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May. 23rd, 2015 01:42
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It's Balticon! How did I get to Balticon you ask, when I had two separate ride-structures fall apart on me and couldn't leave Boston until about 4:00 PM? WELL LET ME TELL YOU!

See, about ten days before the con, I posted on my Facebook being all "boo, my second ride-structure has fallen apart I just don't think I can go since every method is too expensive right now".

And then my friend Dan posted a comment. (paraphrasing) "Well, Abby and I have been meaning to go to Balticon for forever, why don't you fly down with us."

Fly. Because Dan, in addition to being good at tech and photography, owns a plane. And he's been offering to take me up for a right age, we've just never made it work out. So here we go, I have an opportunity to get to the con I love above most others, and an opportunity to fly with a pocketknife. HELLS TO THE YES ON ALL ACCOUNTS.

So at about six thirty this evening, I was sitting in a teeny-tiny four person one propeller plane --the interior is smaller than the minivan I grew up in-- about to take off. I don't think I stopped smiling until the sun set and I immediately conked out because I do not have enough sleep in me.

It was _glorious_. It was so extremely glorious. The windows are so SO much bigger than on a commercial jet, and I can twist around and see out of all of them, even out of the back a little. We cruised at about 6,000 feet the whole way, close enough to see trees and rivers and mountains and farms --David reported on which farms had red barns. We flew over the Hudson and Mount Monadnock and watched a just _beautiful_ sunset.

(and I get to do it all again on Monday, squeeeEEEEE!)

This was the best fucking trip to Balticon I have ever taken, beating out (by far!) the year where I arrived on Thursday through a hilarious series of transportation options and beat everyone else to the con by a full hour. Riding in a tiny plane has done nothing to dissuade me from the opinion that planes are the Very Best Things.

I want to learn how to fly. I still can't afford to learn, but it's on the list, and higher than it was before.


As far as the con itself is concerned, well...

The Hunt Valley Inn was bought a few years ago. Between last year and this year, they...redecorated. It is _very_ awful. I described it as "the sort of hotel people who like the place I grew up in go on vacation". Galia described it as "do you know how many little girls are going to have their Bat Mitzvah's here?". It's...insipid and boring and drab. The new scheme is slate grey, cream, and navy. It's grown-up, in the worst way possible.

I miss the ugly carpets from hell. I miss them so _very_ much.

The only upshot of the redecoration is that they have started up this fabulous horse theme, and like all the art hangings are these vaguely sensual close-up pictures of horses. It's completely disturbing and utterly hilarious, and I am SO SAD I did not bring my Equius cosplay, because can you even _imagine_ how much fun that would be to play with?

Anyways, I'ma get Galia to help me take a video of me doing an appropriate big-no vis-a-vis the carpets. She seems to be the only one who feels the depth of my pain (I knew there was a reason she was my favourite robot).


I arrived at the con a bit after 10:30 at night, which was very late. I dropped stuff off, wandered around, and was just...home. I haven't managed to find Kitty-Aaron yet, but I played Junglespeed (with breadMarc and Sonya and Tucker and other people who I should remember the names of) and chatted with Lanthir and Ian-Beastie and Galia, and did my push-ups with Galia's encouragement and got some lascivious hugs from the pervy artist, and oh, it is wonderful.

About the only thing I haven't managed to do yet is dance with Larry or Chort --they weirdly frontloaded on the dancing this year, so I think I've missed the swing dance (BOO!) and the time travelers ball was more'n halfway through by the time I stopped by (I was just too late to get into a quadrille) and the teen/college club dance required you have a special thing on your badge --I have no badge, so none for me.

People are friendly and wonderful. I am happy. Even if the new carpet is the most boring and awful carpet ever. The older carpet may have been ugly as sin's baby, but at least it had character and was interesting! This is so very derivative and insipid I don't even know where to start.

Hope all y'all are okay.


Actual Friday

May. 23rd, 2015 00:27
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Which was, for kid, pretty much a day of rest and goofing off and hopefully recharging her spoons.

I have managed to get a bit more momentum going on fanfic -- still have to figure out a bit more Awesome for everyone -- and whilst I was doing so, was sitting in one of the chairs in the waiting room while kid did horn lesson... and it did bad things to my rump. I was getting shooting pains in my sacrum area after I got up, and of course I had to carry the kid's horn down... um, basically one and a half flights of stairs, or thereabouts. Fortunately, I made it to the car. Carefully. And then sitting in a regular chair at home has helped. Still. OW.

Meanwhile, spouse spent a chunk of time with his uncle waiting for the furnace people to come repair said furnace. (Does anyone want a 350K or thereabouts house in MA?)

Havva Quote
This is the front of the house and will be the wall of the guest room, assuming that any of our friends will still come to visit us now that we live in the far north.

INwatch+Bookwatch )

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On this day in 1934, notorious criminals Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow are shot to death by Texas and Louisiana state police while driving a stolen car near Sailes, Louisiana.

Bonnie Parker met the charismatic Clyde Barrow in Texas when she was 19 years old and her husband (she married when she was 16) was serving time in jail for murder. Shortly after they met, Barrow was imprisoned for robbery. Parker visited him every day, and smuggled a gun into prison to help him escape, but he was soon caught in Ohio and sent back to jail. When Barrow was paroled in 1932, he immediately hooked up with Parker, and the couple began a life of crime together.

After they stole a car and committed several robberies, Parker was caught by police and sent to jail for two months. Released in mid-1932, she rejoined Barrow. Over the next two years, the couple teamed with various accomplices to rob a string of banks and stores across five states–Texas, Oklahoma, Missouri, New Mexico and Louisiana. To law enforcement agents, the Barrow Gang–including Barrow’s childhood friend, Raymond Hamilton, W.D. Jones, Henry Methvin, Barrow’s brother Buck and his wife Blanche, among others–were cold-blooded criminals who didn’t hesitate to kill anyone who got in their way, especially police or sheriff’s deputies. Among the public, however, Parker and Barrow’s reputation as dangerous outlaws was mixed with a romantic view of the couple as “Robin Hood”-like folk heroes.

Their fame was increased by the fact that Bonnie was a woman–an unlikely criminal–and by the fact that the couple posed for playful photographs together, which were later found by police and released to the media. Police almost captured the famous duo twice in the spring of 1933, with surprise raids on their hideouts in Joplin and Platte City, Missouri. Buck Barrow was killed in the second raid, and Blanche was arrested, but Bonnie and Clyde escaped once again. In January 1934, they attacked the Eastham Prison Farm in Texas to help Hamilton break out of jail, shooting several guards with machine guns and killing one.

Texan prison officials hired a retired Texas police officer, Captain Frank Hamer, as a special investigator to track down Parker and Barrow. After a three-month search, Hamer traced the couple to Louisiana, where Henry Methvin’s family lived. Before dawn on May 23, Hamer and a group of Louisiana and Texas lawmen hid in the bushes along a country road outside Sailes. When Parker and Barrow appeared, the officers opened fire, killing the couple instantly in a hail of bullets.

All told, the Barrow Gang was believed responsible for the deaths of 13 people, including nine police officers. Parker and Barrow are still seen by many as romantic figures, however, especially after the success of the 1967 film Bonnie and Clyde, starring Faye Dunaway and Warren Beatty.


For news and information about the new Bonnie and Clyde movie check out www.bonnieandclydethemovie.com

psychedelic antique van

May. 23rd, 2015 00:10
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Yes, this baby really has an ANTIQUE VEHICLE license plate. The inside is pretty cool, too — the owner invited me to view and capture it — but it was too dark to show up well, and flash reflecting off the windows would've been a mess.

big beautiful pic )

Lose the stereotypes

May. 23rd, 2015 00:03
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Dig the bumper stickers. (License plate redacted for privacy.)
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The 100?

May. 22nd, 2015 21:02
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So I'm watching the pilot of The 100, and... argh? I hear it's good, but this is not convincing me: everyone is DEEPLY stupid.

What episodes must I watch to be convinced of the worth of this show?
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["Recent" as of 18 Nov 2014. ha!]
I've been watching the current seasons of Elementary and Person of Interest with some skepticism, but I'm watching. It's because I know most of the scope of what to expect, e.g. PoI's dialogue-driven abuse every single episode of As You Know. Life Is Beautiful (2010 kdrama---it's a common title) has been paused during ep. 2 since late August, which is when my brain began most recently to dribble out my ears, although I like it; see frustrated post earlier about blocks from doing language "properly." The dribbling is the larger issue---I haven't read much of substance at book length for some months, either. (Why yes, I do dole out book posts one a week in order that the ebbs and flurries be less obvious.) I've also been trying to figure out a reasonable balance for watching BOSS, whose first ep I caught in 2010 and then postponed because I want so much for it to have been good. Ridiculous, but it's a j-remake of my favorite flawed kdrama, okay? And I need to watch more kdramas and k-films than jdramas---that delicate relationship with language-learning.

I've been reading recaps of Kyō wa kaisha yasumimasu (office setting) and Nae Il's [= Tomorrow's] Cantabile (Nodame remake apparently with less hitting, which is nice because the hitting made me quit watching the jdrama six years ago). Occasionally I read an episode recap of Modern Farmer or Pinocchio, but I shrug in their respective general directions; I shrugged through the recaps for Plus Nine Boys. Probably I ought to have been reading recaps for Misaeng from the start, however.

The post queue includes two completed posts about films and one about a jdrama. They're from several months ago---why haven't they gone up? Will fix, one a week. [One film post has gone; the other sits. I don't remember which jdrama it was, perhaps BOSS, which has stalled again, though I mean to finish.]

I have sudden curiosity about Gwanghae, wangidoen namja, which purports to be a resetting of Mark Twain's The Prince and the Pauper in C17 Joseon, but am pretty sure I would hate it (I dislike Lee Byeong Hun, for one).
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*Headdesk* *Headdesk* *Headdesk*

TEDx #StellasChallenge campaign using Stella Young angers disability sector

TEDx Sydney is an Australian spin-off of the TED talk series.

Stella Young was an Australian disability activist who did a superb talk about Inspiration Porn at TEDx 2014 I'm Not Your Inspiration Thank You Very Much, that disabled people have been linking to ever since (and before that was available I was linking to the text version on Ramp Up, the disability website she ran for ABC).

I say was because she died late last year, she was 32. I never met her, I don't think I ever even tweeted to her, but friends of mine met her and she was one of those activists who was pretty much universally admired.

Which is why disabled people are horrified that TEDx Sydney have just launched 'Stella's Challenge', urging non-disabled people to go up to disabled people and ask about their disability. It's as if they've taken everything Stella stood for, everything she spoke about in her speech, wrapped it up in a bundle, thrown it away and stuck her name on something that urges non-disabled people to do everything she campaigned against.

Once disabled people reacted in horror TEDx Sydney put up an update saying 'but we talked to disability orgs'. We can only presume that if they did talk to them they weren't listening to a single damned thing that was said.

*Headdesk* *Headdesk* *Headdesk*

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Cookbook recs? Especially for healthier food?

Yes, I know you can find recipes on the internet, but I find collations that I can read in bed so much more satisfying. Also, having to hunt down individual recipes one by one gets annoying; what I'm hoping for are reliable cookbooks where I know the majority of the recipes will be good.

- Preferably for not-too-hard/not-too-time-consuming recipes. I don't mind some prep work if there's also unattended cooking time. I am a middling cook and my schedule is starting to get busy again.

- We have basic cooking equipment (including the ridiculous potato masher my mom gave me in college, of all things, when the woman has never made mashed potatoes in her life--Joe had to tell me what it was--I thought it was maybe an advanced cattle brand) but not a food processor. I'm starting to question whether we should save for one if it would open up fooding options, but I honestly don't know if I'd use it enough to make it worth it. We do have a small rice cooker and a slow cooker.

- We're trying to save on groceries, so fancy ingredients are probably out. It's also a pain to get to the Korean grocery in town, and Asian/ethnic ingredients are hard to find sometimes because of (I'm guessing) location. I couldn't even find those instant miso soup packets, which I adore for quick snacking, at the local supermarket. :(

- We are not vegetarians, but we're open to vegetarian food. We have two Moosewood cookbooks that I haul out from time to time.

- That being said, finding good produce is hard--I feel actively uneasy about buying a lot of stuff from the local supermarket (flies buzzing all around the onions) and the selection at the farmers' market is limited. I keep seeing things for, like, fennel, and I swear to God I have never seen fennel for blood or money anywhere.

- Joe does not eat eggy foods (omelettes, frittatas, egg drop soup), although the lizard and I do. (He will eat eggs as components of a food so long as the resultant food is not noticeably eggy--e.g. egg as a binder in meatballs.)

- The lizard does not eat spicy food, but generally we deal with this by omitting the spice.

- Foods/cuisines liked: pasta/Italian, Indian (although the only thing I've tried to make is dal), Mexican, Vietnamese, generalized American, Korean (I MISS GIMBAP), Japanese (I would gladly live off Japanese convenience store food if I could afford to and I were, you know, there--onigiri!), various other Asian. I'm sure there are many others, but lack of experience etc.


Succession story, by Zoe Anderson

May. 23rd, 2015 09:21
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There’s a fight between the city and the jungle
and the jungle is winning
Footpaths straining with
massive Mesozoic tree roots swelling underneath.

There’s a fight between the city and the jungle
and the jungle is winning.
Parrots fly between skyscrapers
greed feathered wingtips reflected on every side.

There’s a fight between the city and the jungle
and the jungle is winning.
The waters of the harbour are rising and lapping
at well trimmed asphalt and shiny leather shoes.

There’s a fight between the city and the jungle
and the jungle is winning.
Fruit bats scream in the sunset streets
drown out the beats that spill from the bars.

There’s a fight between you and me
and you are winning.
I tried to pretend you weren’t coming
I tried to have you stopped.

Read more... )

still rainy

May. 22nd, 2015 18:44
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Hello again! I notice that in my last post, made almost a week ago, I mentioned that it was raining here. Well, it's been rainy and cool almost every day since then, which is really really weird. But nice in a lot of ways--the longer the summer heat holds off, the happier I'll be.

As usual I have been reading and cooking, and also re-watching a lot of Person of Interest (the first two seasons really were much better than S4, although some of that original magic depended on the slow reveal of backstory, which is something that's hard to recapture the second time around when you already know).

Reading: I've just started I am Radar, by Reif Larsen. It's too early to tell if all the weirdness is going to turn out to be interesting or just pretentious.

I've checked out from the library but not yet started Hanif Kureishi's The Last Word. This despite having given up on Kureishi after Intimacy, when it began to seem as though he'd forgotten how to write books that weren't about middle-class white heterosexuals having boring personal problems. The back cover description for The Last Word sounded different enough from that to lure me, plus, well, My Beautiful Laundrette will always be close to my heart and I can never really give up on Kureishi.

I want to read some sf/f but can't find anything that appeals. Anyone have suggestions? I've already read the Radch books and Station Eleven.

Related to both books and cooking, I had to give Jerusalem: A Cookbook back to the library (someone had put a hold on it) and I miss it very much. When I can check it out again I'm going to type out all the interesting recipes and save them. (This is a thing I do, because my appetite for cookbooks is much larger than my budget for cookbooks.)


I have successfully made my own yogurt! Quite easy and a moneysaver.

Last week apricots were on sale for cheap, so I bought a couple of pounds. With some of them I baked this crostata, which is very nice. Because I'm an incorrigible tinkerer I made a couple of alterations: added lemon zest to the crust and lemon juice and a bit of vanilla to the fruit, and because I don't have whole wheat pastry flour I used half pastry flour and half "white whole wheat" flour. I'd never made a crostata before but I think this may be the first of many: it's less intimidating than a pie, somehow, and it produces an amount that's more reasonable for one person to eat in a few days before it can go bad.

The rest of the apricots, I poached in syrup, and those were awfully good for practically no work. I made a simple syrup with 1 cup sugar and 1 cup water, to which I added 3 Tellicherry peppercorns, 2 crushed cardamom pods, and 1 star anise. I brought the syrup to a boil and then let it cool down to room temperature to infuse the spices, then added the halved pitted apriots and heated it all up again. The spicing is gentle but definitely there, and that plus the sweetness gave the rather bland supermarket apricots a big boost. It turns out that the leftover syrup makes a nice drink if mixed with sparkling water, too.

I've now succeeded in making myself hungry, so I should probably go home and get some dinner.

Three ficlets from tumblr

May. 22nd, 2015 19:58
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I've written three ficlets (so far) for a tumblr meme asking me to do another POV of something I've already written in a story in progress. So these are sort of fanfic of fic I haven't finished writing yet, and I wanted to put them over here just to preserve them in the "orphan" tag. And to preserve them in general.

From my 87,000-words-and-counting epic Bucky recovery fic:

For [tumblr.com profile] summercomfort, an original character POV on Bucky Barnes at the start of his recovery:

Staff Sergeant Eric Andrews had seen the videos. )

For [tumblr.com profile] shamwowxl, for the same story as the above, Steve receives a phone call:

It was the middle of a Wednesday morning. )

And from a story that is nearly finished being written as a fill over at [community profile] hydratrashmeme:

For [livejournal.com profile] rubynye, Bucky's view on taking care of Steve after a rough bout of BDSM sex:

Bucky would be content to stand in the shower with Steve hanging off him for more or less the rest of his life. )

Things I Like: Uprooted

May. 22nd, 2015 19:55
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I've just finished Naomi Novik's new book, Uprooted, which is totally separate from her Temeraire series. This is more of a classic fantasy story, based on her childhood memories of a grandmother who told her fairytales from Poland. And thus it's got a bit of a fairytale feel, with the protagonist being a teenage girl who lives next to the deep and dark Wood, and there's a sorcerer who lives in a tower at the edge of the Wood who chooses a girl from the villages in that valley to come serve him every ten years...

More details, very minor spoilers, none for beyond the first half of the book )

(no subject)

May. 22nd, 2015 19:30
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I am tired and sore and so glad it's a long weekend.

We got off at 3 today and I had enough work done to rationalize going. I am so freaking glad it's a 3 day weekend OMG

I called the pharmacy about getting my refill, picked it up and bougt some more hello kitty stuff on sale. see my instagram.

Then I went to the ATM, car wash, Walmart, picked up a sandwich at Arbys and tots and sweet tea at Sonic, and still made it home a little after 5pm. When I went back out to get groceries out of the car I noticed on the roof of the car, back by where the back window starts, there's paint flaking off. So next time I go in to the dealership I get to have them look at that and give me an estimate both in money and time for fixing it. I don't want it to end up with rust spots like my Blazer did but goddamit I don't need more things to spend money on. This is exactly why though I said I was not going to deprive myself of little things I want or beat myself up if I could't put up $1000 every month toward whatever my current project is. Cause shit is gonna keep coming up.

I got home and ate and put everything away. Now I'm curled up in bed with the laptop, watching another disc of Sleepy Hollow that came today, with the rest of my nice cold tea beisde me. I hope I can get some extra relaxing in this weekend.

Pride (Maleficent/Regina)

May. 22nd, 2015 20:22
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Pride (565 words) by Miri Cleo
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Once Upon a Time (TV)
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Evil Queen | Regina Mills/Maleficent (Once Upon a Time)
Characters: Evil Queen | Regina Mills, Maleficent (Once Upon a Time)
Additional Tags: Sex Magic, Magic, Femslash, Older Woman/Younger Woman

Summary: For freifraufischer's prompt "Dragon Queen. Maleficent confronts Regina about being a good girl."

Pride (Maleficent/Regina)

May. 22nd, 2015 20:22
cleo: A purple and green baby dragon from deamon diary (Default)
[personal profile] cleo in [community profile] girlgay
Pride (565 words) by Miri Cleo
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Once Upon a Time (TV)
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Evil Queen | Regina Mills/Maleficent (Once Upon a Time)
Characters: Evil Queen | Regina Mills, Maleficent (Once Upon a Time)
Additional Tags: Sex Magic, Magic, Femslash, Older Woman/Younger Woman

Summary: For freifraufischer's prompt "Dragon Queen. Maleficent confronts Regina about being a good girl."


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