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on a dusky teal fence hangs a round mirror with a frame made from rusted wire, many rays radiating from the mirror, with shorter, irregular, wavy cross pieces echoing the round form.  the mirror reflects a concrete brick wall painted turquoise

today was my first training session with gloria. true to form, my stomach started rebelling an hour before, and would barely keep down my breakfast. thanks, body. fucking anxiety. intellectually i saw no reason to be anxious, but my reptilian hindbrain urged flight. i dragged myself there anyway.

it started bad. gloria wanted me to warm up 5 min on an elliptical. now, i'd never been on one, but they had looked like fun when other people used them. for me, no fun at all. the motion was weird; i felt like i'd fall over backwards if i didn't hold onto the solid handlebars (i never got to the point of using the arm poles), but gloria said my form was correct. ok, weird motion is something to get used to, eventually. however, after 2 minutes my legs started hurting from the knee down,and after 2.5 minutes i basically had to stop because when my body sends me pain, that is its message to stop what i am doing, and i listen. gloria looked a little worried because obviously she hadn't wanted me to feel pain during warm-up -- and she had promised me FUN. *little snrk*. i am not that easily discouraged. i finished the rest of the warmup on the recumbent bike, which was no problem at all. my legs stopped hurting right away.

(i am totally proud of myself for shutting up the internal voice that makes me self-conscious and pushes me beyond my capabilities. i'm determined to be honest with gloria no matter what; no sucking things up to impress the trainer.)

from then on things went much better. she had me do 3 exercises, then repeat those 3, then do 3 other ones, and repeat those as well, and then we did stretching as a cool-down. i got sweaty, and i felt my muscles, but it didn't exhaust me.

exercise 1: sit on a bench with my back against the wall, and with my arms sliding up and down the wall (palms facing away from the wall) make a "wall angel" -- kinda like a snow angel. i noticed a difference between my arms -- my left hand would remain against the wall the entire time, but with my left one i could only keep the fingertips in touch with the wall as the movement got towards the apex.

exercise 2: the "frankenstein walk" -- with shoulders relaxed, raise arms parallel to the floor, and then cross the room by raising each knee high as i step forward with that foot. amusing -- i wanted to make lowing noises. if this were the drunk driving test, i'd fail; my balance is horrible, but it improved a bit by the second time around. the hardest part aside from staying upright was to keep my shoulders relaxed; they kept creeping up.

exercise 3: squats with a large, stabilizing ball between the small of my back and the wall, squeezing the glutes on the way up. i was amazed i could do this at all. i didn't go very low, but i didn't lose my balance.

then she had me lie down on a mat, and get back up, so she could see how i handled that (and whether i might need assistance, like a chair). i am a whale, but i can still get up by myself.

exercise 4: lying flat on my back, bend my knees and scoot my heels as close to my butt as i can. then raise my abdomen to form kind of a bridge, squeezing my abdominals, lower back, and glutes on the way up. this also went better than expected.

exercise 5: with the large, stabilizing ball between my bellybutton and the wall this time, raise up on my toes as far as i can (works the calves).

exercise 6: side bridge -- lying on my side, leaning on that side's underarm perpendicular to my torso, with my body in as much of a straight line as i can, bending at the knees and pulling up my feet towards my butt, lift my torso with my oblique abdominals. uh, no. my oblique abdominals are apparently on vacation in the caribbean, lying in a hammock, or something. this was HARD, especially on my left side.

last we did some stretches as a cool-down: hamstrings (mine are tight), calves.

and then it was over. gloria said i had more flexibility than she had expected, that i was a quick learner, and she had surprisingly few corrections to my form. i warned her that i am a geek, and that i will start to pour over anatomy books now. ;) i liked the way she did things; she was positive but not overly cheery, she gave good directions and encouraged me to ask questions, she said "i don't know" when she didn't know, and she asked before touching me! that was awesome. i think i made the right choice in hiring her.

so while i can't say it was unqualified fun, it went unexpectedly well despite an also unexpected negative beginning. i'm looking forward to thursday, and i bought one of those swiss exercise balls, so i can do the same exercises by myself on saturdays.

nobody else was at the studio, except for another trainer; he did not bother us (thank you, adam). that was nice, much nicer than it would have been at the NAC gym.

on 2013-08-28 11:11 (UTC)
graydon: (Default)
Posted by [personal profile] graydon
Yay, initial success!

on 2013-08-28 12:50 (UTC)
Posted by [personal profile] desh
I really don't like gyms (and ellipticals in particular), so I really appreciated this writeup. May bookmark it and come back to it the next time I make an attempt to go. Go you!

on 2013-08-28 13:55 (UTC)
redbird: me with purple hair (purple)
Posted by [personal profile] redbird
That sounds like an excellent start, especially that you have found a good trainer for you.

I do a couple of those exercises, or things related to them: the third, fourth, and fifth.


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