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When it became obvious that the New York Rangers were going to buy him out, Brad Richards pitched a potential new NHL home to his agent Pat Morris: The Chicago Blackhawks. Morris reminded him that the Hawks had little money against the cap with which to spend on a center, despite their need for one. 

Then GM Stan Bowman came calling for Richards, and the veteran decided he’d make this work at the Blackhawks’ price.

Of course, making $51 million off his Rangers deal helps soften the blow of making just $2 million next season.

Richards spoke with Bob Verdi of the Blackhawks’ website about that recently:

You received a substantial amount of money so the Rangers could clear salary cap space, not an uncommon occurrence in the NHL now. Did that figure into your decision to sign with Chicago for one year at $2 million?

RICHARDS: I’ve been fortunate to make a lot of money, and as you say, a lot of teams are up against it with the salary cap. The general manager in New York, Glen Sather, was great to me. We had a good relationship. But it’s a business thing. And the upside to me is that I can afford to be picky. I had other options beside Chicago, maybe for a longer contract and more money, but as soon as I heard from Stan, and later talked to [Head Coach] Joel Quenneville, there was no doubt for me.

He also cautioned those that think he’s cemented in as Patrick Kane’s center next season:

“People are talking about how I’m coming here to be the No. 2 behind Jonathan [Toews] centering for Patrick Kane. But July is a bit early to be making out lineups. The thing about playing in Chicago—if you do your job and get ice time, you know you’re going to be playing with talented players.”

As we said when he signed: From a regular-season perspective, it’s a great signing for a player of his caliber at that price. But back-to-back postseason flops leaves us wondering what he can actually provide them in a push for the Cup.

Luckily for the Blackhawks, Richards is right: They’ve got championship depth that’ll be enhanced, and not ruined, by Richards’ performance. 

Dressed for: Graphics

Jul. 26th, 2014 11:54
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<input ... >

Already Pretty outfit featuring Feminist Apparel tank, skinny jeans, ankle booties, Rebecca Minkoff Logan

Tank – courtesy Feminist Apparel
Jeans – courtesy Karen Kane
Booties – Steve Madden (no longer available) – similar
Earrings - Infrared Studio
Bracelet – art fair – similar

I have a small collection of graphic tees that I absolutely adore, and they’re really getting a workout this summer. You’ve seen my Elvis tee and this is the second appearance for the fabulous Cats Against Catcalls tank from Feminist Apparel, and more will come, I’m sure. Couldn’t say why, but I’m reaching for graphic tees and shorts/skirts instead of dresses on weekends nowadays. They’re just calling to me from their spot in my dresser drawer.

Are you a graphic tee person? Any fun resources to share? Anyone else love to thrift quirky vintage graphic tees? I have one that features a drawing of a robin playing baseball that’s a longtime fave …


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Jul. 26th, 2014 07:05
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Happy Birthday [livejournal.com profile] mrissa

Make it stop!

Jul. 26th, 2014 12:51
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This is why I hate to-do lists:

  1. Read Hugo packet

  2. Take back wa-ay overdue library book. Do not be tempted to finish it.

  3. Post some more Fairford pix

  4. Clean out laser printer

  5. Hoover around the debris

  6. Have bath. This definitely should be higher up the list, but below the laundry.

Hot Coffee Part 26

Jul. 26th, 2014 12:52
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Title: Hot Coffee Part 26
Author: Louisa
Game of Thrones
Pairings: Sansa/Daenerys
Main Characters: Sansa Stark (POV),
Daenerys Targaryen, Shae, Asha Greyjoy
Rating: PG-13
Spoilers: None really
Warnings: None really
Beta: Tamoline
Disclaimer: Don't own these characters, or anything else about the setting

Summary:Working in a coffee shop can be more than little insane, especially when you need to the money to make ends meet, you have problems standing up for yourself and your boss has an ongoing feud with one of the regular customers.

Really, the last thing you need is to actually start *liking* the customer in question.

(in response to a prompt here:
Game of Thrones, Sansa Stark/Daenerys Targaryen, coffeeshop AU)

(Read more...)

My four jobs

Jul. 26th, 2014 12:24
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So things have been pretty full-on since I graduated. I had two jobs while I was doing my PhD - one was working as a library invigilator in my own faculty library (which I'd been doing since 2010), and the other was working as a library assistant in another faculty library (which I'd been doing since January, 2014). However, in the past two weeks, I've picked up another two jobs. One is an invigilator job in yet another faculty library. The hours are a bit erratic - I'm currently doing a project for them which involves sorting through old volumes of the Cambridge University Calendar (a sort of diary of events for each academic year) and noting down any damage or interesting annotations before the library gets rid of them. After that's done, I'll be doing normal invigilation work for them, with more regular hours.

My fourth job is a temporary thing, and involves helping an academic sort and catalogue his book collection and then clear out his office. He owns over 1500 books (I counted), as well as numerous bound and loose journals and periodicals, which makes this a fairly full on task. However, I quite like sorting things out, making order out of chaos and putting things into categories, so I'm finding the whole thing quite enjoyable.

These latter two jobs I got through my bosses at my faculty library, and the library assistant job I got initially through my former boss. I say this because I've been thinking about mentors and the importance of making professional connections. I've been lucky in that a lot of people have acted as informal mentors to me over the years. They've all tended to be, if not well-connected, at least very knowledgeable about the workings of the various Cambridge libraries - who's about to leave their post, who might need some temp work, which job is about to be advertised. My experience of this kind of system has not been limited to libraries - my work in journalism, childcare and retail was all, for the most part, enabled by similar environments. I've been really lucky and privileged to have these kinds of mentor relationships throughout my working life, to be honest. I might write some more about that in a later post.

But for now, suffice it to say that I'm swamped with work, and it came along at exactly the right time. I'm going to have to start looking for something with more regular hours after the work clearing the academic's office out has finished, but at the moment, things are good.

Interesting Links for 26-07-2014

Jul. 26th, 2014 12:00
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COLORED AN ABSOLUTELY MASSIVE COMIC this took way longer than I thought it would, why do i keep doing things that have like THIRTEEN PANELS UGH

spoilers aheaddd
The comic itself is spoiler-free, but spoilers for ep 2 in here )

Fallen at the first hurdle

Jul. 26th, 2014 11:22
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To-do list:
  1. Write To-do list

Edit: All right, I started so I'll carry on until I run out of steam:

  1. Write To-do list

  2. Do Laundry

  3. Get Prescription

  4. Get some breakfast cereal and milk

  5. Hang out Fiverr shingle

  6. Hang out RPG.net Pro forum shingle

  7. Find that Blade Runner Sketchbook and put it on ebay

  8. Try to remember what I was going to put in this slot

  9. Open post from the last month. Or burn it.

  10. Write to council about rent support

  11. Beg for money for Loncon on Gofundme

  12. Start Peter Cushing model

  13. Start Peter Capaldi model

  14. Fight the urge to blog "The king has goat's ears" post about famous molesters at UK sci-fi cons

  15. Get dressed [This should be higher up the list, probably]

Gaza II

Jul. 26th, 2014 10:56
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Okay, now this is fucking bullshit.

Israeli Embassy in Ireland twitters this.
And apparently this exists? (American Freedom Defense Initiative) - It says a lot about your concept of ethics if you think 1. in the categories of civilized vs. savage 2. that applies to Israel/Palestine and 3. think the "civilized" party is always right.

Because I wrote my prior entry in German, I'll probably have to explain my point of view (simplified of course):

This is not the black-and-white conflict as many make it out to be, so I'm not "pro Palestine" or "pro Israel".
I do acknowledge the conflict is asymmetrical.
I'm against Israeli politics and their brutality, against settlements, against islamophobia.
I'm also pretty sure the Hamas doesn't give a fuck about Palestinians, and that a lot of them actually do think Hitler was a swell guy with the right ideas. Under no circumstances would I ever stand next to the protesters with "88" tattoos chanting anti-Semitic slogans.
Although I do have my doubts that the state of Israel would be accepted if they recognized Palestine and stopped the attacks and settlements, it's only going to get worse with the current strategy.

Yes, the situation is horribly unfair. But Israel won't go anywhere, it's the Israelis' home now, too. (Excluding settlements.) Israelis (and Jews worldwide) have the right to exist, as do Palestinians. Any eliminationist rhetoric needs to stop.

Europeans who think that's all not our business are wrong. Lets not forget why Jews fled Europe in the first place, and who controlled the Middle East at the time. We are not free of responsibility, we helped cause this tragedy.

The conflict is more than Israel/Palestine. It's intertwined with Islamophobia and anti-Semitism in Europe too, and we need to protect the Jews in our countries, as well as the Muslims. (And no, the argument "Arabs are Semitic too, so they can't be anti-Semitic" is neither valid nor clever.)

I wrote my last entry because my Palestinian and European friends and co-workers are all jumping on the "fuck Israel" train, including accusations of Jews controlling the media, and denying the protests are largely anti-Semitic. My Facebook feed is full of links to articles about Israel's brutality, but one about Israeli reservists who refuse to serve in what they themselves consider an unjust attack gets ignored. German or American articles that criticize Israel get ignored too, and only the ones that report with a bias towards Israel get linked to and cited as proof we're all brainwashed.
I'm sick of this.

Here are a couple of links I've found. Not all of them are neutral, and I don't necessarily agree with all that is said. Most are in German, sorry :/

From 2008 (a lot of the olive trees have been cut down by settlers since then): [Israeli] "Settlers clash with rabbis guarding Palestinian olive harvest near Hebron".
German, about Israeli reservists who refuse to serve: "Kriegsboykott israelischer Reservisten: 'Wir weigern uns'"
German, about criticizing Israel in Israel: "Wer anders denkt, gilt als Verräter"
German, about rockets found in UN-funded schools in Gaza (my co-workers were especially outraged by this article and said it was an example for the pro-Israel bias): "Gaza-Konflikt: Uno-Generalsekretär emport über Raketenfunde in Schulen", similar article, but about the two earlier findings in empty schools: "UNRWA condems placements of rockets, for the second time, in one of its schools".

Current situation for Jews in Germany, all in German:
"'Pro-Gaza'-Demonstranten skandieren in ganz Deutschland antisemitische Parolen"
"Juden in Deutschland: Angst vor Übergriffen"
"Anti-Israel: 'Tief verwurzelter' Judenhass explodiert" (here are several different opinions quoted, I don't agree with all of them)
"Israelische Kicker in Österreich vom Platz geprügelt"
"Neonazis stören Fußballspiel gegen israelische Mannschaft" (in Dortmund)
And now a researcher of anti-Semitism who thinks anti-Semitism is bad, but has not gotten worse since the newest escalations of the Gaza conflict: "Judenhass in Deutschland: Antisemitismus ist keine Lawine"

Another thing to be considered: There is more than one right-wing group. While one is apparently happily using the occasion to attack Jews, the other is using anti-Semitic protests as proof that Muslims are savages and should best be deported, but not accepted in Europe/the US (see links at the beginning).
I've seen their kind of reasoning in Munich, when a right-wing party was protesting against a new Islamic cultural center in Munich, reading from the Quran to show how violent the religion was (I could do the same with a Bible, but apparently that doesn't count), and comparing Muslims with Nazis because of their anti-Semitism and "Führerkult". Yep, really, they compared worshipping the Prophet with the Hitler personality cult. I don't know how they could forget, I don't know, JESUS in their equation, but I don't expect much logical consistency from their kind anyway.

When you see a discussion about Israel/Palestine on the internet, it's a 50/50 chance whether the majority will be pro Israel or pro Palestine. If it's pro Israel, it's usually heavily islamophobic, if it's pro Palestine, it's anti-Semitic.
That alone should be a warning sign that things aren't that simple.

And finally, a book recommendation: "Live from Jordan: Letters Home From My Journey Through the Middle East" by Benjamin Orbach.
As you may gather from his name, he's Jewish American. He was a student of Middle Eastern Studies and spent a year abroad in Amman (until the Iraq war), travelling to Syria, Lebanon, Israel/Palestine, and Egypt. He speaks Hebrew and Arabic, and tries to reconcile what he thought and knew about Israel/Palestine with what he learned in Amman about the Palestinian perspective. He writes about the history of the Middle East as well as his own personal experiences with the people there.
I read this book in my first two weeks here in Jordan, and it helped me understand a lot of things better. He also got to know a different Amman - of course because he spoke Arabic, but also because the students at the University of Jordan are from a different, more conservative background than my own students.


Jul. 26th, 2014 05:24
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"'Disney owns marvel.
Marvel owns Thor.
Thor is the son of a king.
Thor is now female.
Thor is now a Disney princess.'

  -- Eric Ravenscraft (@LordRavenscraft), 2014-07-18


Jul. 26th, 2014 11:22
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What are everyone's plans for the weekend? Comment with plans, celebrate your and other's accomplishments.

A quick note on mobility

Jul. 26th, 2014 10:19
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Over the course of this DLA application, I have over and over again caught myself thinking oh, but my walking is so much better than it was last time I applied, what do?!

And the answer is: actually, that assertion's bullshit on at least two counts. Namely:

(1) none of my DLA award was for my physical mobility impairments
(2) the reason my walking appears to be so much better is that I have a wheelchair. This means I'm not walking (so much) even when I really shouldn't be, which means I'm less tired & more capable on "good" days.

In conclusion: mobility aids are great, and I still need to write the essay about how I got over myself enough to start using them.
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Chair of the Wiscon Harassment Policy Committee talks about how they ended up with such an unpopular decision about a serial harasser. Lots of discussion in the comments about how the committees ended up missing/losing important information and (badly) reinvented the wheel regarding con harssment.

A discussion at ffa of a Dashcon apology. This con was an UTTER TRAINWRECK and the woman in charge seems determined on shifting blame to everyone but herself.

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Jul. 26th, 2014 11:36
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* We have two more dead yesterday in Gaza.

* Hamas tried to kidnap a soldier into a tunnel. The soldier rescued himself and the tunnel got bombed.

* We're up to 7 dead Palestinians in the Bank. #7 attempted to grab a rifle from a soldier.

* There's a humanitarian ceasefire until 20:00, which means lots of bodies pulled form the rubble. I figure we'll hit 900 before the break's out. IDF estimates of these, at least 300 are combatants.


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