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so this year started sucking so hard that it threw me completely off track for a while.

but now, SPRING!
gnarled, grey, bare tree with blooming hyacinth and rockcress underneath

fortunately, i've taken myself off "deathwatch" for now, since, after having 2 serious arrhythmia attacks within just 3 weeks, and lots of extraneous palpitations, the old ticker has calmed down again, and i'm usually sleeping through the night without fighting off panic attacks.

clearly, growing old gracefully is not in the cards. oh well. i'll grow older cantankerously then.

as if recognizing that i was sad after cal died, vincent decided to not only come in from the cold, but to sleep in my bed with me, curled up next to my pillow, with lots of head butting and purring whenever i moved an eyelid. when i got up, he walked with me, and then snoozed in a box by my feet. cute. what wasn't so cute is that vincent was never litter trained. well, he is now, mostly. that part was not fun. he's to the point now where i think we can take him to the vet without him going to ground for a week afterwards.

also, the new kitten, "eightball" has (only) two balls, yay. he has grown, is almost as "big" as persis now, and last week gave in to the desire to be petted by a human. he's kinda conflicted about the petting; sidles forward ass-first, then hops back a bit, then does it again and again, until he finally gives in and i can move my hand and scritch him. he's also coming inside to feed now, but doesn't settle in a box yet.

i'd been planning to work on the boat, but that got derailed, and i've mostly sat behind my computer, watched all of star trek, and knitted. very productive on that -- 3 sweaters finished, 1 jacket needs sleeves, 1 more sweater started, and a lovely shawl crocheted for [secret]. don't have pictures yet. of course, nothing good is to be unblemished these days; my finger joints and wrists ache if i work on one needle size for too long, and in fact, sizes under 5mm are always uncomfortable: cf. not growing old gracefully. if i switch from knitting to crochet i can go a while longer, so that's what i do now. if i can figure out a better seating arrangement, i will switch in spinning as well.

stopped going to the weight-obsessed, incompetent GP, and as a result am not taking any meds for depression now. but feel no worse off than before -- which means, functional, but barely. have to stay away from politics, and generally am not reading news; trying to keep an even keel. my social life is limited to providing generic support for my partners, and i can't say i feel i am doing too well with that; feel like i am neglecting the *poing*. guess i need to restart finding a new doctor (*sigh*) and hope trying a new cocktail will result in a miracle cure. i am not very motivated, what with each attempt falling flat after a few months it gets harder to try again.

i'm trying to walk every day, and i am cooking more often than not, and have mostly been vegetarian since december. vegan isn't in the cards; i like cheese, yogurt, and eggs too much to give them up. giving up meat was easy, though i "sin" occasionally; when the paramour makes a roasted chicken, or orders pizza. neither happens all that often, and with the farmer's market opening soon, there will be more fresh, local greens. an interesting side effect of my gradual sodium intake decrease over the last 3 years is that restaurant food now tastes too salty, which makes me even less inclined to eat out. not so nice for the paramour, but i don't miss it. the pressure cooker i bought has already paid for itself, and i hardly ever use any salt but a pinch with it; it concentrates flavours so well i don't need it. i wish i had bought one years ago, it really is a marvelous thing.

my blood pressure is a bit high still, but usually under 140/90, and that is completely without meds now, only regulated with diet and exercise -- hugely better than it was when i found out i had problems with it, though not quite as low as the meds got it. as the weather gets better i am hoping to ride my bike a fair bit, which will add to the almost-daily 30 min walk. exercise is pretty much a big deal for BP in my case. alas. since i still hate exercise. but hiking is good and riding my bike will be good. i am hoping that pain in my right knee won't get worse. (do you hear that high-pitched whine, or is that just my tinnitus? ;)

i'm thinking of gardening, and have weeded the existing raised beds, but i really need to build more if i want to grow serious veggies, and i am not sure that will happen. it requires major soil haulage since the yard basically has no top soil. i'm feeling the desire to buy a nice piece of land instead. and since the paramour lusts after some acreage, maybe that's what we'll do, and i can have a garden in actual soil instead of shlepping it in by the bag.

now that i am done with the star trek marathon, i've switched to anime again, and will probably restart my japanese studies, if i find enough spoons. Hyouge mono and Tonari no kaibetsu-kun look very promising.

so, not much going, but what going there is, is better than it was for a while. and it's spring!

please, nobody die.
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