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erosion in a sandstone rock protruding into the ocean looks like teeth marks

still mainlining tv shows.

finished all 5 seasons of six feet under. i quite liked the show, even though by the end i really didn't like any of the characters anymore. that is surprising -- i am glad it's over because i don't think i could have stood another season with those people. but yes, the show was good. i especially liked that the gay relationship was played as perfectly normal, and given equal time with the het relationships. david probably is my favourite character of the main ensemble; he seemed to me to have grown the most, and i am not as tired of him as i am of the others. it's just that his personality grates on my nerves as well.

still productive on the crafts front -- finished a DNA scarf for a friend, also the bag i was complaining about a few posts back, made my first moebius scarf, and am back working on the paramour's slippers V3.0. no pictures yet, will link when i do.

on 2010-09-27 07:21 (UTC)
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I like that stone and the reflection in the water.


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