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when this got freshly scanlated and posted to [livejournal.com profile] yaoi_daily, there was a discussion on what the ending means. since that's a closed community, and i don't want to retype what i said elsewhere, i am reposting it here so i can link to it.

here's my theory:

i am 100% certain that they are together, or iori would not write that he is well, nor would hisayo say his return depends on yuuichi. the art for the confrontation between yuuichi and iori isn't terribly clear, but it does feel like iori talks yuuichi out of leaving him, and the last we see of them is when he touches yuuichi again, which to me reestablishes the connection that yuuichi broke at the start of that scene.

i am totally uncertain as to what happened so they can be together without iori basically being sucked dry of his life force. was the whole supernatural aspect fake, and the women and the uncle cooked it up to make yuuichi leave iori? if so, how do yuuichi's dreams fit with that, and iori's uncanny ability to always find him? and for how long was that planned? yuuichi really is separated from the rest of his family, his uncle has never eaten sweets, his name really means "only one". no, i think that aspect is real. so how can they be together?

and why are the women so nonchalant about any possible separation plan having failed? shouldn't they be more upset? instead ayako, iori's mother, is even chuckling, and they're bantering around hisayo calling ayako "mother" (giggle, giggle, obviously not serious about it). so weird. no, i think their basic plan succeeded; the wedding took place; they are now in a family relationship. i am actually thinking that hisaya-sama and ayako are romantically involved. in chapter 2 ayako goes on and on about how it was a fairytale when hisayo stood before her, and the image is quite sparkly and has hisayo's hair all spread out. and hisayo talks about being selfish, and then she holds ayako's hand hand and says "i will be here" -- that's all a wee bit lovey dovey for two women where all that's supposedly between them is a son to produce an heir in exchange for money, ne?

i don't think the lemon pie was poisoned. it looks to me like yuuichi's uncle really likes him; i think it unlikely that he would be in on a plot to kill yuuichi. and the women don't strike me that way either. furthermore iori was examined by a doctor who said it was exchaustion. yeah i know, some rare poison could have been used, but i think the text pretty clearly rules that out for us -- and it also strongly foreshadows the supernatural stuff from yuuichi's viewpoint; i see no reason not to believe it.

i really wish my japanese were better; i am wondering whether maybe something important got lost in translation -- on the other hand this is nakama's, and they can usually be trusted (though i see they did switch translators). maybe we are just meant to puzzle. maybe gotou- and maruya-sensei were thinking of writing a sequel where it will become clear how iori and yuuichi are escaping that curse. (that would be great because i really want to know.)
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