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second training session with gloria.

i warmed up on the recumbent bike; didn't feel like trying the elliptical again for now. studio was empty, no other trainer nor clients. yay, summer (apparently that's a low time for gym activity). ghods, gloria has 35 clients per week. that's a lot.

1. seated wall angel, like before. learned to breathe better (exhaling during the phase of largest exertion, which felt very counter-intuitive at first. but when i started to actually make an effort to EXPEL the breath with a clear sound, that got me into the right rhythm).

2. step-up. pull one knee straight up (like in the frankenstein walk), then set foot flat on step, making sure entire foot rests on step, push self up with that leg, then bring the other leg up. step back down with the first leg, then bring the other one down. my body did totally not want to step down with that first leg, i had to actively fight the impulse to do it with the other one. works quads, glutes, hamstring (closer to step works glutes more)

3. ball squat, doing biceps curl on the way up, small weights (i forgot to ask how much they are, but would guess probably 2.5 lbs each). works quads and biceps separately.

4. leg lift. sit with butt against wall, one leg straight out, bend one knee, put foot flat on ground, scoot it back towards butt. without using hands to push off, lift the straight leg about an inch from the ground, and slowly put it back down. works vastus medialis and rest of quads. (i think i need to work very specifically on my VMO because i have some pain in my right knee when moving it laterally.)

repeat those 4 exercises, with 2 more reps (first round 8 reps, second 10).

5. wall pushup. hands flat against the wall, about chest height, about a metre apart, feet back from the wall sufficiently far that i'll feel a pull in my chest when i then push my chest towards the wall, almost touching the wall with my nose. flat back, in straight line with legs. works pecs, deltoids, triceps.

6. take a stretchable band (red -- what resistance is that? find out) in my hands, about 10 cm apart, palms up and move my elbows back towards the wall, not quite touching. then squeeze my shoulder blades together and move my arms apart, then slowly back.

7. a stretchable band with grips is tied with its center to a rod in the door frame. take each grip with palms up, bend elbows at 90 degrees, move elbows as close to body as possible. then push shoulder blades together and move forearms down and back. works triceps.

repeat those 3 exercises, with 2 more reps (first round 8 reps, second 10).

stretch shoulders, chest, biceps.

this was more demanding than tuesday, but not bad. and i felt good after doing it (no GI upset this time). told gloria about my first interval walk, and how accomplished it felt, and she said that sounded like a good cardio workout, just to make sure i don't push myself too much while i am freshly excited about working out -- which is a good warning. she does really seem to be impressed with how quickly i pick up the correct form, especially considering i have never done any of these exercises before. i liked that some of the exercise was familiar, but also that there were new ones.

it'll be interesting whether tomorrow i'll experience the same muscle soreness i did yesterday. when i started running last night, at first my quads were bitching a bit about it, but that wore off, and today before exercise they were considerably less sore. that's kinda weird, since the run should have also worked them; i expected more soreness today. but apparently there is some not-quite-understood mechanism by which muscles that have been hurt slightly protect themselves from future pain.

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*fingers crossed* that things continue to go this well!


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