Man on the moon

Mar. 4th, 2015 00:00
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A person who is not an outcast but different from everyone else. A unique person, different in a good way.

That guy in the corner is a man on the moon heard he was actually really cool.

Fucking Simple English (FSE)

Mar. 4th, 2015 00:09
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The other day, I was reading about attempts to make English easier for people to learn how to spell. The ones I looked at had some flaws, in that things like Shavian and Unspeak have their own alphabets. They claim those letters are easier to tell apart from one another, but they actually look MORE alike to me.

So earlier, while thinking about that again, I had the idea: "What if it can be made simpler by just changing the spelling rules, getting rid of unnecessary characters, and adding some new ones in?" So I'm doing that, with something I'm calling Fucking Simple English (FSE). FSE also seeks to make some of the easily-confused letters less likely to be confused, by replacing them with variants.

Of course, there are so many accented letters and special characters, it kind of would need some form of international keyboard to use.

Okay, so here is the first draft:
(If you can't see the characters, let me know. I'll make a picture version eventually.)

Important notes:

  • There is no Q, though the symbols replacing N look similar. (Ϙ, ϙ) Words normally spelled with Q will now be spelled with either a K or a KW, or whatever else, depending on pronunciation.

  • There are no double letters that make a single sound (TT, EE, SS, etc). If there are two vowels, like ôø, they make two different sounds. (In this case OOH-OY) Same goes for consonants, though the odds of that are slim.

  • C is eliminated as unnecessary. It is being replaced by S or by K, whichever is called for.

  • X's only sound is now CH as in change, charge, and arch.

  • There are no silent letters.

  • A, E, I, O, and U – when unaccented – say their names. (A rhymes with nay, E rhymes with he, etc)

  • Bars over the letters A, E, I, and U change sound to ah, eh, ih, and uh.

  • Uppercase F and E look too similar, so uppercase F is to be replaced with the Cyrillic version of F (Ф).

  • Lowercase d and b look too similar, so uppercase D is replaced with Greek Delta (Δ), and lowercase b with lowercase Greek Beta (β).

  • P and R are too similar in appearance (also, lowercase p looks like both d and b), so P/p are replaced with Greek Pi (Π / π).

  • W looks too much like an upside down M, so W and w are replaced with the letter Koppa (Ϙ, ϙ)



    • Unaccented – rhymes with lay, pray, nay, and gay.

    • Ā/ā – Ah as in llama, mama, open wide and say Ahhh.

    • Á/á – Aa as in as, apple, cat, that.

    • Ār/ār – Ar as in car, bar, tar.


  • Unaccented – E as in we, free, knee, see, pee.

  • Ē/ē – Eh as in met, bed, led, dead.

  • Ér/ér – Er as in purr, fur, traitor, deader


  • Unaccented – I as in fry, high, guy, lie, by.

  • Ī/ī – Ih as in in, pit, shit, tit.

  • Í/í - ?


  • Unaccented – O as in low, know, go, flow, show.

  • Ô/ô – Oo as in poo, true, knew, few.

  • Ö/ö – Oo as in book, look, took, hook.

  • Ø/ø – Oy as in boy, toy, and join.

  • Ör/ör – Or as in sore, core, floor, bore.


  • Unaccented – Rhymes with you, ewe, boo, and do.

  • Ū/ū – Uh as in cinema, away.

Consonants (subject to change):

[Bracketed] words are the name of thecharacter

B, β – B and b

Δ, d – D and d

Ф, f – F and f




Ʒ– [Ezh] The S in pleasure,vision


L, λ – L and l


Ϙ,ϙ – [Koppa] N and n.

ŋ– [Eng] NG in ring,thing,sing.

Π,π – Replaces P and p



ʃ – [Esh] SH as in shit,shrike, wash. (Capitalize by making bigger.)


Þ,θ – [Thorn] TH sound as in this,that,thing,teeth.(θis lowercase)

Ð,ð– [Eth], makes softer TH as in father,breathe,this.


Ω,ω– [Omega] W,w

X,x– The CH as in change,charge,arch.


Z,z– zoo,rose

Some words spelled thus:

Rose= Roz

Cat= Kát

Dog= Δāg (or dāg)

Challenge= Xálēnj

Shit– ʃīt

Shuttlecraft– ʃūtūlkráft

bologna– βūλone

Traitor– Tratér

Women– Ωīmīn

Men– Mēn

Onyx– Ānīks

Polonium– Πūλoneūm

Child- Xiūld

Simple sentences.

Regular English: FSE:

I want you to eat my cake. I ωānt u tô et mi kak.

See spot run. Se Spāt rūn.

I am filled with joy. I ám fīλd ωīθ jø.

Tristan Alexander Arts Trīstán Ālēkzándér Ārts

Fayanora Фaūnörū

Фrīgīn Sīmpūλ Īŋλīʃ - A sīmpλūfid Īŋλīʃ rītēn λaŋωidj. (Friggin Simple English - A simplified English written language.)

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“I fell asleep, and when I woke up the man next to me asked, ‘Excuse me, are you someone important?’ I must have looked confused. He explained: ‘I’m asking because the stewardesses came over and were watching you sleep.’”

- Eddie Redmayne [about a recent flight] (via iloveeddieredmayne)

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Mar. 4th, 2015 07:58
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Happy birthday, [personal profile] strangerskies!
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Posted by Bill Barnes

by Gene ( link to this post | email me | my twitter )

Unshelved Ebooks

Thanks to our amazing Kickstarter backers, we promised to allow libraries to circulate DRM-free ebooks of the eleven Unshelved collections free to their patrons. We are now ready to do this!

Complete details, including a simple license agreement and a list of the ways libraries can circulate our ebooks, are available here.

We are especially excited to announce that Mackin is the first library ebooks vendor to agree to distribute the Unshelved collections. With MackinVIA, it's dead simple to load the books into your ebook library for circulation. Click here to find out how.

And if you have an idea about how we can make this simpler or see an issue we need to clarify, please let me know.


P.S. Just want to buy our ebooks for yourself? You can do that today too!

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So here, it's another couple of nests who either have grown up or will grown up soon. All girls, X/Cari/Cari wildclaws and twin Maroon/Lav/Lav imps:

Dwagins under cut )
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Weasley can save anything,
He never leaves a single ring,
That’s why Gryffindors all sing:
Weasley is our King!

Happy 35th Birthday, Ronald Bilius Weasley! (*1st March 1980)

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Clare & Renay's Adventures in: Xena

In a time without a Black Widow movie on the horizon, two fans in turmoil cried out for a heroine. She was Xena, a mighty female protagonist forged in the fires of Hercules: The Legendary Journeys. The action, the camp, the queer subtext. Her adventures will rock their worlds.

Xena: Episode 103, "Dreamworker"

Clare: Well, after we complained about the "YOU'RE DANGEROUS! YOU NEED TO LEAVE!" reception Xena and Gabrielle are getting, we get an episode where they're simply treated as interesting new strangers and then the saviors of the town. Ha!

Renay: INTERESTING STRANGERS...who can maybe serve as sacrifices. XD At least we've broken the trend of people yelling "get out!" Let's hope it stays broken for a few episodes. :) Read more... )

Tudor links

Mar. 4th, 2015 08:20
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No more Agent Carter this week, woe. Also, no Midwives for me, due to, err, technical problems. So, have some Tudor history links, both of the lighthearted and the serious type.

The Head that Launched a Thousand Books is a great site about all Anne Boleyn centric fiction, from obscure 17th century French novels to current day bestsellers, and best of all, it has a sense of humor about it. (Which isn't true of many history related websites.) A great example is this post:

Support group for maligned queens: Henry VIII edition, in which all six of Henry's wives have a witty go at their presentation by novelists.

In a similar vein, from a different blogger and author, here are the hilarious Fifteen Aids to Grey, aka Rules for Writing About Lady Jane Grey. (You'd think Jane Grey, aka the Nine-Day-Queen, had a tragic enough fate in real life, what with being executed at age 16, but fiction has tried its best to make it worse, and this post has a well deserved go at some of the most favourite clichés, puncturing them.

Same blogger, different queen:

Jane Seymour's Christmas 1536 Newsletter. ("Marriage was a big adjustment for both of us (well, maybe not so much for Harry), but I’m happy to report that both of us are settling in now.")

Now, after the parodies, a serious link:

The man who died with Cromwell: no, I hadn't known he wasn't executed on his own, either. Nor did I know that the guy in question, Sir Walter Hungerford, had been charged with ""the abominable and detestable vice and sin of buggery" according to the Buggery Act (which had been sponsored by none other than Thomas Cromwell himself, and passed by Parliament in 1533; this certainly didn't make it into Wolf Hall, either book or tv, either). Hungerford seems to have had a nervous breakdown en route to the scaffold, and Cromwell, about to die (horribly) himself, was kind enough to calm him down and comfort him, which speaks well of Cromwell in his last hour of life. (Mind you, given that Hungerford then had to watch the incompetent executioner making a butchery out of Cromwell's execution, I doubt Hungerford managed to stay calm and comforted.
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Posted by Monica Roberts

2015 is a civic election year in Houston, and while the real political campaign action won't get started in earnest until after Labor Day, there is already jockeying going on to see who will replace the term limited Mayor Annise Parker.

One of the people running for mayor is the guy she beat in 2013 to get that final term in former city attorney Ben Hall.   He's running again, and trying to position himself as someone that appeals to moderate voters, but don't let that act fool you.

Ben Hall has transphobic and homophobic tendencies, and I'm about to break it down why Houston trans/ SGL and LGBTQ peeps not only shouldn't give their precious cash, support or money to a Hall campaign, but make certain he NEVER takes the oath of office in the Wortham Center in 2016.

Ben Hall said in a Harris County Democratic candidate questionnaires during the 2013 election cycle that he would support what later became the HERO, then reneged on that.  

He refused to interview with the Houston Stonewall Democrats and the Houston LGBT Caucus for their mayoral candidate forums, then reached for the homophobia and transphobia in the late stages of the 2013 campaign when he couldn't make a dent in Mayor Parker's double digit lead.

He not only said he would if elected repeal Executive Order 150 that protects trans people in Houston city employment, but reached for the transphobia and homophobia when he appeared on the KUHF-FM show Houston Matters, was interviewed by a moderator before taking questions from callers.

When a homophobic man called in to announce indignation towards the Mayor for offering protections to Houston transgender people, Hall joined in on the transphobic party by announcing that in his opinion, it was unacceptable for transgendered people who are “anatomically another gender” to be treated as anything but the anatomical gender.  

He doubled down on the anti-TBLGQ prejudice by fully opposing a non-discrimination ordinance, calling homosexuality a “lifestyle choice.”

Well Ben, I not only haven't forgotten what you said to me at that 2013 northside mayoral campaign event when you straight up told me to my face you opposed me and other Houston bi, SGL and trans folks having the same human rights coverage as other Houstonians, I haven't forgotten you opposed the HERO.

Neither have I forgotten the transphobic comment you aimed at me and other trans Houstonians on that KUHF-FM radio broadcast.

Transgender and SGL Houstonians also live, work, play inside the Houston city limits and deserve to have their human rights respected and protected.

I have a long memory when it comes to people who oppress me, and I vote.   Even better, I have a blog that will remind BTLGQ Houstonians and our allies from now until Election Day on November 3 why you don't deserve to be the next mayor of Houston and encourage them to vote for candidates that will defend and implement the HERO.

You ain't that candidate, Piney Point Ben.
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I was starting to worry there weren't going to be any cannibals.

adenosine triphosphate

Mar. 3rd, 2015 22:28
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[though it's not Wed yet here, Wed is likely to eat me]
Alan Bradley, The Dead in Their Vaulted Arches (2014): this is book #6 about Flavia de Luce (aged 11-12, youngest of three sisters), who solves mysteries earnestly with chemistry and some verve in postwar England. I like the idea of these very much, perhaps better than I appreciate the execution of the first two; upon hearing that #7 will take Flavia away to boarding school in Canada (and me away from a setting that doesn't quite cohere), I decided to dip back in.

Um. Flavia's mother, Harriet, had been missing for a decade---spying---and has now turned up, dead. For nearly half the book, Flavia is bent upon doing something logical, spoilery, and doomed. I cannot tell whether the reader is supposed to think it doomed, partly because 1950s Flavia imagines that it will work, though there are hints that the adults around her only seem to be oblivious, largely because her project may enable something else to occur in passing (besides the necessary processing of grief for long absence). So, instead of escaping into a mystery/adventure, I have spent several lunchtimes having a sinking feeling and wanting to give someone soup. The only trouble is that Flavia-POV does not permit any reflection upon that something else: resolution without resolution. I dunno---it's fine.

Lately I find myself skipping over books I hope to enjoy because I fear their coming across only as fine, and opting for books I don't expect to like in order to cross them off the to-be-read list. Odd sort of punishment, either way, though it didn't start with that intention. Must fix.
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Posted by Sean Leahy

No. 1 Star: Andrei Vasilevskiy, Tampa Bay Lightning

The rookie netminder made 28 saves and recorded his first NHL shutout as the Lightning blanked the Buffalo Sabres 3-0. Steven Stamkos scored his 36th of the year as Tampa won for the 13th time in their last 15 games at Amalie Arena. 

No. 2 Stars: Trevor Lewis / Anze Kopitar, Los Angeles Kings

The Kings forwards each had a goal and two assists as LA beat the Edmonton Oilers 5-2 to snap a three-game losing streak. LA has won seven of their last eight meetings against Edmonton and since 2008 are undefeated on the road in regulation against them. Lewis and Kopitar ended up connecting on two goals, like this one to give LA a 2-0 lead:

No. 3 Star: Alex Ovechkin, Washington Capitals 

Ovechkin continued his march toward another Rocket Richard Trophy with a pair of goals as the Washington Capitals beat the Columbus Blue Jackets 5-3. Nick Backstrom and Jason Chimera each recorded a pair of assists. Joel Ward reached the 500-game plateau.

Honorable Mention: The New Jersey Devils scored twice in the game’s opening four minutes en route to a 3-1 win over the Nashville Predators. Cory Schneider made 33 stops as the Devils won for the sixth time in eight games. Mike Cammalleri scored an empty-netter to give him 9 points in his last seven games … Predators forward Matt Cullen played in his 1,200th NHL game … Jiri Hudler scored 1:21 into overtime to help give the Calgary Flames a 3-2 win over the Philadelphia Flyers:

Scott Hartnell of the Blue Jackets scored twice and added an assist in the loss … Nazem Kadri and Peter Holland scored five minutes apart early in the third period to help give the Toronto Maple Leafs a 3-2 win over the Florida Panthers. The game featured a wacky third period that saw Al Montoya, who replaced an injured Roberto Luongo after the first period, get injured himself and force the Panthers to scramble for a solution. After a delay, and Florida contemplating the possibility of suiting up Derek McKenzie or Scottie Upshall, Montoya returned briefly before Luongo regained the crease. It was so wild that goaltending coach Robb Tallas suited up, just in case … Matt Dumba scored twice in the second period and Charlie Coyle put home the winner in the shootout as Minnesota Wild edged the Ottawa Senators 3-2. Devan Dubnyk made 31 saves in regulation and overtime and two big ones in the shootout … Cody Eakin’s goal 2:18 into overtime gave the Dallas Stars a 2-1 win over the New York Islanders. Anders Lee forced the extra period after his shot deflected off Jordie Benn’s skate with 1.1 seconds left in the third period. Kari Lehtonen made 35 saves and won for the first time in four starts … Jakob Silfverberg scored a goal and assisted on two others as the Anaheim Ducks downed the Arizona Coyotes 4-1. Andrew Cogliano added a pair of goals and Frederik Andersen made 29 saves in his first start since Feb. 8. Ryan Kesler opened the scoring with a beautiful individual effort while shorthanded:

Matt Nieto scored twice and helped the San Jose Sharks to a 6-2 rout of the Vancouver Canucks. Joe Thornton and Patrick Marleau each added two assists and Antti Niemi made 26 saves for his first win in four starts ... In a losing effort, Henrik Sedin scored twice for the Canucks and became the fourth Swedish-born NHL player to reach 900 career points:

Did You Know? “Darryl Sutter coached his 1,102th game, tying Billy Reay for 16th overall in NHL history.” (AP)

Dishonorable Mention: Nashville dropped their fourth straight, a season high … The Flyers thought they had tied the game on a Nick Schultz goal but the officials huddled and ruled the defenseman made incidental contact with Karri Ramo before the puck crossed the line:

The Blue Jackets have now lost seven in a row … Matt Martin was give a five-minute major and automatic game misconduct for kneeing Trevor Daley in the first period:



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