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i bought a dedicated ebook reader. all this time i've been waiting for something close to my ideal to come along, but in the end i bought the one where the price was right, because i was tired of waiting.

kobo ereader

(next time i photograph it in actual daylight instead of in crappy fluorescent, trying to colour correct in p'shop, *sigh*. but it's closer to the actual colour than the kobo site's images, which are whiter.)

this is the brand-new kobo ereader. at this point only available to canadians. (now there's a rarity.)

(and yes, anah and dianne, i am reading one of yours, *grin*.)

the hardware under the covers has proven itself for some years already, and this incarnation is well-designed and easy to use even for people who're anxious about new technology.

the big blue navigation button strikes a good balance between being responsive and at the same time not likely pressed accidentally. the side buttons are easy to locate because the labels on the front indicate their position; no fumbling here.

i love the e-ink screen. it's matte, not glossy (yay). my eyes are easily hurt by too much contrast, and "paper white" is too bright; the colour is a beige and it's wonderful; the contrast is perfect for me. the resolution is ok as well. i'd like more than 8 levels of grayscale, but can live with it. the quilted, slightly rubbery back is comfortable to hold. the device is light enough for one-handed operation. and despite being light, it doesn't feel flimsy.

i've not come up on the limit of the battery charge, which is supposed to be something like 2 weeks. that's lovely. bootup is slow, but with that sort of battery charge, i am just not turning the reader off at all. document loading isn't onerously slow, page turns are fast enough -- if i click page forward when i am at the start of the last line, it switches just in time for me to continue reading without stopping. i've loaded some large textbooks; no problems.

the software doesn't make me quite as happy as the hardware. it's functional, and there are some pleasant aspects; it will be quite good enough for many people. but i have thousands of books; i need better management than sorting by author or title, "book" and "document". clearly the developers of most ereader software think of the units as something to which people temporarily download a few books they read at the time, while i see it as library storage, since i never know what i'll be in the mood for reading when sitting in the doctor's office, or on vavation.

i am immensely grateful for the choices between serif and sans serif fonts -- i know conventional wisdom claims serif is easier to read, but i vastly prefer sans serif. the 5 different font sizes are useful. i wish i could select the fonts, but maybe later?

the format choices are limited to epub and pdf, but i am all in favour of open formats, and epub is a great choice; i've already been converting my books into it for a while. the format reflows very nicely. pdf handling is just as bad as other ereaders, i don't really blame anyone for that because pdf wasn't made to be used like this, and it is hideously cumbersome to deal with from a programming viewpoint. the best way to handle pdf on ereaders at this time is to reformat for the specific reader, which is a pain.

library management: *sigh*. first, the less said about DRM, the better: STOP IT, dear publishing industry. you're making pirates out of normally law-abiding people, because i'll be damned if i let you decide in what formats and on what devices i get to read my legally purchased books. the kobo ereader is a fine, simple, almost elegant tool; easy to use even for technologically less sophisticated people. and then you mess it up with this unholy conglomerate of downloading some books via the kobo desktop app, and some others via drap and drop, and yet others via adobe digital editions. this is only an issue because of DRM. but since you're not going to give up on it, at least create ONE desktop interface, and integrate conversion to epub into it.

overall i am pleased with my purchase; the price definitely brought me over, and i'm carrying my little kobo everywhere with me now.
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