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somebody on my flist rejoiced "we got another one" and linked to the minor news item of a catholic school principal getting charged with a misdemeanor because he was dressed as a woman, in fishnet stockings and black leather, with falsies, and "loitering" in an area known for drug trafficking and prostitution.

this bothers me.

i no longer feel schadenfreude over religious people getting caught with their pants down, so to speak, unless what they've done is abusive of another person, or they have actually been judgmental arses about the very thing they engage in before, and have censured other people for it. (there was a short period of time where i did feel like going "nya nya nya nya nyaaaa nya", but i got over it as my own religious upbringing mercifully receded into the mists of time.)

this isn't a priest abusing altar boys. it's irrelevant that he's a school principal; he did nothing bad involving a child.

what bothers me most is this: had "no reason for why he was in alley...dressed up in women's leather other than for prostitution."

how do they KNOW? maybe he just gets off on cross dressing in leather and walking around like that in public (and doing so in an area for prostitution makes sense because there at least he won't stand out too much). contrary to what idiots think even women who dress like this aren't "asking for it", unless they explicitly ask for it in so many words. and yeah, maybe he was looking for sex, but who says he did so for money? that's two hypotheticals, which is two too many as far as i am concerned. "loitering" should not be enough to charge somebody with prostitution. i want such laws off the books (heck, i want prostitution to be legal).

it sucks that an adult can't engage in harmless kinks without the serious danger of getting publicly humiliated. no wonder there are so many hypocrites; society forces its crummy hangups on people left and right.

us lefties should defend such people, even if they're catholic. maybe even more so then, because damn, they need more help to overcome the dumbfuck messages about sex which they get fed by their church.
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