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a line of single grass seed heads nodding against the dusky sky

more kayaking on quennell lake. except for one annoying boater who didn't think the speed limit applied to him, it was very quiet, and at least i got a nice little wake ride out of the twit. was out for an hour and 40 minutes. when getting out of the boat, like yesterday, lost my balance and plonked myself right back down -- except into the boat, not the water. yay. can't wait for my arm strength to grow so i can heave myself up and straddle the kayak, which is much more stable than getting out the side (that's how i get in, which almost feels graceful. almost.).

am pondering solutions for the camera. really don't want to buy a pelican case, because a hard case sliding around between my knees does not turn my crank. thought of cutting a hole in the deck right in front of me to put a hatch cover in and a drybag, which'll then dangle down between my lower legs. don't like cutting holes, and the deck is far enough away that reaching down into a bag would also not be the easiest. maybe i can rig up an under-the-deck bag. looked at on-top-of-deck bags, most of which are at best water-resistant, and found a waterproof one that has a small hatch facing the paddler -- great, except 10cm diameter isn't quite enough for my good camera to fit. wonder how hard it would be to build a waterproof bag myself; the top-of-the-line stuff is very expensive.
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