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overhead press
1x5 @ 45 lb
5x5 @ 55 lb

1x5 @ 75 lb
1x5 @ 95 lb
5x5 @ 120 lb PR

one-arm dumbbell row
5x10 @ 30 lb

i think i shall change my program, and only squat once a week. i know that sticking with a program delivers better results, but i find the constant pain from squatting very demotivating. and since the workout i actually do is better than the workout i put off because it causes me pain, changing the program is a better choice than starting to hate my workouts. i also want to keep up the interval walking, so something has got to give for now, until i am stronger. i think i will concentrate my programming on deadlift and OHP. still do lots of mobility for the squat though.

OHP: since i took a week off, i deloaded to 55 lb so i could practice my form which hadn't been all that great anyway. much better today, but i will stick with this weight for one more iteration, and cut down the rest periods to 60 sec strict next time.

deadlift: ok, NOW i am REALLY feeling it. in the right places too; primarily in my hamstrings. my grip isn't failing yet, but my hands think 120 lb is heavy. chalk is in our near future. full 5x5 sets after warmup.

total volume: 6950 lb (wow, that's more than 3 (short) tons)


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