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Is basically the answer to "what would happen if Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters was administered by the same people who ran the Residential School system?" Although it occurs to me my write-up may be too specifically Canadian; not sure if the campaign city is in Canada.
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Posted by US-CERT

Original release date: November 25, 2015

US-CERT reminds users to remain vigilant when browsing or shopping online this holiday season. Ecards from unknown senders may contain malicious links. Fake advertisements or shipping notifications may deliver infected attachments. Spoofed email messages and fraudulent posts on social networking sites may request support for phony causes.

To avoid seasonal campaigns that could result in security breaches, identity theft, or financial loss, US-CERT encourages users to take the following actions:

  • Avoid following unsolicited links or downloading attachments from unknown sources.

If you believe you are a victim of a holiday phishing scam or malware campaign, consider the following actions:

  • Contact your financial institution immediately and close any accounts that may have been compromised. Watch for any unexplainable charges to your account.
  • Immediately change any passwords you might have revealed and do not use that password in the future. Avoid reusing passwords on multiple sites.

This product is provided subject to this Notification and this Privacy & Use policy.

(no subject)

Nov. 25th, 2015 14:18
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I'm going to embrace my true nature and write letters to companies complaining that their products don't have functional handles and as an arthritis sufferer, etc.

recipe - chestnut stuffing

Nov. 25th, 2015 13:00
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Riffing off the previous post, Preparing the feast, here's the first of today's prep, the chestnut stuffing.

The most difficult thing about making chestnut stuffing is preparing the chestnuts, which isn't particularly difficult.

I started with a pound/450 grams of chestnuts:

Cut the nuts in half. This was a bit of a workout if you are a woman of a certain age with less than stellar upper body strength:

Set a pot of water to boil, and at full boil, add the chestnut halves. Set the timer for 7-8 min, depending on the size of the nuts. Mine were a bit small, so I boiled for 7 min.

Drain the nuts into a colander. Many of the nuts will have slipped out of the shell. There is also a papery inner sleeve called the pellicle. This pellicle has to be removed; it's very bitter.
-- Image from the blog Vegan for the holidays.

All of my nuts slipped right out of the shell, well there were a few that I had to coax out with a fork, and most of them slipped out free of the pellicle. But there were a few where I had to scrape off the pellicle. There was just one half-nut where the pellicle just wouldn't come off, and I pitched it. You have to peel the chestnuts when they're hot, and work quickly. If they cool too much, they'll be hard to peel.

After peeling, I put them in fresh water and boiled them for another 15 min.

Then I drained and mashed them. After mashing, they're the consistency of ... hmm, they're not creamy. Kinda pasty.
The one pound of nuts yielded about 3 cups of mashed chestnut.

I mixed together about 5 cups of breadcrumbs (I used a 12 oz package of bread cubes, Pepperidge Farm), 1 1/2 cups mashed chestnuts, about a cup of diced onion, a cup of diced celery, 1/4 cup butter, 4 cloves of garlic, 2 tsp dried sage, 1 teaspoon thyme, 1 teaspoon pepper, 2 tsp of salt and about 2 cups of broth.

I sauteed the onion, celery, garlic, spices and salt in the butter, put the breadcrumbs in a big bowl and added the mashed chestnuts. When the onion and celery were starting to get soft, I scraped them into the bowl, added the broth and mixed it up. This all went into a 9X13 cake pan that had been greased with a bit more butter. I covered it with foil and tomorrow I'll bake it covered in a 350°F. for 30 minutes.
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As some of you will aready know, [personal profile] rachelmanija is dealing with some very stressful stuff; she could use some good h/c recs. This is the recs accumulation post.

She says:

I like old-school "lost and injured in wildernesses," "held hostage," "poisoned," "race to get to medical care," "post-action breakdown" "adjusting to being a civilian with bonus PTSD," that sort of thing - I like when the hurt is serious or life-threatening, there's some action, and plenty of comfort at the end. Sholio and Dira Sudis write the sort of thing I like, and of course my Werewolf Marines books are the exact sort of thing I like.

I like canon recs too but already know Sharpe, Dick Francis, Lymond, Hornblower, Modesty Blaise, Eagle of the Ninth, Leverage, Star Trek (any iteration) Star Wars (ditto), Percy Jackson, Pern, Kushiel's Dart, Benjamin January, Attack on Titan, X-Men (especially anything but First Class, but I do also like First Class. I just prefer the comics and first two movies). Would love any fic recs in those canons or probably any book or anime fandom. Like, anything that's ever appeared in Yuletide probably has sufficient context.

For fic, if the story's really great I'll try anything. But I'm picky about MCU (don't like infantilized Bucky, have irrational hatred for Coulson), don't like SGA, Sherlock, or Teen Wolf, and don't know Hamilton, Homestuck, or Steven Universe. Finally, I'm neutral on rape recovery - it's not a plus but it's not a back button either.

I like touch starvation, people feeding each other or helping each other to walk or carrying each other, huddling for warmth, washing each other or washing their hair. And a minimum of vomit.
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Posted by Graydon

Every now and again I get to feeling like some things are really obvious, but no one else seems to get them.  Or maybe they're too polite to talk about them.  And then sometimes I get writing fiction and bits of reality insist on intruding, or maybe vice-versa, and I get an explanation of why I cannot stand to read a lot of otherwise excellent writing.  And then I wonder if I ought to post this

Old Hickory II

Nov. 25th, 2015 05:26
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The usually astute Charles Pierce is offended that National Review compared Donald Trump to Andrew Jackson. But they’re right: Jackson, like so many populists, loved all the Just Plain Folks, unless of course they were Black (to be owned) or Native American (to be run off their lands).

Daily Happiness

Nov. 24th, 2015 23:30
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1. It's raining! Probably not much or for long, but it's nice.

2. Tomorrow is my early day and I'm not looking forward to that, but I am looking forward to coming home early, so hopefully I won't have to stay late! (Plus it is nice to get in there and get stuff done before there's a bunch of people bothering me.)

3. We had the most hilarious kitten moment tonight. I really wish we had been filming! Chloe was up on the shelves by the mantle and she can jump from there to the love seat now, so she made the jump just fine, and landed next to Carla's foot and then was just super startled by the foot! She just paused in shock for a moment, with this horrified look on her face, and then jumped up onto the back of the love seat. Describing it just really can't do it justice. If we'd been filming, we would have had a hit cat video on our hands for sure.

4. Apparently some people are trying to bring back Glitch? It's called Children of Ur now and if you sign up with the same username you can even have your old avatar! It's really slow and buggy right now and not especially fun to play, but omg I am so excited about the idea of this game coming back!

No, that's not how Islam works...

Nov. 24th, 2015 19:58
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There have been some articles trying to justify keeping out the refugees based on a tortured train of logic that connects to the Maccabees and their conflict and essentially tries to claim that the situation we're facing in the Western world is more in line with that than with the parable of the Good Samaritan.

Boiling this argument down, the articles all have the same core: the mistaken belief that every Muslim -- regardless of personal experience, motive, interpretation of religion, or temperament -- feels that they have an absolute duty to impose Shariah law (or rather, the article writer's limited understanding of such) anywhere they go. Because of this, conclude the article writers, we are facing a cultural assimilation that parallels Isreal and its fight against Helenization and conquest.

The problem with advancing this argument is that it relies on a misunderstanding of... well... civics and religion, two topics highly relevant to this debate. On the civics side, Western countries... most especially the United States... have systems of checks and balances that would prevent any system of religious law from being imposed as a civil legal structure. Is it possible that over time, a polity could infiltrate the shockingly high number of sympathizers required into the branches of government to get them to weaken these rules and thus allow in a religious-based code of law? I suppose it's theoretically possible... but only theoretically. The time and effort and energy required to do this would tax the greatest nations' espionage and war machines to the utmost. Remember that even the best funded intelligence organizations have had very limited success in manipulating other country's politics via spycraft.

On the religious side, the authors of these articles betray a poor understanding of what Shariah actually is. Shariah is a path to be followe which is divided up into three spheres: belief, character and actions. It is not just a legal work; instead it has a great deal to say about one's personal code of conduct. Very few actual verses drawn from the Quran concern themselves with law or legal injunctions. Some actions can be criminalized by the state but most of them are between God and the individual believer.

Where the big misunderstanding comes in is that some countries have criminalized (some of) the violations of Shariah that are between a worshipper and his God. The assumption is drawn from there to the belief that Shariah calls for this criminalization in and of itself.

Thus, Muslims entering or being in North America aren't some sort of 'trojan horse' for Shariah Law. Shariah Law as it is understood (sic) by neoconservatives simply doesn't exist as some global imperative that all Muslims must impose wherever they're standing. It would be very much like assuming all Christians had to forcibly convert their neighbours either by the Book or the Sword... these beliefs gravely misunderstand the religion that they're trying to impune and create boogeymen where they don't actually exist.

Or to put it another way: no, there really isn't a moral way to justify ignoring our fellow humans in need.


Nov. 24th, 2015 21:30
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It wasn't entirely my own lack of foresight that got me chilled right through on the way home from work. I knew the temperature was going to be consistently around freezing before I left for the office, but I didn't do much layering, and then wore my raincoat instead of something heavier. (I'm hoping I can swing replacing all of my coats soonish--meaning jacket, raincoat, and winter coat--because the fit isn't great in some cases and the zippers on TWO current coats are a pain. The raincoat fits most comfortably in the shoulders, so I wore that.) I made this decision because I just had to walk across the street to the bus and then walk maybe two minutes to get to work, and coming home there would be a cab from the office.

Except then Those Who Speak didn't have a whole lot to say today, and I finished work at 6 PM (after a mere five hours of work), which is too early for us to get taxi chits. And my bus route is notoriously unpredictable; it's rare for it to be extremely late or early, but it's usually one or the other, which makes it a pain in bad weather or weather one isn't properly dressed for.

It wasn't so bad, really? Only ten or fifteen minutes of waiting, and then the bus was warm. But somehow I got chilled right through, and I'm still feeling it a bit in my hands even though I came home, put on fleece, had a hot supper, and snuggled under a blanket with Jinksy. I'm a bit boggled over still being cold, TBH.

Tomorrow will be a much longer workday (Wednesdays have the most predictable schedule). And I'll dress more warmly. Yes.

Backtracking a bit, originally Ginny and I planned to go (mainly clothes) shopping yesterday, but we chickened out due to weather. (Maybe we'll go next week.) Yesterday was much warmer than today, but it was rainy and sticky-humid, and getting soggy while relying on transit would be one thing, but that's not a condition in which I want to be trying on clothes.

So instead, yesterday I went to a GP appointment (the one thing about the day's plan that was set in stone), and did some rewriting, and watched the last three episodes of Jessica Jones, which I loved dearly. JESSICA. *starry eyes* TRISH. LUKE. *flails* So wonderful! I'm so glad I managed to get the whole season watched before going back to work today!

On a very different sort of geeky note, this is the first time in a few years that I haven't been excited for a Seanan-book release date--which is because I read Chimera in ARC, so while I'm looking forward to having the finished book on my shelf, it's not a BOOK RELEASE DAY in my head.
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Posted by US-CERT

Original release date: November 24, 2015 | Last revised: November 25, 2015

Dell personal computers using the preinstalled certificate authority (CA) root certificate (eDellRoot) contain a critical vulnerability. Exploitation of the vulnerability could allow a remote attacker to read encrypted web browser traffic (HTTPS), impersonate (spoof) any website, or perform other attacks on the affected system.

The eDellRoot certificate originated from an update to the Dell Foundation Services (DFS) application on August 18, 2015. As of November 23, that update is no longer being provided. The certificate was also preinstalled on some systems between November 20–23, 2015. Dell is pushing a DFS software update to remove the vulnerable certificate from affected systems.

US-CERT encourages users and administrators to review Vulnerability Note VU#870761 and Dell's blog post for more information and guidance on removing the certificate.

This product is provided subject to this Notification and this Privacy & Use policy.

Me in summary.

Nov. 24th, 2015 18:18
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I sent this email the other day. I feel that it basically sums up the impression I give IRL. Once you have read it, you will have officially met me.

"Okay. Black tea, chamomile, lavender, vanilla, or other?

Also, is there a beige argyle sweatervest over there somewhere? I have lost my beige argyle sweatervest and it's interfering with my ability to be a huge asshole effectively."

( brittle ) teatime

Nov. 25th, 2015 00:44
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Title: Teatime
Credit: [community profile] coorhagen
Base style: Brittle
Type: CSS
Best resolution: 1024x768 and higher
Tested in: Chrome, Firefox
Features: 2 columns, fixed sidebar, alternating post background colours, no modules

( static / live / installation )
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Does anyone know of any good reason I shouldn't use Mustache, or have strong feelings either way about Liquid?

ERB, HAML, and SLIM are not acceptable for my purposes - basically every page needs to be safely and relatively-unchallengingly end-user-customizable.

Princeton has a Woody

Nov. 24th, 2015 16:57
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Woodrow Wilson wasn’t just the first great promoter of the idea that we should send Americans to get killed in the effort to enforce democracy on the whole world. He was also a degenerate racist who undid most of the modest progress Roosevelt and Taft made in desegregating the American government. Ta-Nehisi Coates discusses.


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