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chocolate, beer, and draft horses -- love 'em all.

every year at the fair i want to do something with horses again; it's been too long.


8-17 VIEX ~ 5km. man, we keep breaking heat records. it was more humid today than yesterday, so it felt hotter. luckily i see the forecast has the heatwave break and bring us rain next week.

when i walked in, the "songbird" contest had started, which i usually avoid because it features too many teenage girls with shrill voices who don't quite hit the required pitch at all times. but this time there was a young person singing elton john's crocodile rock and did a great interpretation of it, with a strong, clear voice. i sat through all 6 songs. turns out he was last year's 14-yr old winner. wow. impressive voice.

the fair seemed to have fewer animals than last time i went, but more heritage crafts -- a mr hillmark had some gorgeous small boats on display, and there's apparently a new needlecrafts store in town, and there were several people spinning (oh, i saw the most excellent wheel -- a fold-up travel wheel from ashford -- want).

i collected information from the weavers & spinners guild, the photography club, and the local hobby club of which we were members a couple years ago; i want to get back into doing more lapidary, want to pick up silversmithing, and they now do pottery as well. we'll see how much of this i'll follow up on, *snrk*, but at least the mind was willing today.
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