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and not enough here.

so, there's news on the cat front. both feral toms who have been around for the last 2 years, the black ("mangy cat") and the tabby with the torn-off ear (#8) have become considerably more social.

mangy actually comes inside now and has even started to settle down (on the floor near the door). i'm guessing as it gets colder this will become more common. he no longer flees from me. he's also letting me pet him, and actively seeks it out by rubbing around my legs. i think he's almost at the point where i can take him to the vet. he's got some kind of infection, because his eyes are exuding cloudy liquid, but he's better than he's been. he doesn't even look particularly mangy now. all the good food is probably having some results.

he also gets along with most of the other cats now, even bacchus. well, bang still has hissy fits, but he has hissy fits with his own siblings, so that doesn't mean much.

#8 is a little less scrawny, and also less shy. he used to flee far away whenever one of us stepped out the door, but yesterday he sat next to the food bowl and talked to me. he still moved away when i refilled the bowl, but only under the hedge from where he was watching me and continued to talk.

so it looks like we will have to name him. *little sigh*. maybe we should start a reality show; we've got the "+ 8" down.
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