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Standing Barbell Shoulder Press (OHP)
2x5 @ 45 lb
4x5 @ 55 lb
1x5 @ 60 lb

volume: 1850lb

same weight as last time for form, only upped for the last set. i am really enjoying improving my form. it's an ego boost to pop an extra 5 lb on the bar each time, but i think i have graduated from that, even though i have not reached my linear progression limit. i prefer working on my form and THEN popping another 5 lb on the bar. it's a different kind of enjoyment to feel my core be rock solid as i push the bar up with some speed behind it. i like doing things well more than i like just doing them with more weight.

Barbell Deadlift
1x5 @ 60 lb
1x5 @ 80 lb
1x5 @ 115 lb
5x5 @ 130 lb

volume: 4525 lb

finally the big boy plates (45 lb each)! the weight is still no problem, so i did a full 5x5, and i kept my grip on it, but i can feel that the grip is what's gonna fail first, so i'm gonna do some extra grip work beyond the static hold i add at the end of each set. the single-arm DB rows should help. i am not sure grip crushers will transfer; gotta do some searching. but there are some rubber grip exercisers which also do the eccentric part, and i like those. strong grip is good for climbing as well, which i want to do at some point in time.

One-Arm Dumbbell Row
5x12 @ 30 lb

volume: 1800 lb

upping the reps slowly now so i don't have to microload.

total volume: 6375 lb


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