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tri-coloured leaves
still my favourite colourway, this gradation from green to yellow to red. one of those things that look great in nature, but which i've never seen captured in clothing.

for some unfathomable reason i have suddenly become fascinated by lady gaga -- yes, i HAVE lived under a rock for the last few years.
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autumn forest with white cross in the foreground

our fall colours are nowhere as spectacular as out east because our winters are not as hard, but i still like the variety when the deciduous trees are turning.
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i just realized that i didn't post any pictures at all last month. it's not that i didn't take any, but the spoons were all used up otherwise. i'll try to do better (again). i'll upload a few that i took in april, like this one. i'm also making larger copies (1000x750) available on fotki, because hey, i hate small images myself; why am i sticking you with them? as always, if you want an even larger copy for wallpaper, just let me know and i'll set it up.

naturalized daffodils, grape hyacinths, dandelions, and lush green grass surround the base of a young alder
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darker stone with lighter stone in front so from a distance it looks like a kiwi (bird)

it is just not fair that of all possible songs, i must have tom jones singing "it's not unusual", endlessly, for a bloody week now. i know it could be worse ("how much is that doggie in the window"), but still. i tried to kill it with songs from "west side story", but no go. out comes the hair metal.
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single purple crocus on left side with blossom wide open, background dark brown soil and bark

i'm uploading larger photos again now that i've fully switched to fotki for hosting. you can see them by clicking on the smaller version here, which brings you to a fotki page, where you can click on a little icon whose tooltip says "download the original". which displays it in your browser. if you want to use a picture as a desktop wallpaper, feel free.

clearly i can still only concentrate on one thing at a time, *wry grin*. have actually been programming, yay! and doing research for a game idea the paramour and i had. all of which mean i've not been taking pictures. or writing anything. or having any kind of social life.

but programming is good. i am very excited about it. even if it is applescript.
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one large pink and many small white sea anemones
more sea anemones at the vancouver, BC acquarium

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mounds of bright pink sea anemones
sea anemones at the vancouver, BC acquarium
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2 orange-coloured jellyfish swimming upwards

sea nettles (chrysaora fuscescens) at the vancouver, BC acquarium

thanks to jo and sasha being here on their Amazing Book Tour, we got to go to the acquarium (since we never seem to get to vancouver unless somebody is visiting).
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trees along a curve between two mountains


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