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another productive night. works like a charm; a litte heavier (which means it's a little more stable as well -- just about as stable as it needs to be). now i can get every size hank i have on it. until i need the box, there might never be a "production" version, though i'd really like to build one that i can also take apart (though this one pulls up to under the ceiling, so it's out of the way). taking it apart for storage would be a good thing since i won't have that many hanks to wind after going through my back stash.

swift II
closeup of adjustable peg board

i found out that my drill does not want to screw a 3/8th bit through 2" plywood. always good to know. NEED MORE POWER.

if i make a version III, it might have one freely adjustable peg, which will give it perfect fitting. though it's probably not necessary, since the pegs are spaced so closely together i can just move one of them a little further in or out, and that won't throw the balance off.

i'm also thinking that i might want to think about a version that has a handle, so i can wind hanks from bobbins (if my spinning wheel ever gets here).

Re: yarn swift prototype II

on 2009-10-18 16:42 (UTC)
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That looks great! Congratulations. Always so cool to be able to put something like that together from things you had lying about.

on 2009-10-18 16:55 (UTC)
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Why not just mount the peg boards on either a cross-type structure or on a square piece of plywood? That'd give you a nice finished version and get rid of the ugly box.

on 2009-10-18 18:52 (UTC)
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I am in love with your make-it-myselfness.

on 2009-10-19 00:39 (UTC)
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Off topic: We have been having a "missing the fishie" subthread in alt.polyamory. (Not sure you want to see all the other dreck in there right now, though.)


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