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"Staplerfahrer Klaus"
Forklift Health & Safety. Funny & educational!
(There is a version with English subtitles, but I found this more entertaining. Warning, gets a little Mr Creosote.)


May. 4th, 2016 05:24
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"Porn isn't addictive. It isn't even harmful for the overwhelming majority of users. Fewer than one percent of porn users experience negative effects from their porn use. But ten percent of people are afraid of their porn use. The message here is that porn isn't addicaddictive -- but fear might be." -- David Ley, clinical psychologist (quoted in "Pornography Is Not a 'Public Health Crisis,' No Matter What Utah Lawmakers Think" by Martha Kempner, 2016-02-12


May. 4th, 2016 05:07
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Posted by StainedGlassDreams


The real horror, for Bucky, isn't that it's happened. But that it's happening again.

Words: 551, Chapters: 1/2, Language: English

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Posted by KatrinaKeynes


Люди — такие сложные.
Люди — такие простые.
От одного до другого — одна секунда, одно слово, один удивительный поступок.

Words: 575, Chapters: 2/?, Language: Русский

A Road Trip

May. 4th, 2016 04:18
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Posted by writingonwheels (themadgirlwithachair)


Bucky and Steve are sat in the front of the Beetle as Bucky drives. Bucky comforts a grieving, tormented Steve, and then they both reminisce.

CACW spoilers!

Words: 1191, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

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Posted by kafkian


‘Bucky, you don’t have to do this,’ Steve says later, looking so earnest Bucky wants to slap him upside the head.

‘I know that, Steve. Just because I didn’t have any for six decades doesn’t mean I’ve forgotten what free will is.’

Steve looks at him in that way he has when he’s thinking so hard about how Bucky’s not funny that the thought seems to pass right out of his brain and into Bucky’s. Not that it has that far to leap.


Bucky doesn’t get fixed, and Steve doesn’t care.

Words: 4589, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

(no subject)

May. 4th, 2016 09:17
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Happy birthday, [personal profile] kis and [personal profile] thinkum!
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'Tis the final day of the house-party, that I am most glad to see. Spite of all the troubles there have been, Milord now counts Mr O- B- and Lord T- as sound allies, along with Sir H- Z-. Mr W- Y- may for the moment be consider'd at least somewhat of a friend to our cause, tho' how long this will endure once he discovers 'tis not the road to my bed I know not. Sir V- P- will do as instruct'd by whoever is Duke of M-.

The K- s have depart'd, apparently reconcil'd and on terms of restor'd amiability; again, I know not how long that will last.

Sure I do not suppose Lady T- will become an intimate of our circle, but she no longer shows so frosty and will even smile from time to time. Mrs B- is now quite bosom-friends with Eliza and no longer shows so shy, and we are in great hopes of preferring her to Lady J- for her musicales. Lady Z- I have a contrivance on hand for.

I am most eager to return to my own pretty house and my good people, to go call at R- House and see my lovely Flora and her sisters, to be with my darlings without we have to be so exceeding constrain'd towards one another, &C &C.

At last all are gone save myself and the party for R- House. Milord sighs and says it may be a sad confession but sure 'twill be exceeding restfull to be in company with Danvers D- and t’other empty-head’d wastrels. Sandy smiles and says he is in some sympathy with that sentiment, for at least you will not have to try to gain their accord on politickal principles. Also he confides none of them harbour poetick ambitions.

Also, says I, I am ever prepossesst that they conduct themselves exceeding respectfull towards me.

Alas, says Milord, 'tis by no means politick to go about calling out fellows whose support one would like in Parliament, however much they might deserve it.

The carriages are come round, and at last we are bound back to Town.

I get into the carriage with my very dearest ones. Once the horses are whippt up and we are on our way we reach out our hands one to another and clasp them very tight. We do not speak but our eyes are very eloquent.

Are you sure, says Eliza, that matters will all be in order for your return? Sure we should hate to think you went back to a house in disorder. You would be quite welcome to come spend the night with us.

O, says I, I should not like to impose.

Our belov'd Grand Turk is doing his best not to laugh.

’Twould be no imposition in the least, says our wild girl, very prim. Sure we ever have a bed for guests.

Indeed I am tempt’d by this invitation. Why, says I, so be I may dispatch a message to my household, I shall be exceeding glad to accept.

We smile at one another, and squeeze hands.

Josiah remarks that while he is still unsure concerning the politickal success of these last days, he confides that he is like to do business with Mr O- B-, and that Lord T- would desire further converse concerning improvements. So the time has not been at all wast’d. He takes out his little memorandum book and commences to write in it.

Indeed, says I, I will confide that the time has not been entirely wast’d. Sure even did I not succeed in reading the entire works of Mrs Behn, I have learnt a deal about lace.

Eliza looks at me and laughs and says she quite supposes that there are other contrivances set in motion.

Really, Mrs F-, I cannot imagine what you might impute by that.

Josiah looks up from his note-making and says 'tis probably for the best that they do not know.

Sure I am quite shockingly traduc'd!

We are indeed glad to arrive at R- House, where Bess and Meg come pell-mell to greet us, follow'd more sober by Miss N- and Quintus. Quietly, my dears, says Eliza, as they ask questions about the house-party, while also recounting what has befallen during their parents' absence.

Eventually we are all got into the family room and tea has been sent for. Eliza makes me free of her desk so that I may compose a note to my household.

O, I do not want to seem unusual particular in the matter, but indeed I am most exceeding desirous to know how my darling naughty bundle does.

Eliza looks at me and says that now we have refresht ourselves a little, let us go to the nursery.

So we go to the nursery, where my sweet jewel Flora is all alone but for Patty, and rides upon the fine rocking horse, but jumps down and comes throw herself at both of us, which is extreme affecting.

Patty says that Miss Flora has been begging for the sleepy wombatt each night at bedtime, but will not accept any but Lady B- that will be one. I look at Eliza, that laughs a little, and says, sure she must have her wombatt.

Flora holds up her arms to me to signify that she wants me to lift her up, which I do most willing. She bestows upon me several kisses, at which sign of affection I find myself a little tearfull.

I promise that I will be back to be a sleepy wombatt at bedtime, and put her down. O, I love her so very much.

Outside the nursery my darling puts an arm about my waist and kisses my hair. Are you sure you do not want your little treasure to live with you?

O my love, do not tempt me! for sure she is better off here. Mayhap I am a very fine sleepy wombatt but I confide I should not show so well as a mother.

O most self-doubting of C-s, I confide you would show a deal better than you suppose. But indeed we should all be most distresst to lose her.

I cannot give her a family; I daresay my people would quite entirely doat upon her to complete spoiling, but 'twould not be Bess and Meg that show so prettily big- sisterly towards her, or Quintus chiding her does she not mind her manners. Or indeed her excellent fine Mama and Papa that love her just as much as I do but show a deal more good sense in the matter.

Indeed she is as dear to us as her mother is, which is, I confess, very much indeed.

I lean against my darling somewhat tearfull.

And now, she says, I should go see about a nice dinner for us.

I go in to the family room where Josiah sits at the desk and attends to the post that has arriv'd during his absence, Miss N- having taken the girls and Quintus back to the schoolroom. He looks up at me and smiles. Dearest of all C-s, how extreme agreeable that you will stay here tonight.

Indeed 'tis most delightfull, and Flora desires me to be once more a wombatt -

Sure I am sometimes in concern that Flora is the hostage we hold for your affections...

Oh, I cry, indeed my darlings can be nigh on as foolish as I am! Sure you are both quite as precious to me as my dear naughty bundle.

We look at one another very fond in silence for some moments.

There is a discreet throat-clearing at the door and comes in the footman that I sent with my message with a reply. 'Tis from Hector, that replies that all is indeed in order but they will prepare to receive me tomorrow. (Sure I long to know how matters stand now, but I daresay I can wait in patience until the morrow.)

O, but 'tis a very fine e’en I have: I go play sleepy wombatts with my little darling, which is most entire delightfull – I lye beside her until she falls asleep, and I long very much to cover her with kisses, but for fear that I should wake her. Then there is a family dinner with the girls and Miss N- and much lively conversation. Then after the girls have been chas’d off to bed, my loves and I have some discourse of the days just past over port, brandy, and madeira.

Then go I to my reserv’d chamber where my dear ones come join me for some consideration upon the triangle, which is most exceeding pleasant.

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Posted by gwyneth rhys (gwyneth)


The modern world, the job of soldiering, has somehow not diminished the artist within who always saw the world in a way a camera couldn’t capture, that vision in his eyes as if he was in touch with something far away.

Words: 2323, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

Series: Part 3 of Interludes

The best way to be sick

May. 4th, 2016 08:41
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Went to bed at midnight.
Woke up at 2am with a sore throat. Went almost instantly back to sleep.
Woke up at 8am, throat almost entirely back to normal.

If I'm going to be sick, having it almost entirely pass during the night is definitely my preferred option.

(no subject)

May. 4th, 2016 03:13
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The real origin of the Religious Right -- segregation.

Human life starting at conception? That idea is younger than the Happy Meal. It is not ancient wisdom, and it is not Biblical.

And Ted Cruz has quit campaigning. It's going to be a very interesting Republican National Convention.
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All we’ve got (is what no one can break) (2323 words) by gwyneth rhys
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Captain America (Movies), Marvel Cinematic Universe
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: James "Bucky" Barnes/Steve Rogers
Characters: Steve Rogers, James "Bucky" Barnes, Clint Barton, Sam Wilson
Additional Tags: Captain America: Civil War Trailer, Interlude, Artist Steve Rogers
Series: Part 3 of Interludes

The modern world, the job of soldiering, has somehow not diminished the artist within who always saw the world in a way a camera couldn’t capture, that vision in his eyes as if he was in touch with something far away.

Bates Motel 4.08.

May. 4th, 2016 08:46
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For which Freddie Highmore wrote the script, thus proving he's talented in that department as well. Is there no end to what this kid young man can do? Seriously. If you've watched the episode, here are headwriter/producer Kerry Ehrin and Freddie Highmore discussing it.

You're such a hypocrite )


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