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figwort, (scrophularia) -- not sure which, since this started with a wild seedling. it's very tall (to 160 cm), the flowers are tiny (5-8 mm), it seeds out gazillions. i dislike the smell of the foliage, but the bees (especially mason bees) love it, so i keep letting a couple of plants live every year.


9-01 long mailbox loop, 2.45 km. same as same as -- i am spending almost all my free time reading, but at least i do go for this short daily walk.

i thought i did good avoiding drama lately, but apparently not good enough, since old grudges seem to die hard. i had thought i would sit this one out and just go on as usual, but on reflection that won't happen again; i've run out of patience with the rollercoaster, and with starting from ground zero every time.

well, that was cryptic, and i dislike cryptic, so here's what happened with the serial numbers filed off: somebody whom i've known from way back goes through periodic spurts of being upset at a whole group of us, defriending the lot, writing irritated posts that invent our motivations for us, and later after a period of silence refriending us. nothing seems to have come out of honest engagement to try and deal with the grudge(s), and other issues that cause upset, and i don't have the energy to invest in this sort of interaction, so this time i have followed suit and defriended the person as well, and will likely not refriend. may zie find people that fit zir expectations better; i don't wish zir ill at all, and don't even think particularly badly of zir. i'm just tired.

oh, and i hope all of you who went had a great time at farthingparty. i thought of you!
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