it keeps not bumping up on my priority list). Anyway, I really enjoyed this one. ^_^

Abstractly fannish note: as is probably obvious, I don't have many OTPs, but I also don't have that many ships in general. Especially with novels, I often greatly enjoy the relationships on the page, but they don't tend to take up residence in my head in any significant way. I'm not sure if this has anything to do with the fact that I knew going in that many people come out of Six of Crows with a very intense ship...which I, uh, am not sure I've identified. O_O Not due to lack of possibilities! It's just I see more than one contender there.

The other novel I read was Charlie Jane Anders' All the Birds in the Sky, and since for once I actually wrote something about it on Goodreads, I'm just going to c&p that here. (Relevant note: I gave it a four-star rating.) "Possibly more like a 3.5 star rating for me personally, because IMO there's a type/degree of detachment from the emotions that nearly always keeps me from falling in love with a story. But that's not a failing in the book; what's it's doing may not be something that hooks my heart, but that doesn't mean it's not doing its thing really well. It's clever and engaging, and it has some kickass turns of phrase."

What are you currently reading?

Today I finally started my Deadline reread. I'm only five chapters in so far, and already I can feel it flowing by much more quickly than my Feed reread did, in a way that I think confirms that the Feed reread took a while because I'd read it much more recently and have read it more times. Deadline (and presumably Blackout) is in much broader strokes in my head--I could lay out its plot thoroughly, and go into a lot of detail about parts I've reread for canon review, but it's not the same.

Non-spoilery things I can say about Deadline: it is so different from Feed, which I can't imagine is a surprise to anyone who's read Feed on its own; the groundwork and circumstances have changed completely. All plot stuff aside, Deadline is as much an "us against the world" book as Feed, but the "us" has opened up significantly, and it has a much stronger found-family element running through it. It's the middle book of a trilogy, so it does a fair bit of setting up Blackout, as middle books tend to, but it also has a lot of things going on, some of which break my heart. (The other books each have a couple of distinct moments that I wait for people to get to, moments when everything changes, but Deadline beats them both in quantity, IMO.)

And also, because I love the entire main cast so much, in some ways Feed makes me a little twitchy because I adore the main characters there too (obviously), but there are so many who're just mentioned in passing, whose roles we know as they're carried out, but they're not physically present until Deadline--which is entirely fair! Georgia and Shaun run an internet news site, and it's just getting off the ground in Feed, and they're on the move a lot while most of their staff are scattered all over the place. So yeah: that's fair and reasonable and all, but getting to Deadline and suddenly having proper access to Becks and Maggie and Alaric and Dave, and more time with Mahir, is wonderful.

[ETA: Spoilers for Feed and Deadline in comments on Dreamwidth!]

What do you think you'll read next?

Novel-wise? Not sure. Depends on how the "juggling two novels" thing goes, and if I read Blackout right after Deadline or not. (I probably will.)

But I have vol. 4 of Ms. Marvel out of the library, so that'll get read soon. ^_^

Harmony Day, We Eat Cake

Feb. 6th, 2016 20:32
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Another year, another round of Harmony Days! First, as always, Applejack. Since my source of drawn cakes is no longer doing custom cakes and elsewhere, printed icing adds $10 to the price, this cake just has Harmony Day and Honesty written in chocolate on a ribbon. The cake was good anyway. Fruit and custard, chosen because the peaches matched Applejack's coat colour.

Much swag was given away. On top of what's shown, I added two more plush ponies from the boutique at work.

Next event: Winter Wrap Up, about six weeks from now.

The truth is still out there

Feb. 6th, 2016 23:20
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Very much enjoying catching up on some carefully chosen X-Files episodes in preparation for the UK premiere of the new miniseries, which is on Monday night.

The careful choice is courtesy of Channel 5, which has been re-running the highlights of the show. If you're in the UK they're currently all available on demand on their website.

All the best ones (and I'm certain this isn't an original thought) seem to be the meta episodes where the show views itself with tongue firmly in cheek, or at least with a bit of wry side-eye. I'd forgotten just how funny it could be.

Also Gillian Anderson is way too hot to ever have played Hilary Mansell. I mean no insult to Hilary by saying this, but Gillian Anderson does not in any universe have 'moderate good looks.'


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