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thank you, björn borg. i'm now gonna go buy some of your new underwear. :) (the ad does not feature any underwear and is perfectly worksafe -- unless you work for bigots.)
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(epilobium angustifolium)


9-12 nanaimo river regional park, 2.85 km, 0:44. just a quick walk after grocery shopping; started too late to go anywhere much.

state of the fishie health:

today i felt particularly upset with my goddamn body, so i browsed online to look at recent advances in surgery options. i'm coming to think that the whole "peace with my own body as is" idea was overrated, and that maybe i'll be more at peace if i have some things cut off.
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unexpectedly (at least for me), the california supreme court ruled today that california law as it currently stands may not discriminate against homosexual couples when it comes to marriage. this is a conservative court, with 6 of 7 judges republican appointees. the ruling went 4:3.

OMG, yay!

SF mayor gavin newsom said, "It's about human dignity. It's about civil rights. It's about time." indeed.

i know this might be short-lived because of the bloody ballot initiative, but wow. so good, at least for now.

ETA: i've now had time to read the judgment (pdf), and that explains why this court decided as it did, despite being as conservative as it is. it really is "just" a decision over whether california's law as written can define the very same rights for two different groups, but call them different things; ie. it's about allegedly "separate but equal" not actually BEING equal.

Accordingly, the legal issue we must resolve is not whether it would be constitutionally permissible under the California Constitution for the state to limit marriage only to opposite-sex couples while denying same-sex couples any opportunity to enter into an official relationship with all or virtually all of the same substantive attributes, but rather whether our state Constitution prohibits the state from establishing a statutory scheme in which both opposite-sex and same-sex couples are granted the right to enter into an officially recognized family relationship that affords all of the significant legal rights and obligations traditionally associated under state law with the institution of marriage, but under which the union of an opposite-sex couple is officially designated a “marriage” whereas the union of a same-sex couple is officially designated a “domestic partnership.” The question we must address is whether, under these circumstances, the failure to designate the official relationship of same-sex couples as marriage violates the California Constitution.

this is actually _very_ good, i think (but i am not a lawyer, yadda yadda). it raises the bar for new marriage laws being written to discriminate against gays (because we know this won't stop that), because equal protection will be hard to beat.

ETA 2: i remain as always not in favour of state-sponsored marriage, but while we have it, i firmly believe they ought to apply to all consenting adults who want to be married. yup, including polyfolk. i know; fat chance.
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found this in a friend's locked post, and i think it deserves wider distribution:

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copied from a reply to a survey; i wrote bits and pieces here before, but this is a good summary.

what got me interested in yaoi was, many many years ago, zetsuai, which is pretty much THE classic of the genre. a gay friend showed it to me (there goes yer theory that gay men don't like yaoi). i thought the art was fantastic, and i thought it was way cool that this sort of thing existed. but that was that. i didn't seek out more yaoi at the time.

then fairly recently, in need of wank material because my own fantasies were falling short, i went looking for something different. and i found that het porn is boring and artificial when it's not plain disgusting, and that gay porn is boring when it's not plain disgusting (but at least it has no plasticky women in it who could learn something about faking orgasms from meg ryan) -- real people porn just doesn't turn my crank. hentai is eye-rollingly disgusting and has even more annoying female characters than RP porn. ah, i remembered, what was that, yaoi? and i searched, and saw, and fell in love. it is awesome, and turns me on like nothing else. impossibly beautiful men, no annoying women, angst, crazy passionate romance, forbidden lust, love against all odds, sex everywhere one can imagine (and some places i hadn't imagined), beautifully drawn sex at that -- mmmh-mmh. and the best thing? drama CDs one can listen to while reading, or, uh, falling asleep. japanese BL seiyuus are love.

in the category of "the personal is political" one aspect that i especially like is that yaoi is so far outside the hetero-normative world in which we live. in much yaoi, homosexuality is perfectly accepted, it's what's normal, every man even if he starts out straight will become gay by simply having a bit of a french kiss with a gay man (or another straight one, for that matter, should he accidentally, uh, fall on him). something in me just delights at how this turns the real world upside down. mind, i also like the stories in which society's judgment provides a major source of angst, but even in those our beloved fags win in the end. being as i am an active supporter of gay rights, and disgusted with many of my fellow human beings for their horrible gay bashing, it makes me happy to live in a fantasy world in which teh gay wins all the time.

and, the art. let's not forget the art. and i don't mean that like "i read playboy for the articles". i really dig the art. some of the art is stunningly beautiful, and more generally so than in shoujo, for example.

mind, there is plenty of yaoi i don't like. keep shota away from me, and i don't like S&M any better drawn than in real-life. i don't like girly uke -- the more "feminine" the uke, the more helpless with copious tears, the less i'll like him. and when a mangaka starts dressing the uke up in maid outfits, i throw the book against the wall. i roll my eyes at the "uke who falls in love with his rapist without much ado" device (i think yaoi could do with a complete moratorium on raping). i like both men to be strong men (they can be sensitive and quiet, but not weepy); i prefer reverses/switches over very clearly typed seme/uke. i want story with my porn; PWP rarely does anything for me (i'm looking at you, chitose piyoko). too much fluid turns me off too (points at the queen of splooge, murakami maki).

for the record, i do not often identify with either character, i just watch them. when i do identify, it's more likely with the seme if the boys are typed that way. i wish for more internal dialogues from seme, dear kami of yaoi. we always hear from the uke. i know, it's easier. ganbatte.

i read some yaoi (mostly of the shounen-ai variant, but also low-smex content like kusatta kyounshi no hoteishiki) just for the story, not for the porn at all. that's sort of separate, i feel; it's more like i read hikaru no go for the story too, not to slash hikaru and akira.

mangaka whose work i seek out: oki mamiya, kouga yun, minami ozaki, abe miyuki, kozuma kodaka, kawai touko, yumeka sumomo, koide mieko, yamakami riyu, takashima kazusa (yo! finish more stuff!), yamane ayano, nitta youka, maruya kae, minase masara, kujyou aoi, sakuragi yaya, toujou asami, sugiura shiho, takanaga hinako, kunieda saiko, naono boura, nishida higashi.
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only gayer. (link goes to page with three very short videos.)

via [livejournal.com profile] matociquala.
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i swear, i have a few other things on my mind which happen to not be related to pr0n at all, and i was just about to to post about them. but then i made the mistake to start reading my flist first. and now i must post this link from [livejournal.com profile] serenejournal because it should be dissiminated far and wide. :)

this video is about MEN kissing MEN. If you find MEN kissing MEN offensive, please watch this video over and over until you become accustomed to it.

probably doesn't need saying that if you work in a place that frowns on the viewing of kissing videos during work hours, you might not wish to click that link just yet.

also, this is not anime. i clearly do not watch enough of the right kinds of movies because there are a lot of scenes here i've never seen.
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i am seeing people on my flist go YAY for NJ because of the ruling by its supreme court on gay marriage. i don't feel a whole lot like yaying. i was hoping for a lot more, and it even seemed likely that we'd get that.

if i understand the ruling correctly, this is not super great news. bottom line: the NJ supremes have upheld the ruling by a lower court (pdf), against the gay couples bringing the suit. and kicked the whole thing back to the legislature with an admonishment to give equal rights to gays as to heterosexuals (well sorta) -- instead of declaring discrimination in marriage law unconstitutional. the latter is what most gay rights advocates want. the latter is what i want.

i consider that a "maybe" on gay marriage in NJ and really, deep down, a "no" overall. "oh, you gays should have all the same rights, but we're not gonna give them to you because maybe you shouldn't be allowed to call what you do "marriage"; we leave the decision over that to the 'democratic process', kthxbye".

yes, the NJ legislature is now required to either allow same-sex partners to marry same as hets, or to enact separate civil union legislation (gee, i wonder which it'll be, first class or second class). but this will only apply to residents of NJ. if the court had declared the current law unconstitutional, people from anywhere in the US could have come to NJ to marry there, because NJ, unlike massachusetts, does not have any local limitations on marriage licenses. so NJ will probably become another vermont. that's good for people who live there, or are willing to move there, but it becomes meaningless if they ever want to live somewhere else together, because there is no such thing as reciprocality between states (or countries) when it comes to civil union. civil union does therefore not bestow all the same rights as marriage, and it's two-faced of the supremes to pretend it does.

oh, and look at this bit: If the State proceeds with a parallel scheme, it cannot make entry into a same-sex civil union any more difficult than it is for heterosexual couples to enter the state of marriage.28 It may, however, regulate that scheme similarly to marriage and, for instance, restrict civil unions based on age and consanguinity and prohibit polygamous relationships. any bets as to whether this last bit will not happen? uh hn. thought not. us polyamorous folk are the next bugbear now, right next to pedophiles.

on the positive side, gays in NJ will at least get civil unions, which is a bit of a step up from the already existing domestic partnership laws. the court said that denying committed same-sex couples the financial and social benefits and privileges given to their married heterosexual counterparts bears no substantial relationship to a legitimate government purpose.

but this is a blow to gay marriage rights advocates across the US.
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have some pictures of happy gay brits getting married. (well, getting civil-ceremonied.) makes me smile. so obviously the downfall of western civilisation, ain't it.

thanks to [livejournal.com profile] fuzzyfruit.


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