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this weekend was yaoicon, and bunches of new licenses were announced. i made an alphabetized list to check what i'd seen already, in as far as i could figure that out (not all publishers are clued in to giving us the original titles instead of just their choice of english title, and some of the naming is beyond strange; just differently strange from the original japanese).


x = i've seen it
- = not seen yet
? = not sure (possible title guesses in parens)

x A Gentlemen's Kiss (Tsumasaki ni kiss) by Fuwa Shinri (Juné)
- A Love Song for the Miserable (Ochibure shinshi ni ai no uta) by Yukimura (Juné)
- A Promise of Romance (Keiyaku ~Brand Romance~) by Akitsu Kyooko & Miyagi Tooko (Juné)
x A Strange and Mystifying Story (Konoyo ibun) by Suzuki Tsuta (Juné)
? Alley of First Love Love (Hatsukoi yokochou) by Mamahara Ellie (Blu)
- Author's Pet (Sakka dorei wo kau) by Cotorino Deathco (= kotorino desuko) (Juné)
x Baseball Heaven (Yakyuu tengoku) by Mamahara Ellie (Blu)
- Blue Sky (Aoi sora ga aerba) by Kuwabara Yuko (Juné)
- Candy (Ameiro banyu inryoko) by Sugita Satomi (Juné)
x Cigarette Kisses (Kuchibiru no yukue) by Yamato Nase (Boysenberry)
x Clear Skies! A Charming Love Story (Mainichi seiten) by Ninomiya Etsumi & Sugano Akira (Juné)
x Dekiru otoko ga suki nan da by Takanaga Hinako (no english title yet) (Blu)
x Endless Rain (Oto no nai ame wa furi tsukuzu) by Yuuya (Juné)
x Feverish (Netsubyou) by Kusaka Takaaki (Juné)
? Future Lovers (Mirai no kioku? Natsu jikan?) by Kunieda Saika (Deux)
x Gakuen Heaven (Nakajima version) by Higuri You (Blu)
x Golden Prince and Argent King (Kin no ouji to gin no Ou) by Agawa Kouko (Juné)
- Happiness Recommended (Koufuku no susume) by Himawari Souya (Juné)
- Hard Rock (Seifuku no tameno love song) by Abe Akane (Juné)
x Hot Limit by Minori Shima & Kanbe Akira (Juné)
- I Shall Never Return 3 (Boku wa kono mama kaeranai) by Uchida Kazuna (Deux)
- I Shall Never Return 4 (Boku wa kono mama kaeranai) by Uchida Kazuna (Deux)
- I Shall Never Return 2 (Boku wa kono mama kaeranai) by Uchida Kazuna (Deux)
x Just Around the Corner (Ano kado wo magatta tokoro) by Kawai Touko (801)
x Kimi ga koi ni ochiru by Takanaga Hinako (no english title yet) (Blu)
x Kiss All the Boys 1 (Deki no ii kiss warui kiss) by Kano Shiuko (Deux)
x Kiss All the Boys 2 (Deki no ii kiss warui kiss) by Kano Shiuko (Deux)
x Kiss All the Boys 3 (Deki no ii kiss warui kiss) by Kano Shiuko (Deux)
x Kiss Blue by Kanoshita Keiko (Juné)
x Love Quest (Rabu kue) by Hoshino Lily (Yen Press)
- Love+Alpha by Kanzaki Takashi (801)
x Loving Gaze (Otonari no biru ni koi no shisen) by Kanbe Akira (Juné)
x Make Me Happy by Miyamoto Kano (Deux)
? Mister Mistress 1 (Aijin incubus?) by Shinba Rize (Deux)
? Mister Mistress 2 (Aijin incubus?) by Shinba Rize (Deux)
x Mr. Flower Bride (Hanayome-kun) by Hoshino Lily (Yen Press)
x Mr. Flower Groom (Hanamuko-san) by Hoshino Lily (Yen Press)
x New Beginnings (Harete bokutachi wa) by Yamamoto Kotetsuko (Juné)
x One Night Lesson by Takagi Ryou (Juné)
x Pathos by Sadahiro Mika (Juné)
x Red by Rokuya Sanae (Juné)
x Restart by Hidaka Shouko (Juné)
x Say Please by Miyamoto Kano (Deux)
? Seduce Me After the Show (Show ga hanetara aimashou) by Esuto Emu (Deux)
x Steal Moon by Tateno Makoto (Juné)
x Sweet Regard (Mitsumeru manazashi) by Fusa Juuji (Juné)
x The Cause of My Teacher (Sensei no jijou) by Matsumoto Temari (Blu)
x The Devil's Secret (Akuma no himitsu) by Takanaga Hinako (801)
- Today's Ulterior Motives (Kyou mo dokokade himitsu no jouji) by Fujii Sakuya (Juné)
? Tomcats (Shippo no kimochi? Tenshi no kudasai?) by Minamino Mashiro (Deux)
- Tough Love Baby (Bucchou baby) by Kano Shiuko (Deux)
x Two of Hearts (Te wo tsunaide sora wo) by Miyamoto Kano (Deux)
- Wild Butterfly (Kokkyo no chou) by Kusumoto Hiroki (Juné)
- Yakuza in Love 2 (Hanagumi ninkyouden) by Kano Shiuko (Deux)
- Yakuza in Love 3 (Hanagumi ninkyouden) by Kano Shiuko (Deux)

deux has the world's worst website, but they're licensing a whole slew of titles and have an ambitious publishing schedule.

man, they're liking kano shiuko this year. also my personal fave, miyamoto kano (theirs are all deux licenses -- let's hope they do a good job).

there are also 8 novel licenses, about which i don't know anything. except one has illustrations by chiharu nara, mmh-mmmh.

thanks to yaoisuki for the heads up and much of this information.
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