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my power rack got here a couple hours ago! man, i am excited. i want to unpack it right away and put it together. but if i do that, i won't get a workout in today. so it will have to wait.

the delivery was very motivational for me. the delivery guy was a little taller than i, and much less fat. but he really struggled even just moving the 2 packages from inside his van; didn't bring a dolly. so i just went and deadlifted one end, and helped him carry the packs into the car port. he was all "careful with your back!". but i had good form ;). they did not feel too heavy to me, and he was the one huffing and puffing. then he asked what was in them.

i chuckled. "a power rack. a big metal cage you use to train lifting heavy weights." and i pointed at the 45 lb plates that are still out there cause i don't need them yet. "ah," he said, "that explains why you can carry this so easily. maybe i should lift weights too."

yes. i can highly recommend it. :)

on 2013-12-11 21:36 (UTC)
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Hurray! That sounds like a good interaction to go with the arrival of your new toy ;)


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