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They've developed a blight-resistant American Chestnut tree! That link goes to a fundraising page -- the team behind it, at SUNY-ESF, is trying to start a reforestation plan. Contributions are tax-deductable, and they're so close to being funded.
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I'm trying to be more diligent about reposting these regularly, really I am.

Behind the cut: reviews of Old Demons of the First Class, Dwarf, The Lion, Rage, Half-Elf, Morocco, Lear, Blood, Sjöfn, Haunted, Good, Elf, Mr Vandemar, Black Lotus, Coyote

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it's a love meme

Nov. 22nd, 2014 23:06
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A thing I did not know about [personal profile] kaberett's it's a love meme is that screening comments would make comment notifications not work. But that is okay, because I before I put my name up I asked myself, "Self, if you ask for reassurance and nobody answers, are you going to be okay?" and I answered myself, "Yep." But I got all these wonderful comments, from old friends and new friends and a complete stranger!

I'm watching Take This Waltz again. It's even better the second time. Free (but not ad-free) on Hulu for one more day.

Mishmash post

Nov. 23rd, 2014 01:27
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--I keep feeling like it can't possibly be as late in the year as it is (you'd think I'd find that easier than usual, since Casual Job almost always winds up in early to mid-December), but somehow US Thanksgiving is in less than a week, and a week from tomorrow is the first Sunday of Advent. O_o US Thanksgiving is my benchmark for the start of the winter holiday season even though I live in Canada; so much of my online intake comes out of the US that it's when Christmas talk really revs up, and it's generally close enough to Advent that it's not unreasonable...except I still feel like we ought to be having warm days at least sometimes, but instead it's (I think?) a particularly chilly November for Nova Scotia. At least we've been spared any real snowfall so far. *knocks wood*

--Tonight I fell into Tumblr for a while for the first time in well over a week. I really am glad I kicked the habit of catching up on it completely every day (I even used to do it when Casual Job was on, which is slightly terrifying), but I keep forgetting how relaxing I find it, for the most part. I've got a lot of social justice stuff coming across my dash, but other than that, the fannish glee and cute animals pics are delightful but low-engagement in a way that's just what my brain wants sometimes. Tumblr'll never, ever be my preferred place to be online because of that low ratio of actual communication (Dreamwidth all the way for me!), but sometimes it's just the thing.

--Actual media intake for the evening: I started my Parasite reread and got maybe four chapters in before realizing that I was staying fully engaged as long as I was actively reading but starting to fall asleep on the couch within seconds every time I looked away from the screen for even a few seconds (which I do often, what with the kittens), so I fled the couch's vortex and watched the first episode of The 100. I can't say it immediately grabbed me by the heart or anything, but there were several familiar faces among the adult cast, all of them actors I really like, so that's exciting. *^^* (Especially Paige Turco, who's my favorite recurring guest star on Person of Interest.)

--Another benefit of Casual Job wrapping up is that we can get back to some of our group viewings. We've been showing Utena to Kas gradually (we're around Ruka's introduction), and before I went back to work and [personal profile] wildpear had a Sunday evening class for a few months, we'd been in the habit of watching things with her and her husband and Kas on Sundays after Pumpkin goes to bed--which never leaves time for much watching, so shows take a while, but that's okay. ^_^

Anyway, we'd nominally started a Firefly rewatch (for once, something we'd all seen already!) ages ago, but never got past the pilot, and in the intervening time I've started really, really wanting to show them Leverage, which none of us have seen all the way through. (I've seen all but the back half of season 4 and some episodes of season 5 [I have seen the series finale]; [personal profile] scruloose has seen an unknown and scattered number of episodes, Kas has seen the pilot, and [personal profile] wildpear and her husband haven't seen it at all.)

So [personal profile] wildpear and I talked about it a bit last night, and as much as anything, GamerGate made the decision for us, because right now neither of want to see Adam Baldwin's face. (I'd been somewhat aware for a while that Baldwin's a sorry excuse for a human being, but WOW, SO AWFUL.) Leverage it is.

Why do I like fandom?

Nov. 22nd, 2014 20:47
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((leftover prompts from last year's December posting meme that weren't left for me but I want to answer anyway))

People. At the end of the day the whole answer can just boil right down to that.

The longer answer is huge. It was the first place, pre-internet where I found an outlet for my writing that added a facet to the friendship. It gave us a topic to write and obsess about. I was a collaborative writer, even then in middle school. We traded a spiral bound notebook back and forth with each of us adding hand written pages. Something I did a version of 20 years later in a chat room writing Sentinel and then Phantom Menace.

It gave me a peer group of folks interested in the same popular media I was and then even as we drifted into other media I kept up with a few folks from each successive fandom. Now with tumblr it's also giving me a very active window into politics and feminism and queer theory and comic books and whatever else crosses my dash. There are totally days I miss mailing lists and LJ - I could curate my list a lot more closely (and easily) to just be fannish content plus friends physical space life. Tumblr is messy and once I got used to it, I loved it. [Yes, I know about blacklisting tags and I do it but the inherent nature of tumblr and who I follow isn't how I ever used LJ or DW.]

Then there is the fandom side of the question itself. I love digging into the meta, cackling over the shipping wars, the gifs and the vids and the fiction. Oh my stars the fiction. For the original BSG it was the ice planet, for Sentinel it was Blair in the fountain, for TPM it was the whole damn movie, for WS it's the 'who the hell is bucky'. And there are thousands of versions of someone's take on that moment. Every one of them driven to put words down and then share them with the collective world and say this touched me and I need you to see that.

Fandom is brilliant and stupid, awkward and full of grace, frozen in time and one of the most disruptive progressive spaces I've found on the internet. I suspect I'll drop out of fandom when I'm dead and even then, as a million stories have told us, that isn't really the end either.

(no subject)

Nov. 22nd, 2014 20:28
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It's Dungeness crab season here; [ profile] cattitude and I bought a nice big cooked crab this afternoon, which I took apart and he is making into crab cakes. It will be good, but while I was taking the crab apart, I remembered that some months ago, talking with [personal profile] roadnotes, we agreed that he would make some for her and Scraps, this winter.

There's grief as a background, right now, and then there are odd sharp moments, like that. But we go on, and we are going to eat crab cakes.

Gratitude, Nov 22

Nov. 22nd, 2014 19:11
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1. Having enough experience with panic-stress brain to know when to ignore it's call for Retail Therapy
2. Pumpkins
3. Very low temp heating pad for my old kitty who has been moving much better because of it
4. Not having to worry about the rain and just being glad for it
5. A body that mostly doesn't hurt today

Photographic failure

Nov. 22nd, 2014 17:15
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Posted by Graydon

So far this month, there's been a Merlin in a tree, Red-bellied Woodpecker, two, side-by-each, Red-tailed Hawks -- it's a very popular tree -- and, in a different tree, the winter's first Northern Shrike.  There's been some impressive leaves, too, back at the start of the month.  Swans have gone over, way high up; so have Sandhill cranes, not quite so far up.

Flying by there have been Red-Tails,


Nov. 22nd, 2014 11:36
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I am increasingly intolerant of human generated noise. It doesn't seem to matter if it is mechanically generated noise, speech, or whatever. I'm in a constant struggle between physical comfort with my windows open or psychological comfort with my windows shut. I've taken notice of this issue more strongly over the last year.

I don't want to be a room where people are inconversation I'm not part of (and sometimes, even if I a part). I don't want to be a room where there is someone who is loud. That covers the granddaughter and her mother. I don't want to hear traffic noise or aircraft noise. We get many small planes and a lot of helocopters near our house. We also get noise from military jets.

I am more tolerant of background "white" noise. I find I can tune it out fairly easily if it's not too loud and more or less perdictable.

What I've noticed most recently is that I do not want to be in stores with loud background music. The grocery stores are usually okay but retail clothing stores are horrible. And it is worse when the music being played is an endless loop of the same 15 songs. Welcome to the last six weeks of the year.

NotNaNo, visual media edition

Nov. 22nd, 2014 19:46
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Writers often look enviously at painters because you can create far more paintings than novels in a lifetime, which gives you more chances to experiment.

And then I spotted this:

Outline. Underdrawing. Grisaille (several passes). Background colour. Two layers of flesh tone. Colours and clothes. Final touches.

Go and read the whole post and then tell me that this is not every bit as much work as writing a novel.

Also, as far as I know (unless you want to count the Bayeux tapestry), the first comic:

from the Liber Floridus, whole mss digitized here

And if you have any interest in layout, *do* go and have a look at the mss, because the lines have not been erased, and you can see the full layout grid that any inDesign user would be proud of: capitals to _here_, numbers in margins to be placed _there_, page numbers up _here_.) Also, the stitching on 23r/24v...)

You can see how the format developed from, say, 34v, which is not uncommon in medieval illustrations - but round off the text panels and you have a veritable ancestor of comics/graphic novels.

(In other news: coding slower than expected, but still ongoing. Not doing NaNo meetups this weekend as I have a stinking cold.)
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I've already reviewed the Zero Stone. If I replace it with Ralestone Luck, not only do I deal with that issue but I have at least one Norton for each letter of the alphabet.
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This week:
  • Arranged flights.
  • Wrangled the first bit of travel insurance. (Still to do: pay extra premium for having mildly faulty lungs.)
  • Applied for accommodation, got three offers, accepted one. (Chose the option that was neither eye-wateringly expensive, nor due to be demolished halfway through my trip. Think I made the right choice.)
  • Set up a GoFundMe to try and help fix the shortfall between my grant and necessary expenditure. If you like postcards and/or videos, and have some cash to spare, there are 'rewards' relevant to your interests :D
  • Started figuring out things I need to buy before I leave. (Please feel free to add suggestions in the comments.)

Plus 18 hours of lectures and homework, and 14hrs on my assignment. Word count around a third of what I was hoping it would be by now. This may be a long weekend.


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